The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 246 - Day Seven · Radiance

Chapter 246 Day Seven · Radiance

Cold, indifferent, without sadness or joy.

Under the silver edge and before Li Tianlan, only one thing existed—despair.

Rose looked at Li Tianlan, who was holding a halberd in front of her, in horror.

Blood ran down her face.

Rose’s face was not so beautiful but gentle and graceful. The more one looked at it, the more he felt comfortable. However, it seemed that there were many worms slowly wriggling on her face, which now appeared unspeakably ferocious.

The whole world seemed silent.

Li Tianlan’s voice sounded again.


He was awe-inspiring and fierce, like a god.

Li Tianlan in this state was simply terrible to the extreme. He was calm yet mad, hot yet cold. There was a trace of killing momentum about his every move that could destroy everything.

Blood dripped on the ground.

Rose caressed her face. With a little buffer time, she seemed to regain her composure.

“You scraped my face?”

Rose stared at Li Tianlan in front of her with eyes full of hatred. “You scraped my face?!”

“It was ugly. It doesn’t matter if it’s scraped.”

Li Tianlan asked in an indifferent tone, “Where is she?”

“I must kill you!”

Rose seemed to go completely mad in a moment. She threw her arms straight at Li Tianlan.

When an expert at the peak of the Thunder-shocking Realm put up a desperate fight, even if her movements were disordered, the power she could exert could not be overlooked. Dense blue lightning burst out at the moment Rose hurled herself at Li Tianlan with open arms.

Lightning enveloped Rose from head to toe, and the air twisted violently in front of her. A vortex of air with a diameter of 100 meters suddenly took shape, vast and chilling. The whole vortex was flooded with dim blue lightning in the blink of an eye. At the center of the vortex, Rose’s body looked like a cocoon covered by lightning.

Her sudden, high-pitched scream still spread across the battlefield, but she hit Li Tianlan directly like a cannonball.

She was determined, angry, desperate, and irrational.

She meant to kill the Heavenly Son from Zhongzhou State in front of her.

At the risk of death.

No one knew what this face meant to Rose. She was Jiang Qiannian’s woman, or rather, his pet. Even compared to Moonlight, the unrivaled beauty of the Half-step Invincible Realm, she could win more favor from the Second Master.

Jiang Qiannian was fond of making love with her in the daytime or at night with lights on. Her face was indeed not so attractive, but it was extremely gentle and graceful and was even more attractive to men. What Jiang Qiannian loved most was watching her reach orgasm bit by bit. He said that the look when she was overwhelmed by lust was as beautiful as a painting.

But now the painting was destroyed.

Rose could not and dared not imagine what would happen to her when she returned to the Jiang family of South America. The moment she felt the pain on her face, she went completely crazy. The tremendous psychological drop made her instinctively want to kill the man who had destroyed her face at all costs.

If she were to die, she would kill him!

The giant vortex, which had been thoroughly dyed by the dim blue lightning, rotated like crazy. Rose’s body was like a flash of flowing light shooting from the vortex, surpassingly beautiful and gorgeous.

It was a fatal blow to both herself and her enemy. Everything was irrevocable.

This was the most brilliant moment in Rose’s life. She was radiant and decisive.

However, would the woman covered thoroughly in lightning regret it before she died?

Li Tianlan stood on the ground and raised the Sky Halberd in his hand.

The silver halberd pointed slantingly to the sky. Since it was forcibly stopped from moving previously, when it was now charged again, it suddenly became a tiny, trembling silver arc.

One was moving while the other was motionless.

The dim blue flowing light crashed down without reservation.

Suddenly, a dim blue halo appeared from where Li Tianlan and Rose stood.

The glaring lightning flitted about, and the halo expanded rapidly into a circle nearly 100 meters in diameter. All the turf, trees, and even the cannon fodder nearby were swallowed up at the first moment. They then turned into nothingness amidst the wandering lightning.

Large pieces of the ground sank. In the dim light, however, the white shadow still stood, mighty and proud.

The light dissipated.

The area around where the two had fought was scorched.

Li Tianlan stood at the spot, raising the Human Emperor.

The Human Emperor had turned into a spear—the form that had the strongest penetrating power.

Rose’s body was impaled and hung on the point of the spear, bloody.

Rose was still smiling, and her face was covered with blood. Her smile was ferocious and terrifying, but her eyes were full of loneliness and desolation.

Li Tianlan gazed quietly into her eyes and then said thoughtfully, “The Jiang family of South America?”

Li Tianlan knew something about the five dark forces that had entered Changdao, but only by names.

Rose gave a slight cough. The silver spear that pierced her body did not kill her immediately. She grasped the Human Emperor with the last strength of her hands, her voice sad and shrill. “It’s late, ha, it’s late. What can you do even if you know that? An Invincible Realm master is guarding Qin Weibai in person, and your woman will soon become the Second Madam of the Jiang family of South America. After I die, Jiang Qiannian will have a new plaything.”

Her gentle, quiet eyes turned evil and cold. Looking at Li Tianlan, she said one word at a time, “After the Second Master takes possession of Samsara Palace and gets bored of your woman Qin Weibai, she will have a lot of men by then…”


Before Rose could finish speaking, Li Tianlan shook his arms violently. Rose’s body was shattered in a moment by the raging force, and her blood splashed all over the place.

“The Jiang family of South America.”

He stood where he was and said to himself again.

Thick blood gushed from the corners of Li Tianlan’s mouth, so he kept his mouth shut. As a result, blood began to flow down from his nostrils and eyes and was then washed away by the heavy rain.

He took a step forward, facing directly in the direction of the Jiang family of South America.

The wind was howling, and the lightning was flashing.

When East Island cannon fodder was largely consumed, East Island and the Thunder-shocking Realm experts of the five forces finally took action.

Li Tianlan was undoubtedly the most visible target. Just as he took a step, a few figures emitting powerful killing intent had rushed straight at him.

Without any pause, the few people attacked him with all their strength!

For Li Tianlan, this was not a war.

For everyone but him, this was a war.

A life-and-death battle!

The elites of Zhongzhou State roared out of the village at full speed.

Such being the case, everyone attacked without reservation. East Island now joined hands with the five forces. In a case where East Island gained both advantages of the quantity of cannon fodder and the quality of high-end combat strength, everyone here was the enemy.

Everyone rushed out without reservation.

To fight for life and death.

To fight for Zhongzhou State.

The white shadow that belonged to their camp was still charging alone ahead.

The national madness, however, was in the rear.

The warm blood stirred and eventually turned into the power that could burn everything as it burst out. On the battlefield, blood and rain scattered. Gunfire, the pitter-patter of the rain falling, as well as sword light, spread to every corner of the battlefield. At the forefront of the crowd consisted of Zhongzhou State elites, a sturdy, giant-like figure roared and rushed toward Li Tianlan.

The flames were swelling wildly around him, and the color red had almost completely turned into color blue.

That was Xu Chu.

Du Hanyin, who had just joined Sigh City, moved swiftly and gracefully. As she whirled around Xu Chu, dim blue and fiery red light interweaved, sweeping everything before them.

Soldiers from the Eastern Theater of Operations were charging.

Experts from Mount Shu were charging.

Experts from Sigh City were charging.

When the three parties joined forces, be it the quantity or the quality of the high-end combat strength, they were of great importance in the camp of Zhongzhou State.

As the three forces rushed out of the village, they immediately dashed toward Li Tianlan at the same time, as if they had a tacit understanding or had discussed this matter with each other.

Thus, the main force of Zhongzhou State was forced to charge toward Li Tianlan.

Shouts of “Kill!” reached the sky.

Li Tianlan was still outside the camp of Zhongzhou State, but he seemed to have become the center of it at this point.

In the case of not dispersing power, both the Wang family of Beihai and Kunlun City were going with the flow.

The storm thundered.

The battlefield was in utter chaos in a flash.

In the chaos that no one could afford to worry too much, some people in the marching camp consisted of Zhongzhou elites began to retreat quietly.

They retreated.

To the left.

To the right.

The square-shaped formation was in perfect order. However, a scattering of people kept leaving the battlefield.

With tens of thousands of people fighting in disorder, this scene happened almost without anyone noticing.

This was the square-shaped formation belonging to the Eastern Theater of Operations of Zhongzhou State.

At this point, however, the thousands of Fire-flaming Realm experts gathered by Ning Zhiyuan, the Commander of the Eastern Theater of Operations, by emptying his family resources, were retreating one after another.

The number was growing.

Those who had left the battlefield were still moving away. They retreated from different directions but ended up heading in the same direction.

That direction was located out of range of the battlefield. Not more than ten kilometers away in that direction, Phoenix, who was dressed in a fiery red dress, was still standing by a roadside stone tablet, as if she was waiting for someone.

Nobody noticed that.

Ning Qiancheng, who was charging at the forefront, failed to notice that.

So did Wang Shengxiao.

The heir of the Wang family of Beihai now focused all his attention on Li Tianlan.

The figure in white flew like a dragon in the heavy rain with silver light. Every moment of his battle carried startling brilliance.

It was a feeling called glory that Wang Shengxiao was familiar with.

For nearly 20 years after the fall of the Li family, the glory had always belonged to the Wang family of Beihai. Even Kunlun City paled in comparison with the Wang family of Beihai.

Now, however, Li Tianlan appeared.

He alone destroyed the No. 6 theatre of operations of East Island and killed Yuekong, a Half-step Invincible Realm master.

Now, under the watchful eyes of the public, three Thunder-shocking Realm masters died without intact corpses.

Li Tianlan was not yet twenty years old.

How glorious were his military exploits?

Wang Shengxiao pursed his lips.

The glory was so brilliant and dazzling. As the heir of the Wang family of Beihai, how could he allow the heir of the Li family monopolize all the praises in front of him?

Under the rain, the white figure was vaguely guiding the elites of Zhongzhou State to break out of the encirclement.

Wang Shengxiao suddenly smiled.

He looked at Firmament standing beside him and said calmly, “Help me.”

Firmament looked back in surprise.

“Lend me a wisp of your sword intent.”

Wang Shengxiao said calmly as he took off the huge iron sword at his back.

This sword was called Firmament.

It shared the same name with Firmament. Moreover, Wang Shengxiao’s sword intent was remarkably similar to that of Firmament, both the sword and the man.

Firmament seemed to understand what Wang Shengxiao meant, so he cast a look at the huge sword in Wang Shengxiao’s hand. Firmament, the top-notch Half-step Invincible Realm master from the Wang family of Beihai, frowned and said with a nod, “Okay.”

Wang Shengxiao laughed out loud. Dragging the heavy sword, which was almost taller than him, he ran about wildly in the pouring rain.

So what if Li Tianlan shone brightly?

In this battle, he must tell everyone who was the best of the young people in Zhongzhou State.

He had a sword.

Even if he was going to borrow a wisp of sword intent from Firmament, this sword was his in the final analysis.

The figure of Wang Shengxiao soared high into the sky.

The moment the giant sword was raised, glaring blue lightning connected heaven and earth in an instant!

The storm abated.

Only thunder was heard high above.

Firmament’s body was strained and sword intent flashed through his eyes as he looked at Wang Shengxiao.

The next second, all sword intent utterly burst forth from Wang Shengxiao in the lightning.

The sword intent of Firmament reached the top of his head. With the help of that wisp of sword intent, Wang Shengxiao raised the sword very slowly.

The thunder died away.

Only Wang Shengxiao’s clear and proud voice sounded between heaven and earth.

“Six Paths!”

The next second, everyone from the Wang family of Beihai roared like crazy.

“Six Paths!”

The most mighty unique skill of the Wang family of Beihai: Six Paths of Reincarnation.

It had been invincible and irresistible in the Dark World for hundreds of years.

Wang Shengxiao only performed half a move.

Without Reincarnation, this move had only Six Paths.

But half a move was enough.

The irresistible sword light drew an arc that was hundreds of meters long across the sky and the earth. The two East Island experts at the peak of the Thunder-shocking Realm who were the nearest to it were chopped into a cloud of blood fog by the sword light before they could resist.

The sword light swept across the battlefield.

The heavy rain continued to fall.

Surprisingly, the sword intent in Wang Shengxiao gained tremendous momentum instead of being weak.

The sky was dim blue everywhere.

Wang Shengxiao stood in the sky, like a sun.

The momentary brilliance attracted almost everyone’s attention.

In front of the battlefield, Li Tianlan just shot a glance back. Then, bathed in the brilliance of the Wang family of Beihai, he continued to dash toward the square-shaped formation of the Jiang family of South America.

There was another person who had not been attracted by the sword light of the Wang family of Beihai.

And the person stood in the void far off, clad in white.

She stood quietly in the void, with a sword quivering behind her. Her left hand, however, gently grasped the magnificent dagger at her waist, which was scarlet with countless intricate golden lines.

She had been watching Li Tianlan from beginning to end.

The dagger in her hand was called Oblivion.

But how could she make that?

Perhaps she was the only one who knew the most clearly what kind of brilliance the Li family would burst out when it was in a pickle.

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