The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 245 - Day Seven · Grim Smile

Chapter 245 Day Seven · Grim Smile

The saber radiance swept upward from below.

In the pouring rain, as the blade cut through the air, Bai Ye’s body was wholly covered by the surging lightning.

The long saber was only one meter long. But when it wandered in the air, it seemed to be extended innumerable times by the lightning. The blade was raised in the heavy rain, and a natural semicircular arc of light suddenly showed up between heaven and earth.

The dim blue arc of light pervaded the battlefield. The saber moved all the way up. The sharp killing intent and saber energy spread like crazy.

The saber radiance went up against the air.

The sea of fire moved down from the sky.

The white shadow in the sky had merged with the silver light. Holding the halberd, Li Tianlan made a downward move. Along the track made by the Sky Halberd, the endless roaring flames burning in the void instantly surged.

The flames moved forward with great strength.

Man and halberd, halberd and flames, flames and man.

They all pressed forward with an indomitable will!

The moment the raging fire and lightning mingled, Li Tianlan gathered all his strength together. He had no route of retreat.

A pair of eyes were all that remained in Bai Ye’s sight.

It was a pair of deep eyes like the sea. Though they resembled calm seas, there were crazy waves inside.


As lightning mixed with fire, the clash of weapons sounded like a roar.

In the dazzling light and shadows, what initially moved downward was still moving downward.

The same was true for the item that moved upward previously.

The long saber in Bai Ye’s hand, which was also well-renowned in East Island, curved sharply into a shocking angle.

Weapons collided. Light knocked against shadows. The sound of the long saber splintering turned into a roar.

A piece of broken saber flew into the sky with flickering lightning and fire.

Bai Ye was enveloped in flames. He raised the remaining part of his saber above his head. The silver Sky Halberd stabbed the saber hard, and the power broke out without end. Li Tianlan fell from the sky, pushing the figure of Bai Ye to keep sinking.

It was the confrontation between a Thunder-shocking Realm expert and a Fire-flaming Realm expert. The lightning had all gone, and the flames had mostly gone, but the afterglow grew stronger. The two fell from the sky. The flames were scattered, and as far as the eye could see, they looked like falling stars on fire.

The stars crashed into the earth with outrageous momentum.

The flames scattered.

Roaring flames had wholly turned into magma, which surged around Li Tianlan like crazy.

As the Human Emperor penetrated the ground, the whole battlefield trembled. Vast swaths of earth and turf flew high into the rain amid the flying lava. Deep rifts spread wantonly across the ground. A big hole with a radius of nearly 20 meters appeared at the place where they would land without warning. All the land nearby collapsed. All at once, the earth, the grass, the trees, and the dust on the ground all flew up.

Bai Ye’s figure vanished.

The moment he was about to hit the ground, his figure directly faded.

Dense sounds of saber radiance breaking through space rang out in the air.

Unique technique: Dark Ambush!

The Human Emperor in Li Tianlan’s hands penetrated the ground.

In a scene that the earth trembled and the mountains swayed, a piece of broken saber abruptly appeared behind Li Tianlan.

Bai Ye’s face was distorted. He raised the short saber in both hands and stabbed the middle of Li Tianlan’s back.

Before the bright light of the blade appeared, the broken saber encircled by dim blue lightning had appeared behind Li Tianlan.

Fast, violent, secretive.

This was the most powerful saber technique in the whole East Island.

Under the saber radiance, the move named Mountains Fall and the Earth Splits was performed!


The blade, however, only sliced through a dark shadow.

In a split second, Li Tianlan switched places with the shadow.

He took a step aside and dodged the saber radiance. Then he wielded the Human Emperor horizontally in a flash and hit straight the broken saber.

The blade of the halberd, with a series of sparks along its edge, whizzed past Bai Ye. With great sword intent, Li Tianlan took one step forward and wielded the Human Emperor downward hard.

Bai Ye roared at the top of his lungs. He performed Mountains Fall and the Earth Splits to the extreme. The broken saber that was infused with all his might slashed the Human Emperor like crazy. The fire and lightning became hot and bright and then dimed and dissipated. This situation went round and round. Only the sword intent and saber radiance were fighting.

Li Tianlan took a step.


His movement was as simple as it could be and almost as fast as it could be. In the chaotic air, where fire and lightning were intertwined, countless shadows had appeared around him before the heavy rain began to fall.

The shadows freeze-framed each of his subtle movements, looking clear and yet dazzling. Bai Ye’s eyes lost focus just for a moment. Li Tianlan, however, had thrust the silvery blade straight at him.

Bai Ye backed away quickly.

Li Tianlan, who had the upper hand from the start, was even stronger in momentum.

The moment Bai Ye backed away, Li Tianlan became downright violent in a moment.

The sharp sword intent suddenly filled the sky and earth. Li Tianlan was encircled by sword intent from head to toe. The boundless sword intent whistled crazily as the Sky Halberd moved. Like a deep sea with raging tides, it overwhelmingly moved toward Bai Ye.

Li Tianlan stood in the center of the sword intent, looking decisive and flawless.

Bai Ye retreated again and again.

Nevertheless, Li Tianlan’s momentum skyrocketed out of control. The blow from the Human Emperor was blocked. Before Bai Ye took the saber back, the silver halberd, which looked as heavy as a mountain, chopped down again with the fierce wind. Then it moved horizontally, aiming straight at the target.

Li Tianlan’s movements were not fancy, but when the attacks that looked simple were cast extremely smoothly, they became irresistible.

Mighty and fierce!

Incomparably mighty and fierce.

Bai Ye retreated faster and faster. He planned to try his best to beat Li Tianlan, but he was now running away with all his strength.

The fighting became suppression and then turned into one-sided repression.

The silver Human Emperor attacked the enemy in front desperately.

The figure of Bai Ye rose high in the sky. The dim blue light was only bright for a second and then was directly hit to the ground by Li Tianlan. As one retreating and the other advancing, the two of them rushed into a crowd of cannon fodder nearby that was used to drain the physical power of Zhongzhou elites. The sword intent burst forth endlessly from wherever Li Tianlan passed. The Sky Halberd made both big and small movements in the crowd. Bathed in the blood rain all over the sky, everyone had a ridiculous feeling of entering an uninhabited place.

The long saber in Bai Ye’s hand was full of cracks. Blood dripped from his purlicue onto the raindrops. In front of him, Li Tianlan’s white figure became clearer and clearer.

Li Tianlan was advancing.



Without a moment’s pause, he brandished the Sky Halberd horizontally, and all the enemies turned into flying flesh and blood.

Blood seemed to have stimulated his inner heart. His eyes were red with surging killing intent. In a short time, his desire for killing appeared to have really reached its peak.

Bai Ye’s eyes flickered, and he suddenly clenched the long saber in his hand.

He planned to meet attacks head-on!

The Sky Halberd fell from the sky.

The heavy rain failed to drown out the sound of metal clashing. The long saber in Bai Ye’s hand instantly broke into pieces. Numerous pieces of debris exploded in the crowd with blinding lightning and fire. The shock of Li Tianlan’s arms sent crackles through his joints. He forcibly condensed the sword intent all over the sky in front of the Sky Halberd.

Then he thrust the halberd forward!

This blows penetrated the wind and rain, as if it could smash all obstacles in the world.

Bai Ye’s bloody right hand was still held forward. However, the moment the long saber broke, his left hand reached to his waist.

The long halberd stabbed straight toward him!

His left hand moved all of a sudden.

A delicate soft sword appeared in his hand. The sword blade trembled and was suddenly pulled straight.

A fierce gale sprang up.

The two East Island cannon fodder closest to Bai Ye stumbled and fell to the ground in a sudden gust of wind.

The pouring rain was blown aside by the gale.

A wisp of fierce and violent sword intent flashed suddenly in the wind.

The gale gathered and was built in a wall amid the sword intent.

The unique skill of Jifeng Sword-reining School: Wall of Strong Wind!

The sword intent flashed in the wind.

In front of Bai Ye, there was a wall of wind nearly ten meters high.

Bai Ye, the right advisor of Wuji Palace.

In terms of the realm, his realm was lower than that of Yuekong, the first guardian of Wuji Palace. Since it had been a long time, few people now knew the fact that Bai Ye was once the junior brother of Tianhai Wuji, the Master of Wuji Palace, though his strength was merely close to the Half-step Invincible Realm.

He also came from Jifeng Sword-reining School.

As a result, he had not only unique skills of Wuji Palace but also those of Jifeng Sword-reining School. Even because of his family background, he had been studying kendo for much longer than he had been using sabers.

Bai Ye was adept at using the sword with his left hand.

It was a fact he had almost forgotten. Or rather, it was his trump card.

He never expected that in the environment today, the swordsmanship that he hadn’t used for many years would become his final hit against Li Tianlan.

The fierce wind howled and gathered.

In his sight, Li Tianlan’s white clothes floated violently with the wind. The silver halberd moved forward steadily and struck noiselessly against the wall of wind.

The wall of wind completely smashed in chaos.

Several tornadoes scattered across the battlefield.

The Human Emperor still moved forward.

Bai Ye unsheathed his sword.

And similarly, he thrust it forward.

The sharp tip of the sword struck against the point of the Human Emperor. The soft sword bent slightly. With the help of a bit elastic force, Bai Ye’s body flew to the crowd around him in a flash.

Cannon fodder ran on the battlefield in panic. With the assistance of the little wind power, Bai Ye’s body seemed weightless, moving through the crowd without a moment’s pause.

His figure was like a bolt of lightning.

The unique skill of Jifeng Sword-reining School: the Chase of Wind and Moon!

Li Tianlan’s eyes slightly focused.

He had once fought against the experts from Jifeng Sword-reining School.

A few days ago, he was ambushed here by experts from Jifeng Sword-reining School. In that battle, Wind Ghost, the one he killed, represented the current high-end battle strength of Jifeng Sword-reining School.

The two attacks Bai Ye had just made looked plain, but Li Tianlan was well aware that it was the Chop of Fierce Wind, the unique skill of Jifeng Sword-reining School. Bai Ye was relatively stronger than Wind Ghost. After he performed the Chop of Fierce Wind twice, the sword intent was abundant enough to condense a real gale.

That was the real killing move.

If he couldn’t dodge it, the next thing he had to face was one of the most powerful sword moves which was famous in the Dark World.

Reining Sword by Wind!

It was known as a move that had the most fierce sword intent in the Dark World. But Li Tianlan, who had experienced this move personally, knew very well that although this move was in pursuit of sword intent, what it pursued was not solely the destruction power, because it sought to create something similar to the realm of swords while causing maximum damage.

Li Tianlan was eager to dodge the next gust of wind. However, Bai Ye wandered through the crowd and occasionally showed up. Therefore, Li Tianlan couldn’t locate Bai Ye for a moment.

Killing intent flashed through Li Tianlan’s eyes. He withdrew the Human Emperor at once.

The silver light split in his hand, and the Sky Halberd suddenly became two swords.

The Eighth Blade · Burning Sky!

In such a chaotic battlefield, this move had particularly favorable natural conditions.

Sharp, broiling flames immediately swirled across the battlefield and then flew upward.

The sword light was like a dragon.

Li Tianlan’s body rotated and flickered straight into the crowd.

He was depriving others of their lives. The cannon fodder around him fell to the ground in groups, and the distance between them narrowed in the blink of an eye.

Bai Ye moved faster and faster through the crowd. The soft sword in his hand was pulled straight with its blade pointing at the sky. The air was twisted in a form visible to the naked eye. That was a wind that had gathered power to its limit.

As long as the wind blew on Li Tianlan,

Bai Ye had absolute confidence to hack Li Tianlan to death with the move named Reining Sword by Wind.

The sword light kept whirling.

Bai Ye’s expression was calm as he watched the fiery flash of sword light draw nearer.

Fifty meters.

Twenty meters.

Ten meters!

The distance between life and death!

Bai Ye’s pupils abruptly contracted. He was about to strike.

A flash of dazzling light burst forth in front of Li Tianlan.

The air twisted before him quickly. The transparent color was refracted into multi-colored light. Rays of dense and messy light finally turned into harsh whiteness.

A low, authoritative voice sounded in his ear.

The owner spoke in English.

Li Tianlan did not understand it, but many people on the scene did.

That was a simple word.


It was the unique skill of Knights Templars, or rather, the unique skill of the Vatican.

Red Flame, one of the eight knights from Knights Templars, flew over Li Tianlan, his face expressionless.

Bringing Li Tianlan back to Europe was not a matter of Knights Templars, but the will of His Majesty the Pope.

Most of the masters in Knights Templars were pure devotees. Since Li Tianlan was related to the Pope’s prophecy, Red Flame would take him back even at all costs.

Nevertheless, he also knew very well that with his current strength, he was even no match for Li Tianlan. What was worse, near him, Rose from the Jiang family of South America was eyeing Li Tianlan covetously. If he wanted to take Li Tianlan away, he could only temporarily take advantage of Bai Ye.

The light of redemption blocked Li Tianlan’s sight.

For a moment, there was nothing but whiteness before Li Tianlan.

Bai Ye was looking for an opportunity. As he caught sight of that, his eyes lit up with ecstasy. As a gust of fierce wind flowed over the blade, he darted forward.

Five meters.

This was almost a distance that everything could be doomed.

Bai Ye unsheathed his sword.

The fierce wind utterly gushed out from the blade.

Red Flame watched all these coldly. In his perception, Rose, who had been hidden in the distance, rushed over quickly. She showed up nearby and seemed to want to strike.

Red Flame squinted at the battlefield, ready to strike at any time.

The fierce wind rose high into the sky, sweeping through the dazzling white light brought by Redemption.

Bai Ye raised his sword and charged it with power.

Amid the white light, the moment when the wind was about to fall on Li Tianlan, his figure suddenly became illusory.

Then he vanished.

The smile, which had just crept over Bai Ye’s lips, froze all of a sudden.

Suddenly, two illusory and dimly discernible shadows appeared in front of him.

The fierce wind howled past.

Without the slightest pause, the two shadows charged forward against the wind and suddenly rushed into Bai Ye’s body before he could react to it. Then it went out from behind him.

The shadows faded for a moment and then wholly dissipated.

The silver edge in Li Tianlan’s hand, however, suddenly became clear.

It still moved forward.

Under the shadow of death, Bai Ye subconsciously wanted to dodge. However, no sooner had he moved than a sharp pain shot through him.

The sharp pain swept over him.

The Shadow Formula.

What was a shadow?

Tribulation’s shadow was killing intent, while Li Tianlan’s shadow was sword intent.

When the shadows condensed by the sword intent entered Bai Ye’s body and completely broke out, they were powerful enough to destroy everything in him in the shortest time.


Bai Ye’s body moved a bit. The Human Emperor in Li Tianlan’s hand whizzed past, and the broad blade of the halberd went straight into Bai Ye’s body.

Li Tianlan’s face was pale, but his eyes were cold and bright.

Bai Ye’s figure froze in place, and he stared at Li Tianlan. He opened his mouth, but before he could say anything, the sword intent in his body erupted.

In a dull sound, Bai Ye’s body turned into a cloud of blood fog as if it exploded.

Li Tianlan’s figure flashed by.

Red Flame, who was in the air, finally reacted to it. He took a sudden step forward, subconsciously trying to stop Li Tianlan from running away.

But after a flash, Li Tianlan had appeared before Red Flame.

They were so close, so close…

Red Flame was momentarily at a loss.

At this moment, he could clearly feel Li Tianlan’s weakness. After the Shadow Formula was performed, even Tribulation himself would need some time to recover. However, how could Li Tianlan rush straight to his side?

A somewhat familiar object slipped from Li Tianlan’s wide sleeve.

Li Tianlan held out his hand to grasp it.

Red Flame was previously at a loss, but now his pupils contracted instantly, and his hair stood on end.

He knew this item.

This was a pistol.

Common pistols couldn’t hurt a master like Red Flame. The one in Li Tianlan’s hand, however, was even well-known in the entire Dark World.

This gun was indeed famous, but another one often suppressed it. So this gun had been intentionally or unintentionally ignored by many people.

The gun that suppressed this gun was called Whisper.

And the pistol in Li Tianlan’s hand was called Grim Smile!

It was a pistol that Li Tianlan got when he pursued Heavenly Calamity in Zhongjing back then.

The muzzle of Grim Smile was put against Red Flame’s chest.

Without a word of nonsense, Li Tianlan silently pulled the trigger.

The battlefield that was filled with brutal killings thundered all of a sudden.

Numerous powerful special bullets burst out of the gun at about the same time.

Blood burst forth.

Behind Red Flame burst out a cascade of bullets.

Li Tianlan fired Grim Smile to his heart’s content. In less than half a second, the bullets were consumed.

Red Flame.

As one of the eight knights in Knights Templars, an expert at the peak of the Thunder-shocking Realm, he fell straight to the ground before he could say a word.

Without even shooting him a glance, Li Tianlan breathed deeply and suddenly grasped the Human Emperor.

His joints shook once more. Even the bones made distinct cracking sounds as if he had exerted too much strength.

The next second, Li Tianlan’s figure disappeared. The silver edge, with a natural arc, appeared directly above Rose, who was charging forward.

The Human Emperor, with an arc full of chilling killing intent, chopped downward.

There was no raging fire in the arc. However, under the infinite killing intent, the arc of light seemed to be immense enough to make anyone desperate.

It all happened so fast.

Rose couldn’t even stop her forward motion.

Li Tianlan’s figure appeared in front of her.

In his almost self-destructive and forced fighting, he could clearly feel the bones cracking in his body.

But at this moment, Li Tianlan was extremely powerful, too.

He flung caution to the winds!

At this moment, no expert at the peak of the Thunder-shocking Realm could withstand his blow!

Blood flowed down the white clothes naturally.

Li Tianlan’s clothes were as white as snow. Standing in the air, however, he had almost invincible majesty.

Rose’s unattractive but gentle, landscape-like face froze.

At this moment, she was fully aware that she could not resist the blow.

Facing such an aggressive attack, she didn’t even have room to struggle.

Under the silver edge, she was an ant.

Her mind was indeed firm, but everything just changed so fast. The last second she was still thinking about how to fight with Red Flame to snatched the severely wounded and dying Li Tianlan, but the next second, the attack of Li Tianlan, which was mighty enough to destroy her, had come upon her.

Such a drastic turn of events directly caused her heart to collapse completely. Her fear of death emerged like never before. She closed her eyes in despair and screamed automatically, “I know where Boss Qin is.”


Blood splashed.

Li Tianlan suddenly stopped the Human Emperor in his hand from moving.

As the Human Emperor brushed past Rose’s body, the sharp blade of the halberd scraped the whole face of her in a moment.

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