The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 234 - Day Six · Saber

Chapter 234 Day Six · Saber

The darkness was deep like a screen.

Dijiang’s shadow cut across the night sky, he ran away in full speed with the whistling wind. The spot of silver light was farther and farther away from him, but the sharp and fierce killing intent was closer and closer to him.

The killing intent wasn’t evident and aggressive, and it was filling the space in a cold, calm way, peaceful, severe, and hazardous.

Li Tianlan had passed out.

Saint checked his pulse and heartbeat, then let out a sigh of relief.

The number six theatre of operations that East Island divided was of medium size. But in the past two days, Saint couldn’t find Li Tianlan, partly because of the size of the number six theatre of operations, and partly because of Li Tianlan’s high speed.

There was never any bullshit in the high-intensity combat, attacked, fought, the battle of life and death, then retreated.

In every fight Li Tianlan was in, his attack was quick, and Saint would always be a step behind him.

It was like that in the beginning. But from some remaining details, Saint slowly found out that Li Tianlan’s strength had reached a terrifying level. Then he just stopped worrying and kept following behind.

But he didn’t expect that Li Tianlan would meet Dijiang at the end of the fight. If Saint was a minute late, he didn’t dare to think about what would happen to him.

But even so, he still let Dijiang take the valuable Human Emperor. At this moment, looking at Li Tianlan, who was in a coma, Saint suddenly felt a little embarrassed.

The killing intent that surging crazily in the air suddenly stopped.

The night sky suddenly became fresh and clear.

The killing intent that was everywhere on the battlefield suddenly turned into a completely transparent shadow, the shadow was shaking violently in the night, then turned into a dark shadow.

The killing intent had utterly disappeared.

The place where the black shadow just stood was empty.

Saint frowned, seemed to be thinking about something.

“How’s him?”

Tribulation who just arrived at the battlefield asked with his raspy voice.

He and Saint both wore black clothes, but their auras were completely different.

Saint’s every unexpected move seemed to have sword energy surging in them. But Tribulation was silent, and he brought mystery and darkness wherever he went.

“He’s heavily injured, and very tired.”

Saint picked up Li Tianlan and handed him to Tribulation, continued to say after a silence, “We lost Human Emperor.”


Tribulation spat out a simple word.

“It was Jiang Hongwei. You’re a bit late, or else we could catch him.”

Saint sighed with regret, and his eyes were shining strangely. He recalled the moment of the fight, and the thunderbolt lit up the whole sky. He laughed at himself, thinking that was really a scary junior fighter.

“The Double Thunder Vein from the Wang family of Beihai?”

Tribulation’s tone sounded peaceful; the Jiang family from Beihai Province was initially a famous, wealthy family. He was the heir of the Jiang family, a personal disciple of Wang Tianzong, and his identity was impossible to hide completely. Jiang Hongwei who had the Double Thunder Vein had never been in a fight, but some critical people from Zhongzhou State could have an essential judgment of his strength.

If he could grow up in a usual way, even if he hadn’t entered Invincible Realm right now, he would have the combat capability of the Invincible Realm. In the Wang family of Beihai, he was genuinely the second-best superior.

“I don’t think you’re a match for him.”

Tribulation said in a clear, simple tone.

“Saint was indeed not a match for him, but I’m not Saint.”

Saint shook his head, and his tone sounded complicated.

“He found out who you are.”

Tribulation sounded cold, but both of them understood the trouble hidden in this sentence.

The relationship between Samsara Palace and Sigh City had been confirmed since the first time Saint climbed on top of Mount Taibai. If Jiang Hongwei exposed Saint’s real identity, then the consequence of it would make the Wang family of Beihai and Kunlun City put their guard up.

Saint took a deep breath and said blandly, “I had no choice, if I didn’t pull out the sword tonight, I wouldn’t be able to stop him, then Tianlan would be in great danger.”

He was the number one Super Master of Samsara, but the strength he could show as Saint was not very impressive, which was between the ordinary Half-step Invincible Realm and the peak Half-step Invincible Realm. If there was only sword energy but no sword intent, the sword had no soul. But if the sword intent appeared, there would be a lot of troubles.

Tribulation held Li Tianlan in his arms, took out a bottle of blue drugs and made him take it, then stayed silent for a while.


The silver light in the dark instantly cut through the night sky.

The silver light was like a shooting star, with frightening momentum, but there wasn’t any killing intent. The sharp edge fell beside Tribulation’s feet.

A figure in a black cloak walked out from the other side, said in a soft voice, “It’s okay now.”

Human Emperor which was taken by Dijiang was still in the shape of the Sky Halberd. Right now it was stuck in the ground in front of Tribulation, shaking mildly.

“Military Counselor?”

Tribulation’s whole face was hidden under the mask, and he raised his eyebrows in an unnoticeable way.

“Pleasure to meet you.”

Military Counselor said with a smile, saluted with his hands folded. He didn’t say anything about meeting for the first time, the two of them had met each other in the meeting a few days ago, but they didn’t talk to each other.

Tribulation nodded. Looking at Human Emperor in front of him, he squinted his eyes and said with confusion, “This is…”

“I had talked some sense into this little guy called Dijiang, and he must think he was in the wrong.” “That guy left without the weapon.”

Military Counselor said while laughing softly, he was polite, gentle, and soft, without any edge.


Tribulation asked back.

“I can’t do this alone, but I have you guys. We are not far away from him anyway. If I can’t argue with him, then the three of us must be able to. That little guy is smart, he can understand.”

Military Counselor took a look at Saint while laughing and continued to say, “And you don’t have to worry about your identity.”

Saint seemed to realize something, then frowned. He changed the expression in his eyes and gave Military Counselor a warning glance.

Military Counselor understood and nodded, turned around and left.

“I know Saint’s identity. What about you? Who the hell are you?’

Feeling Li Tianlan’s breathing getting more and more stable, Tribulation looked at Military Counselor’s back and suddenly asked.

Military Counselor froze, then walked into the dark quickly; he seemed to be in a hurry.

His voice could be heard from the night sky, loud and clear.

“I’m the Military Counselor, the hand which holds the saber from Samsara.”

Then he disappeared, seemed to be in a hurry.

Tribulation’s pupils suddenly contracted, he stared at the direction at which Military Counselor left quietly for a long time. Then he turned around and looked at Military Counselor, said in a deep voice, “Does the saber, really exist?”


The invisible saber.

The saber that people hardly noticed.

In Zhongzhou State, only a few people could notice the existence of this saber, but they didn’t know it well. Even Wang Tianzong and Gu Xingyun didn’t know much about this saber, let alone Tribulation.

“Of course, it exists.”

Saint said blandly, “But not for a long time.”

Tribulation took a deep breath, then looked at Saint seriously and asked, “Military Counselor is the hand that holds the saber, then who is the saber holder? The Master of Samsara Palace?”

“It used to be the boss.”

Saint hesitated, then told him the truth. “When Tianlan gets back him, he will be the one who holds the saber. He may never imagine what kind of saber boss left for him in Zhongzhou State.”

“I can’t even imagine myself.”

Tribulation’s tone was calm like water. “It looks like Boss Qin has made up her mind. The big gift she left is precious. But Tianlan doesn’t necessarily want all those things.”

“But that’s what he needs. Because he’s in Zhongzhou State.”

Saint’s tone sounded indifferent.

Tribulation didn’t say anything.

He was never good at the relationship. One had to choose between sensibility and rationality. Qin Weibai had made a choice, what about Li Tianlan?

He took a look at Li Tianlan who was still in a coma, let out a self-mocking laugh and said, “I didn’t think that the saber really exists. Then in all those years, What were the Wang family of Beihai and Kunlun City doing? What was the meaning in everything they did?”

Saint didn’t say anything, just turned around quietly and said blandly, “Let’s go. We still have things to do.”

Tribulation didn’t say much, he carried Li Tianlan and disappeared instantly.

While on the other side of the battlefield.

Military Counselor was rushing through the mountain forest in full speed, not planning to retain his physical strength.

The trees went behind him quickly.


He stopped and stood there.

The hot temperature was brewing in the forest, everything was desperately silent.

Military Counselor slowly took a step forward, then another step.

He stopped under a big tree.

Military Counselor stayed silent, but his eyes suddenly became extremely wild and chaotic.


This was the place where he parted ways with his boss.

Before they parted ways, his boss was resting under this tree.

But now…

The big tree remained the same.

His boss was gone!

In Lin’an, Zhongzhou State.

The white fog in Mount Qingyun was still there.

The white fog covered every corner on the mountain. It was so thick that it couldn’t dissipate.

The white fog was floating clearly and slowly in the night sky.

The most famous grand-master of metaphysics in Zhongzhou State, Great Master Wuwei was standing in front of the gate of the temple, he kept his head low with a big smile on his face and looked at the flourishing flowers in front of the entrance.

The big flowers now covered all the paths in the temple completely.

Old temple, white fog, flourishing flowers, they were everything.

A drop of red blood streamed down from Great Master Wuwei’s chest and fell on the flowers.

The monk, who had lost all his white hair, suddenly stroked his bald head and then looked at the night sky.

The white fog was still floating above, so dimly discernible like a fairyland.

The rain drops fell from the sky, broke through the white fog and nourished the flowers.

“It’s raining…”

He mumbled softly, opened his mouth, then closed it.

The master initially planned to invite two of his disciples to admire the rain with him. But when he was about to ask them, he remembered that he had sent two of his disciple, Ruzhen and Ruye to East Island.

He sighed slightly, turned around, and slowly walked out of the temple gate.

Another blood drop streamed down from his chest.

The blood bead fell down on the ground and splashed out.

The rain was getting heavier and heavier.

At Changdao International Airport.

Two middle-aged monks with the same appearance, figure and aura slowly walked out of the hall.

The two of them wore simple kasaya, and their faces looked calm and peaceful.

The two monks who were walking side by side came outside the hall in silence, exchanged a glance with each other and turned around respectively without saying anything.

One of them headed to East, while the other headed to West.

They walked farther and farther away from each other.

The booming thunder suddenly rang out in the dull night sky.

Before the thunder, the dense lightning cut through the night sky, from up to down.

In that moment, in the thunderbolt, a heavy rain fell on Changdao along with strong wind.

The rain washed away the heat in Changdao.

The heavy rain swallowed everything.

There was only the sound of rain drops in the whole world.

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