The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 233 - Day Six · Two Eyes

Chapter 233 Day Six · Two Eyes

Li Tianlan closed his eyes.

The fight stopped; the echo faded away. It was a mess in the headquarter, but it was hushed.

Standing in front of Li Tianlan, Dijiang raised his eyebrows, he seemed to find it funny and lifted the corner of his mouth a little and put on a smile that didn’t look kind but didn’t feel cold either.

The boiling hot blood calmed down in his body.

Li Tianlan’s face looked paler and paler, even started to look blue and gray.

He opened his eyes.

The blurry sight became a bit clearer for him, and he could see the young man in front of him clearly.

He was a young man with perfect body proportion, and he had a height of about 1.9 meters, a back of an ape and a waist of a bee. His face looked soft and gentle. But as he smiled, there was a sense of primitive savagery in him.

What drew the most attention was his long arms. When they hung down naturally, they almost reached his kneecap.

From the woman’s perspective, he was a handsome man.

But looking at him, Li Tianlan felt strength.

Extreme strength!

But his code name was Dijiang.

The name Dijiang originally came from the remarkable book ‘The Classic of Mountains and Rivers’, it was one of the ancestors of the sorcerer in Zhongzhou State mythology, he was a man of extreme speed.

With so much strength, but he had such a weird code name. Even if Li Tianlan were a fool, he wouldn’t think that his strength and speed were imbalanced.

Li Tianlan said, “I don’t understand what you mean.”

“What I mean is very simple.”

Dijiang looked at Li Tianlan with a calm face. But for Li Tianlan, he felt like his whole body was locked down by him. “It will be awkward for me to kill you here. Everything will be so much easier if I take you back.”


Li Tianlan replied blandly.

His voice was soft, but there were earth-shattering coldness and determination in his condensed willpower.

Dijiang answered with a simple “Oh,” suddenly launched an attack.

His movement didn’t seem very fast, but even when they were more than ten meters, his hand instantly covered Li Tianlan’s shoulder.

He was fast.

Li Tianlan was faster.

At the moment his hand covered his shoulder, his body seemed to shake a little, he casually took a step toward the left front.

This step was less than half a meter long.

But he dodged Dijiang’s hand with a narrow squeak.

Dijiang’s hand fell down.

The thunderbolt shone in silence, and a palm print appeared on the ground.

The palm print went deep into the ground and left and palm-shaped hole on the ground.

His strength was spreading underground.

Then a rumble rang out.

The ruins of the headquarter with the radius of dozens of meters was suddenly shattered into pieces.

The houses, the giant rock, and Yuekong’s body were turned into complete dust by the invincible power.

The Sky Halberd that was stuck in the giant rock fell on the ground.

Li Tianlan casually waved his hand, and the Sky Halberd went back to his hand.

Dijiang looked at Li Tianlan with a smile, he seemed to be thinking about something and said, “Interesting, is this Night Walking?”

Li Tianlan’s eyes squinted tightly, and edges started to flash in his eyes, quickly and wildly.

Even since he entered Changdao, this was the first time that he felt such a great, deadly danger.

Dijiang’s smile was calm and soft, but it was just a mask.

This kind of calmness was totally a representation of being carefree.

He had nothing to fear or care about, and his every move was full of confidence.

“Night Walking is said to be one of the most amazing body technique in the Dark World. Desperate Chase from Sigh City and Shadow Formula from Tribulation were all branched of Night Walking. Xuanyuantai’s legacy is indeed unique and deep. Like Night Walking, people all know that this body movement is swift, but is the speed fast? Or the reaction?”


Li Tianlan’s pupils suddenly contracted, and he had no hesitation anymore.

They were only one or two meters away from each other.

He flew up in the air, and Sky Halberd left a burning fire wave in the night sky.

Human Emperor chopped from up to down with full force!

Night Walking.

It was one of the most mysterious unique technique in Map of God of War, which belonged to the domain of Invincible Manual. In hundreds of years, Li Tianlan was the only person who studied the Invincible Manual. The Wudi fighters in the Li family could learn some unique technique from Invincible Manual, but it couldn’t compare to specializing in Invincible Manual.

That was why some unofficial, confusing unique techniques were born.

Night Walking was considered to be the legendary unique technique. And in the legend, this body technique was very fast.

But was the speed fast, or the reaction?

This was the quintessence of it.

The silver Human Emperor fell from the sky, a sharp edge chopped up space in the fire wave, it chopped down crazily along with the silver shadow.


Human Emperor chopped down hard and hit the target.

But it didn’t hit Dijiang’s head.

Dijiang lifted up his hands with no expression on his face. His hand reached past the blade and held the body of the halberd.

The scarlet red blade with a complicated pattern was dozens of centimeters away from his forehead, but it couldn’t reach a bit farther.


Li Tianlan felt his unimaginably stable and surging strength.

“Too young.”

Dijiang said, then rapidly shook his arm.

The great strength entered Li Tianlan’s body through Human Emperor.


Countless blood mist burst out from Li Tianlan’s whole body, and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Get down.”

Dijiang said and dragged with his arm. He quickly dragged down Li Tianlan, who was in the air.

His body fell on the ground.

Dijiang effortlessly held Human Emperor which was weighed a hundred jin with one hand like it was nothing and tried to grab Li Tianlan with the other hand.

The air nearby slightly twisted.

A hand suddenly reached over.

It was a long, slim hand, with slightly bent knuckles and thick callus. The five fingers bent like a goshawk.

Dijiang’s face changed slightly, and the evil spirit started to appear in his careless eyes.

“Get out!”

As he suddenly spoke, he made his unfolded palm into a fist and punched the air!

At that moment, the dark sky turned into dazzling blue.

Dijiang’s whole body suddenly became a blue light ball, and countless thunderbolts burst out from his body.

Everywhere from up in the sky to the ground turned blue instantly.

The loud booming sound echoed in the whole forest.

The thunderbolt that was swelling up crazily swept through the forest with the radius of hundreds of meters.


Wherever the thunderbolt passed by, everything solid within a hundred meters completely turned into nothingness!

The power of a punch destroyed the whole world!

But Dijiang’s face still looked gloomy.

At the moment the thunderbolt exploded, he could see clearly that the hand that appeared out of nowhere also held into a fist.

The fists of the two people touched then withdrew. In the next second, Li Tianlan’s body was grabbed up by that hand.

A man in black who appeared out of nowhere took Li Tianlan.

Dijiang was holding Human Emperor in his hands.

His eyes suddenly turned cold and wild. He took a look around and laid eyes on his front.

A think black shadow stood there in silence, and the black cloak covered his whole body.

He carefully placed Li Tianlan on the ground. Before Dijiang opened his mouth and said something, he reached his hand and pointed at Human Emperor in Dijiang’s hand, then said blandly, “Give it to me.”

That was the hand that just punched Dijiang.

There was blood in his hand, and even parts of the bones were shown.

Dijiang’s eyes were cold like knives, and he counted a few seconds silently then said with a bitter smile, “Nice, very nice. You took my prey, and now you want to take this? Good, very good.”

He lifted his foot and stomped on the ground hard.


A dull voice rang out.

A thunderbolt appeared suddenly.

The whole ground shook violently under the great strength, scary cracks spread on the ground one after another, a blue light column that reached from the ground to the highest place in the sky turned extremely bright.

The light column reached dozens of meters away, covering Li Tianlan and the man in black.

The blue lights intertwined together crazily.

A sword light stood out from the light column, torn the night sky apart and crushed the thunderbolt. The sword light whistled and spread vertically and horizontally in the light screen. The big block of blue light failed to cover that black shadow. He stood at that endless blue thunderbolt, still like a mountain.

The sword light and thunderbolt faded away silently.

Dijiang stood there with no expression on his face.

The black clothes on the man were mostly shattered. He held the sword with one hand, and blood was streaming down rapidly from the hand.

Li Tianlan started to lose consciousness and finally passed out.

“Double Thunder Vein is really amazing, earth-shattering. But you want to kill the successor of the Li family in your first fight. Jiang Hongwei, is this what your master want?”

The man in black took a look at Li Tianlan, and his tone suddenly turned cold.

Dijiang’s face looked more serious, said solemnly, “Do you know me?”

He was the only disciple of Wang Tianzong, but he had never been in a fight before. In the past few years, he was in charge of that research institute in North America. This was his first fight, but his identity was exposed instantly.

Dijiang squinted his eyes and stared at the man in black in front of him, said blandly, “Who are you?”

“Samsara. Saint.”

Saint took a step forward and stood in front of Li Tianlan, said coldly, “Give me that thing.”

His black robe was shattered. Blood was streaming not only on his hand, but also on his body, but his momentum was getting sharper.

“Oh. Saint, I have heard of you.”

Dijiang nodded. “The most mysterious Super Master in Samsara Palace, the most unworthy first Super Master. That’s you, right?”

Saint didn’t answer.

“You’re no match for me.”

Dijiang continued. “I’ll give you a chance, leave Li Tianlan and be gone. If you dare to stay, I bet you can’t even protect yourself, let along him. I wonder what you really look like underneath that cloak. You actually call yourself Saint, this is hilarious!”

Saint still stayed silent, but the sword energy in him was sharper and sharper.

But it was just pure sword intent.

He understood why Dijiang called him unworthy. In the past few years when Samsara was active in the Dark World, the 12 Super Masters were very famous, but Saint’s achievement wasn’t that impressive.

But his name was always linked with Gongsun Qi and Tribulation. As for his real strength, nobody knew about it. He occasionally made some mistakes. When people could see him, he didn’t show the strength of a top superior of Half-step Invincible Realm.

Maybe this was why he was unworthy?

Saint lowered his head and stroked the long sword in his hand.

It was an ordinary long sword, clear and bright like water, but its material was very ordinary.

“Why haven’t you gone?”

Dijiang’s smile slowly became cruel.

“If I turn around, you might give me a deadly hit. Besides, you’re not qualified to order me to leave yet. If your master came here, I might think about it.”

Saint said blandly.

“You really have the nerve.”

Dijiang put on a carefree smile. “Nice posture, I’ll see what you’re really capable of.”

He suddenly disappeared from the ground.

He had the Double Thunder Vein, but he felt very light. His figure flashed and instantly got close to Saint.

Saint knew that this wasn’t the so-called speed.

This was an outbreak of force!

The ultimate outbreak of power!

The thunderbolt, that was so dazzling that it might make people go blind, shot up toward the sky from the ground.

In the sky full of blue light, a silver waterfall poured down straight to the ground.

Human Emperor!

Dijiang brought out an amazing power from the two-meter-long Sky Halberd. The silver halberd cut through the sky, and the tremendous irresistible force poured down crazily.

The unique technique from the Wang family of Beihai.

The shoah of centuries!

This was a move with the most force. In a second, pure strength pushed the outbreak of power to the limit, the destructive power was endless.

This move was made for Dijiang.

The Sky Halberd was waving crazily, the silver light it left turned from a waterfall to a big river, then to an ocean, it was an unceasing flow!

The shoah of centuries, a thousand sabers chopped down instantly, the saber strikes kept getting harder and harder. The sound of the weapons crashing together echoed in the sky, even louder than the thunder.

The sword light was everywhere in front of Saint.

But the sword light instantly started to shake violently under the attack of the silver light.

The sword light was shaky and unsteady, and the light grew dim.

The light was retracting in an extreme way, it kept fading away.

Only the silver ocean in the sky was still surging madly.


The long sword in Saint’s hand suddenly exploded under the silver light.

It was just halfway through the shoah of centuries, and the dim sword light was almost entirely put out in that moment.

Saint’s whole body was drowned in the silver light, and shaking violently.

At the moment the sword light went out, the sword intent appeared!

The sword energy and the sword intent rushed up to the sky at the same time.

The dim sword light suddenly broke through the suppression of the silver light and started to expand in an extreme way.

Like the rebirth of a phoenix.

Saint didn’t have a sword in his hands, but the bright sword light suddenly lit up the whole world!

“It’s you!?”

The confusing emotion appeared in Dijiang’s tone for the first time, and he was so shocked and confused.

The shoah of centuries fell down crazily.

The silver lights crossed vertically and horizontally in the sky, one after another.

But the reborn sword light was still solid.

Saint was stepping back, which showed that light was still there.

The shoah of centuries almost happened in the blink of an eye.

Dijiang took a few steps back, looked at Saint, then laughed out loud and said, “I didn’t expect it will be you. According to the seniority, I should greet you respectfully. But do you deserve it? Ha-ha, you are a big shot. Do you actually become a slave for them? Saint? Do you deserve it? Do you deserve it?!”

Saint’s eyes looked cold, and he stood still.

“You’re old.”

Dijiang took a step forward and said coldly, “Today I have to take Li Tianlan. Also, you’re coming with me to Mount Dibing!”

He waved the Sky Halberd in his hands.

But after he took a step forward, his face changed rapidly.

In the night sky not so far away, an extremely sharp killing intent suddenly rushed over, it was getting closer and closer.

The crazy killing intent was everywhere between heaven and earth.

Dijiang’s face changed again, and he looked unstable under the stimulation of the killing intent.

“Do it. What took you so long? I’m waiting to go to Mount Dibing with you.”

Saint finally said something in a mocking tone.

Dijiang let out a cold snort, his eyes which was filled with killing intent laid on Saint, then on Li Tianlan.

He was holding Human Emperor, then turned around and left without hesitation.

He didn’t know who was coming to the battlefield, but he knew that his person would be more powerful than Saint.

This person would be more potent than the real Saint!

Saint hesitated for a bit, then let Dijiang leave with Human Emperor.

He turned around and looked at Li Tianlan.

Dijiang rushed through the battlefield and the desert, he kept running away without turning back.

He instantly ran away for a few kilometers.

His dashing body suddenly stopped, his face looked strange.

In front of him, it was still a thick mountain forest.

But in the forest under the night sky, there was a perfect, dreamy figure standing under a tree in silence.

There was also a man in black standing next to her in silence, covered in heavy fighting desire.

At this moment, Dijiang subconsciously ignored the powerful enemy next to the woman.

All he saw was the pair of bright, starry eyes.

Under the night sky, Qin Weibai stood there quietly, Military Counselor was next to her.

The night breeze blew up her hair, her black hair flew in the air, her eyes and eyebrows were like a painting.

But in those eyes, Dijiang could clearly see beautiful mountains and rivers that reached thousands of miles in length and breadth.

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