The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 231 - Day Six · True Self

Chapter 231 Day Six · True Self

Halberd, a powerful ancient weapon with two spear blades that shaped like crescent moon stretching out from the end of the spear, could be used to stab or chop. This was the cold weapon with the highest standard for the users. In the whole history, people who could use Sky Halberd well were all brave fighters that could represent a whole era.

The leader of all weapons, the king of all weapons!

The silver halberd was shining in the night sky. The tip of Human Emperor was a bit worn, but the new blades that stretched out were shining with dazzling light; it was a kind of freakish, indescribable scarlet red color, like solidified blood. The complex gold lines were twining around the red spear blades. The red parts and the gold parts intertwined together. Under the silver light, the whole Sky Halberd seemed to be alive.

Li Tianlan’s eyes looked bright and clear in an unprecedented way.

He took a step forward and lifted up the Sky Halberd in his hands.

At that moment, the thick night covered up the mountain. The Sky Halberd and he blended into one, suddenly radiating a kind of earth-shattering momentum!

The flood of memories stopped rushing into his head.

They were falling apart and disappearing.

From the stabilization phase of the Ice-condensing Realm to the peak of the Ice-condensing Realm, then to the Half-step Fire-flaming Realm right now.

His realm improved by two levels in two days, but his willpower improved more than a couple times.

If one should focus on strength in the early stage of Martial Arts, the willpower was the key in the advanced stage.

In the same realm, the absolutely focused willpower could put out amazing killing power.

willpower was being focused, in other words, concentration.

If Li Tianlan’s strength and willpower could be quantified, his willpower in the past was five and his strength was ten, then the combat capability he could at most put out would be five. Maybe he was focused enough, but apparently not enough for him to use all his strength.

And now his willpower had doubled, and his killing power was also doubling.

Right now Li Tianlan still hadn’t resumed to the Thunder-shocking Realm, but somehow he could feel that he was already standing at his peak.

He was forgetting the memories that he had found, but his true self that he once lost had completely come back to him.

So he could completely change his position in two days. He almost crashed the No. 6 theatre of operations in East Island with his own power.

Till this moment, Li Tianlan felt that he was above everything.

While the Surge drug was working, there were not many people that could make him feel fear in East Island right now.

In a trance, Li Tianlan seemed to discover a whole new road. It was broad and raw, but it could bring him straight to the sky. It kept challenging his current mind and reminding him instinctively that, this was the Martial Arts that suited him the most. But among those images that were slowly fading in his head, one of them was always in his head like a curse.

It was Great Master Wuwei.

It was his four words.

Big breakthrough, big achievement.

Between the breakthrough and the achievement, the gain and the loss, were they really worth it?

Li Tianlan hesitated a bit while he asked himself this question.

“Does the benefactor believe in the mandate of heaven, or karma?”

Another image became clear in his heart. It was the first thing Great Master Wuwei said to him when he met him for the first time in the Dongcheng Clan a few months ago.

The mandate of heaven?

Li Tianlan held the Human Emperor Halberd in his hands tightly and started to laugh softly. His eyes started to look bright and clear in his smile, and the clear and yet vague memories inside him started to disappear quickly.

They were getting blurry and withdrawing.

“There aren’t many people left on your side.”

He looked at Qingshan and Feiyu in front of him. Finally, he opened his mouth and said softly, “After killing you, I should return to my team.”

“You better stay.”

Without any sign, a deep, cold voice rang out behind Li Tianlan.

The voice sounded very calm, but in his words, there was a kind of extremely twisted anger.

Li Tianlan turned around.

A middle-aged man that looked in his forties secretly appeared in the mountain forest. He stood still in the void, and his strong momentum and sharp killing intent already rushed up to the sky.

This was a middle-aged man that looked very aggressive. He was very short like most of the people in East Island, but he looked fit and well-proportioned. He sounded very angry but his face still looked calm. That was cruelty and coldness with no hiding, almost against human nature.

The most important part was, he was wearing a set of white clothes.

His white clothes were shining with soft light in the dim jungle. It looked like a long robe, loose and neat. But as the robe flew up along with the wind, there seemed to be light of metal flashing.

Li Tianlan subconsciously took a look at his own silver clothes.

His silver clothes were completely shattered, however, the silver robe that looked soft didn’t turn into stripes of cloth but got crushed into pieces like an armor. Li Tianlan remembered how this silver robe looked originally. It seemed to look a lot like the white robe on this person.

“That’s my brother’s battle suit, with flexible alloy in it. I gave it to him.”

The middle-aged man seemed to know what Li Tianlan was thinking about, so he said in a cold voice.

Li Tianlan answered, thought for a second, and said, “Nice suit, but your brother was too weak.”

He stripped this piece of clothing from a superior of the Thunder-shocking Realm, and he wasn’t trying to insult him. That person was indeed too weak. He shot him in the head and gave him a horrible death.

“You have to pay the price!”

The man in white slowly looked up, and his voice sounded colder and colder.

He was Yuekong, the first guardian of Wuji Palace, a superior of the Half-step Invincible Realm, and also the Chief Commander of the No. 6 theatre of operations.

About hunting Li Tianlan, Yuekong was very confident in the beginning. The No. 6 theatre of operations was close to the border of the battlefield, and it was in charge of guarding against the five dark superpowers that were close to it. The people stationed here were not the strongest, but it could be considered one of the most powerful theatres of operations. There were eleven superiors of the Thunder-shocking Realm, over a hundred superiors of the Fire-flaming Realm, hundreds of superiors of the Ice-condensing Realm and some Special Warfare elites under the Ice-condensing Realm. Such a troop was used for catching a young man. It would be impossible to fail.

But things went through a drastic change in the beginning.

The accidental death of Ice Bird and Black Shield directly shook the whole No. 6 theatre of operations.

Especially Ice Bird. She was more than a superior at the peak of the Thunder-shocking Realm, for she was the exclusive pet of the Master of Wuji Palace, Tianhai Wuji. How could Yuekong not be furious by this great loss?

After hearing the news, he didn’t even think about it and just directly sent a team led by a superior of the Thunder-shocking Realm to kill him under his heavy anger.

But Li Tianlan’s combat capability weirdly improved into an incredible level. He just broke through two minor realms, but his pressure on other people increased by double growth. As expected, the second hunting team was wiped out.

The No. 6 theatre of operations suddenly was on the verge of losing control.

What happened, happened. Yuekong was supposed to report actively to Shinichi Miyamoto’s headquarter. But he decided not to after some thinking, and then he forced himself to send some more elites to catch Li Tianlan.

The three hunting teams were all crushed by Li Tianlan. Eight out of the eleven superiors of the Thunder-shocking Realm died. Right now in the No. 6 theatre of operations, there were only Yuekong, Qingshan and Feiyu, three superiors of the Thunder-shocking Realm left.

There were nearly a thousand elites in the whole No. 6 theatre of operations, but now one out of ten could barely survive.

Shinichi Miyamoto and the rest were focusing on the final battle in front, so they didn’t even know what happened in the No. 6 theatre of operations.

Right now Yuekong was already in a desperate situation. The No. 6 theatre of operations had such a heavy loss, but he didn’t report it, and this would definitely be a heavy offense. But right now he still had a chance to save everything.

After all those fights, Li Tianlan was already seriously injured. And he was obviously very valuable. As long as he could catch him, the whole thing about the No. 6 theatre of operations could be forgiven.

As long as he could catch Li Tianlan!

Yuekong’s eyes looked cold. This battle was about his future and even his life. He had no other option. As long as he caught Li Tianlan, everything happened in the No. 6 theatre of operations could be wiped out.

Yuekong took a deep breath and was about to say something.

Li Tianlan already spoke first.

“Your people are all here?”

His voice sounded soft, with indescribable concentration and seriousness.

Yuekong froze for a second.

The dense footsteps could be heard from all directions. They were the only elites left in the No. 6 theatre of operations, which were sent here by Yuekong.

In order to catch Li Tianlan and change the situation for himself, he didn’t care about anything else.

Yuekong moved the corner of his mouth, but Li Tianlan interrupted him again.

“Then Let’s do this.”

He took a soft step.

But he rushed straight up to the sky with this step.

The setting sun on the horizon completely disappeared.

The moment when darkness covered Changdao, the silver light rose up from the mountain forest.

The bright moon climbed up in the sky.

The silver light was spreading crazily, and the void shook violently. The immense fire wave appeared without any sign, like a sea of fire, swallowing everything.

Li Tianlan was up in the sky, walking on the fire waves. The silver bright moon suddenly turned into a burning sun.

The sun cast a thousand beams!

This was the Li Tianlan right now. It was the true self that he found.

Yuekong suddenly let out a furious roar. His figure suddenly dashed up, went through the sea of fire, and attacked Li Tianlan.

At the same time.

From two different directions in the No. 6 theatre of operations.

At the moment when Yuekong’s roar echoed in the forest, a man in black who had been stayed in the No. 6 theatre of operations suddenly rushed out.

And from another direction, a young man who seemed to be searching for something sat up straight and stared at the battlefield.

After a second, he let out a cold laugh, then rushed over without any hesitation.

They were killing and gathering.

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