The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 230 - Day Six · Forget

Chapter 230 Day Six · Forget

They were retreating.

They were running away.

The distance between the ones who were retreating and the ones who were moving forward seemed to be kept the same, which was within a few hundred meters. They didn’t get too far away or too close to each other.

It was still the endless forest ahead. Under the dim setting sun, the scattered shadows of the trees were on the ground, dim and vague, but it was already a desert of yellow sand behind them.

The big and small, thick and thin trees had already been crushed into dust, the grassland completely disappeared, the soil lost its vitality, and the moisture was completely dried out. The yellow sand was scattered and rolling around on the ground, reflecting light brighter than sunlight.

Flames were burning in the sand. Their orange color slowly faded away and finally turned transparent. When the flames wholly disappeared, the bits of blue lightning started to grow in the flames, then the fire and the lightning intertwined together. Then more and more trees began to fall and turned into pieces and dust. The green trees turned into yellow sand in the heat, and the place looked like a desert.

Dozens of people were running in the forest like crazy, without turning their heads for once.

They had reached the central area of the No. 6 theatre of operations, another three kilometers ahead and they would reach the headquarter of the No. 6 theatre of operations.

The No. 6 theatre of operations was divided by the East Island Special Warfare System. The current only superior of the Invincible Realm in East Island, Shinichi Miyamoto, personally divided the battlefield within a radius of a hundred miles into eight theatres of operations. The No. 6 theatre of operations was this mountain forest within a radius of about thirty kilometers. According to its location, this was already the rear end of the battlefield.

Wuji Palace, Jifeng Sword-reining School, Liuhuo Palace, and Divine Wind Force all had elites stationed at the No. 6 theatre of operations. This wasn’t originally a very important theatre of operations. But since two days ago, this place had been considered the theatre of trapped beasts.

They kept running and hiding. At midnight of the fourth day, Li Tianlan went into the No. 6 theatre of operations.

But who could have thought that this man that many people considered to be a trapped beast would be so crazy in these whole two days and two nights?

“Qingshan gets close to the headquarter.”

“Feiyu gets close to the headquarter.”

“Asking for backup.”

The running team kept marching forward, and the hasty calls of help kept being sent to the headquarter a few kilometers away.

“How’s the situation?”

The raspy sound of the walkie-talkie rang out, and a repressed, cold voice started to talk through the walkie-talkie.

“We have heavy losses, please send backup!”

Qingshan’s voice went through without stopping. He came from the most powerful Martial Arts superpower in East Island, Wuji Palace. He had the strength close to the stabilization phase of the Thunder-shocking Realm. He was considered an important superior in the whole East Island Special Warfare System.

But right now, this tall, strong swordsman that came from Wuji Palace was a big mess. Blood was streaming down from all over his body. His face was already covered in blood, and his blood-soaked eyes kept blinking, radiating pure fear and desperation.

“We’re on our way. This is the last battle!”

Through the walkie-talkie, that repressed voice rang out again, and the voice sounded extremely dry.

Qingshan let out a bitter laugh but didn’t dare to turn around. He just braced himself to scream. “The destination is the headquarter. Let’s go at full speed!”

His voice was high-pitched but didn’t sound powerful at all.

The headquarter was very close to them, but Qingshan didn’t feel safe at all.

The Chief Commander of the No. 6 theatre of operations was called Yuekong, the first guardian of Wuji Palace, a real superior of the Half-step Invincible Realm. Qingshan was originally a superior from Wuji Palace, so he knew very well about the strength of this first guardian. He could be sure that Yuekong’s combat capability was above the right advisor of Wuji Palace, Bai Ye. But since a superior of the Half-step Invincible Realm was in front of them, Qingshan was getting more and more scared.

In a panic, he took a hasty look at his back.

The flames with lightning in them were burning in silence, and the mountain forest was burned into a desert.

The setting sun, yellow sand.

Bloody shirt, silver spear.

The strong wind blew, and the clouds scudded across the sky.

That was a vivid and yet weird image. Qingshan’s scalp went numb, and he suddenly felt paralyzed.

He was breaking through.

He was transforming.

The images flashed in Li Tianlan’s head and disappeared one after another, every day and every night.

The memories that were forcefully repressed for years now kept playing in his head, and his willpower broke through the shackle. So many people and things were surging in his head. Li Tianlan’s face looked numb and exhausted, but his whole body radiated a kind of indescribable sharpness and craziness!

“As the Young Master of the Li family, the grandson of me Li Honghe, Tianlan, do you have any regret?”

“Dongcheng Huangtu…”

“Tianlan, I’m sorry.”

“Maybe, I was really wrong.”

“It shouldn’t be like that, then forget about it.”

“You’re the Heavenly Son, but not just the Heavenly Son of the Li family. Your Martial Arts shouldn’t be limited to the sword.”

“Human Emperor’s ultimate form…”

His head was gonna burst from pain.

Countless memories rushed to his head. Li Tianlan didn’t want to go through them, but they just kept hitting his head; the painful ones, the exciting ones, and the confusing ones.

The willpower that was originally close to the peak broke through the last shackle and sublimated. The sword intent improved rapidly under the pure, firm willpower. Li Tianlan had another breakthrough again, surpassed the Ice-condensing Realm and got extremely close to the Fire-flaming Realm.

The Surge drug kept stimulating his nerves all the time. It was a big leap in realms. Right now Li Tianlan’s combat capability had been kept stable in the Half-step Thunder-shocking Realm.

But in the messy memories, there was an image that stayed in his head, a painting, a sentence.

“You have to remember that the real invincibility isn’t about unique techniques or realms. For the Li family, invincibility is the sword intent, only sword intent!”


There was so much going on in his head, and the pain in the head spread around his whole body. Li Tianlan suddenly let out a roar, and his chasing figure sped up instantly.

The distance of hundreds of meters was instantly closed.

Qingshan’s and Feiyu’s “dead souls” showed. They only focused on rushing forward and didn’t care about their subordinates’ lives.

The fire instantly swallowed the mountain forest behind them.

But the sharp sword intent broke through the air. It was faster than the fire and lightning.

That was extremely condensed sword intent, cold, pure and ready to crush everything.


The sword intent whistled and scattered, and dozens of elites were crushed into dust by the sharp, powerful sword intent. The silver edge didn’t stop at all. It broke through the blood rain all over the sky and stopped in front of Qingshan and Feiyu.

Qingshan and Feiyu who were rushing forward in full speed stopped. Looking at Li Tianlan in front of them, their pupils contracted.

“It’s about time. I’ll send you guys to heaven.”

Li Tianlan said blandly. The intense pain in his head made him wake up from dizziness completely. In the past two days and two nights, from being chased to chasing others, images went through his head one after another. While the memories were getting clear, in a trance, Li Tianlan seemed to feel that some of the memories were leaving him for good.

Those were the images that he remembered, but now they became blurry again.

Li Tianlan’s face looked calm and cold. The old images were disappearing, but new images kept coming up.

Human Emperor’s ultimate form…

“Is this what it’s gonna be?”

Li Tianlan mumbled to himself, and his arms suddenly shook.

The absolute power was poured into the silver spear in his hands. Under the light that was getting dimmer and dimmer, the two-meter-long silver spear seemed to flash abruptly.

Human Emperor vibrated violently.

The silver tip of the spear made some buzzes, and the blades on both sides of the spear suddenly stretched.

His power that got close to the Thunder-shocking Realm after the breakthrough utterly shook the mechanism of Human Emperor. Two red blades stretched out from the spear.

Those were two pieces of red, shining and translucent spear blades. There were countless complex gold decorative patterns on them, fancy and mysterious.

At that moment, the whole Human Emperor completely changed its form because of the two giant extra blades.

It turned from a silver spear to a halberd.

Sky Halberd!

This was the ultimate form of the Human Emperor.

In a trance, another image surfaced in his head.

Li Tianlan’s eyes looked calm, but his heart was in turbulence.

In his memory, it was still in the camp of the border.

But he saw a monk that he wasn’t supposed to see.

Great Master Wuwei!

It turned out that he had met this grandmaster of metaphysics before. It was a long long time ago.

In the image, Great Master Wuwei seemed to be saying something. But in a trance, Li Tianlan could only hear four words.

Big breakthrough, big achievement.

The memories were still churning in his head.

He was remembering.

He was forgetting.

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