The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 217 - Day Four · Huawu

Chapter 217 Day Four · Huawu

In less than 24 hours, the whole Changdao went from extreme silence to extreme mess, and it directly turned into a vortex that swallowed everything.

The general trend was roaring ahead.

All the superpowers got involved whether they liked it or not.

Blood was streaming on the battlefield of Changdao, and the killing went on and on. On the huge battlefield within the distance of a hundred miles, the elites from all the dark superpowers met one another intentionally or unconsciously. Then they fought each other without hesitation.

This was a war without a target, or the target was too big.

East Island was a small country, but they had great strength. At least in Asia, their strength might be less than Zhongzhou State, but they were still above any other countries. In many fields, they were the best in the world, especially in the Dark World. The warrior spirit that East Island valued so much had made them exceptionally aggressive in action.

Such a small land had three superiors of the Invincible Realm. There would be five including two superiors from Night Spirit that had passed away. Judging from that, one could know how powerful the Special Warfare System of East Island was.

And the ultimate target of all the superpowers’ scheming was the discursive power of the Special Warfare System of East Island.

This was the authority that could not be shared.

So they had to push East Island to compromise, but they were still enemies with each other.

Nobody wanted to give up on the interest of the Special Warfare System of a country. So once the battle of Changdao broke out, this place was bound to be flooded with blood and to become the biggest meat grinder in the Dark World in recent years.

All the superpowers that were qualified to get involved wouldn’t be able to get out in one piece.

This was the contest of life and death.

But before the final killing began, at least for all the dark superpowers, they barely had the same enemy. So when the final battle broke out, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the superpowers teamed up together or split up.

When the morning sunlight passed through the sky, the burning sun was about to fall on the west, in the residential district on the edge of the Changdao battlefield that was about to be demolished, the leaders of a few dark superpowers in East Island gathered together again.

Still, in that worn-out hall, the dirty curtains kept the setting sunlight outside the windows. It was dark inside the hall, and several ghost-like shadows stood still at the corners of the room like they had never moved in their lives.

The LCD screen that covered a whole wall had been turned on. Images were flashing on the screen, and the dazzling lights kept changing on the screen, making the faces of the shadows change, too.

Ben, the first vice chairman of the Heroes’ Club, was the closest to the screen. He was holding a tiny remote control. Then he froze the image on the screen.

The screen froze for a second; then it kept playing. The image stopped flashing, but it was moving all along. In the image, a group of white people dressed in different clothing was fighting violently. The two parties of the battle were wearing different badges on their chests and cuffs, showing that they were from two different superpowers.

“Live broadcast.”

Ben’s skeleton-like thin body moved, and he blew a whistle. An old and gloomy sound rang from his black robe, then he let out a creepy laugh and said, “The boys from the Polar Ground Alliance and Knights Templars are too energetic. Oh, one down, ha, another one down. Bravo.”


Two cold snorts could be heard at the same time.

In the dark environment, the body of a giant not far away behind Ben moved. His sharp killing intent gathered and spread around, but it wasn’t aimed for Ben, but another shadow in the dark.

In the dark, there was a dazzling, holy white figure. Blonde hair and white clothes were august and pure, even in the shade.

“Holy Light, manage your subordinate punks. Don’t think that you are invincible when someone stuck up for you. Your master in the back will never be powerful enough to help you here in Changdao.”

In the dark, the voice of the giant with great power sounded cold and thick, with intense killing intent and threat.


Holy Light, the vice commander of Knights Templars, let out a soft laugh and said in a cold tone, “To fight the Polar Ground Alliance, Knights Templars doesn’t need anyone else to stick up for us. King Bear, you want a fight with me?”

“Sooner or later.”

King Bear put on a grim smile. “Right here in Changdao, I’ll tear you apart myself.”

“Please you two, you’re not enemies with each other.”

Ben suddenly said. His voice sounded old and raspy with indescribable mystery. “At least we’re not enemies right now. We have two important targets, East Island and Zhongzhou State. Compared to them, any one of us is weak. As long as they are still alive, we don’t have to fight each other.”

“I agree with Ben. So far, our biggest opponents are East Island and Zhongzhou State. When they are down, it will be our time to fight each other. King Bear, Holy Light, you guys have to restrain your subordinates.”

Crow from Fantasy World said in a creepy tone.

King Bear and Holy Light exchanged a glance and then stayed quiet in the cold killing intent.

“If everyone can calm down, then I can announce a piece of news; Li Tianlan has appeared.”

Ben stared at the big screen in front of him, and his eyes looked out of focus. Then he said slowly.

No one answered.

They already knew that Li Tianlan had appeared. They weren’t fools. What Ben said was basically superfluous.

“In East Island, the Polar Ground Alliance is not as powerful as the Heroes’ Club, but we can get news like this.”

King Bear sounded a bit annoyed. “Ben, what are you trying to say?”

“I know you have your own intelligence channels. But do you know the last place where Li Tianlan appeared?”

Ben let out a cold laugh, pointed at the big screen, and said in a complicated tone, “The last place where we have spotted Li Tianlan is less than two kilometers from here.”

The hall suddenly went quiet.

This was indeed a piece of shocking news.

The elites of Zhongzhou State all hid in a luxury club in the center of the battlefield, while they were on the edge of the battlefield. The elites of East Island were chasing after Li Tianlan, why would Li Tianlan come here instead of going back to his stronghold?

They were all wise people in the room. Even the impulsive King Bear was a very experienced figure. The simple news made them feel a scheming vibe.

“Of course Li Tianlan didn’t want to come here, but he was cornered by the elites of East Island. In other words, the farther he got from the people from Zhongzhou State, the closer he got to us. Interesting, isn’t it?”

Ben laughed softly, but his voice sounded a bit cold. “Obviously, our hidden spot was exposed. East Island is trying to use Li Tianlan to lure us into the battle in advance. We can get into the battlefield, but I need some of us to calm down.”

A sharp light suddenly lit up in Holy Light’s eyes.

Among the dark superpowers at present, only Knights Templars and the Jiang family of South America were interested in Li Tianlan, especially Knights Templars. They got orders from the Vatican, or they followed the will of His Majesty the Pope. They had to catch Li Tianlan, so Holy Light was a little excited knowing that Li Tianlan was not far away from them.

But Ben’s words made him instantly calm down.

Li Tianlan was one of the key figures in the final battle. Zhongzhou State wanted to protect him, East Island wanted to catch him, the Jiang family of South America and Knights Templars also wanted him. But the final battle had just started, and the weak, complicated alliance of theirs would definitely be attacked by East Island and Zhongzhou State, the two most powerful superpowers if they tried to catch Li Tianlan now. And they would also mess up the secret agreement between Knights Templars and the Jiang family of South America.

Of course, they needed to capture Li Tianlan, but it was not the time now. Judging from the current situation, it was still too early to do that.

“I know what to do.”

Holy Light said blandly, “I’ll put off the thing about Li Tianlan. I also hope some of us can restrain themselves.”

He looked away and laid his eyes on another person in the corner.

That was a woman covered in the dark. When Evil, the Third Master from the Jiang family, the assassin of the Invincible Realm in the Dark World, wasn’t there, she was the representative of the Jiang family of South America.

The woman in the dark let out a soft laugh but didn’t say anything.

“I hope everyone can have a conscious judgment.”

Ben turned around slowly and said softly, “Now that the final battle has started, we’re definitely gonna join the battle. I gave the order ten minutes ago. All the elites from the Heroes’ Club will get into the battlefield. Our first killing target is the elites from East Island, and then it’s the elites from Zhongzhou State. In the current situation, only when they are eliminated can we have the chance to join the final battle.”

“Hope that we will be the last ones fighting in Changdao. Before that, I hope we can protect our alliance.”

Holy Light hesitated for a second, then nodded and said, “I agree with this.”


Crow’s raspy, unpleasant voice rang out.

“I have no objection.”

King Bear still stared at Holy Light, looking tameless.

“What about the cooperation outside Changdao?”

In the dark, the woman representing the Jiang family of South America said in her light, charming voice.

Nobody answered. Everybody looked at Holy Light.

The cooperation outside Changdao was naturally scheming against Zhongzhou State.

But right now the Zhongzhou State Sword Emperor Wang Tianzong was still in Zhongzhou State. If they wanted their cooperation to go well, they had to be powerful enough to stop Wang Tianzong.

“The cooperation stays the same.”

Holy Light said slowly, “That Highness has set off from the headquarter of the Vatican. He will reach the border between Zhongzhou State and Annan State in twelve hours.”

Everyone was relieved.

Ben put on a small smile and said slowly, “Then hope we have a pleasant cooperation.”

The woman who represented the Jiang family of South America let out a soft laugh, then slowly disappeared.

Crow also disappeared from the hall without anyone noticing.

The screen on the wall started to dim down.

The whole hall resumed to the quietest, repressing state.

The final battle of Changdao had started.

Also, on the border of Zhongzhou State, a storm was about to break out.

The general trend swept up the Dark World. Apart from Changdao, Northern Europe and North America, the fourth battlefield was about to appear!

In the night sky that was getting darker and darker, a luxury black car slowly drove to Changdao from Ninghu.

The night was dark.

Qin Weibai, who secretly came to Changdao then to Ninghu and finally came back to Changdao, sat quietly in the backseat of the car, looking at the dim lights outside the window with a calm face.

The dim and yellow lights lit up a small corner in the backseat of the car. Qin Weibai sat in that corner under the light, looking dreamy and vague.

“Boss, Tianlan exposed his trace in the investigation mission. Right now he is being encircled. Zhongzhou State has sent people to rescue him. Duke, Flaming Fire, and Horsewoman are also on the move, but they still haven’t found Tianlan.”

In the passenger seat, Saint answered a call, then reported slowly.

Qin Weibai’s exquisite body seemed to freeze for a second, then she relaxed her body and said, “How long has it been going on?”

“For about twenty hours.”

Saint’s tone still sounded calm. “Sunset Shadow died trying to cover Tianlan. The latest news is that Tianlan and the rest have scattered and they are running away separately.”

Qin Weibai’s pretty eyebrows slightly frowned. She stayed silent for a while and then said slowly, “Saint, you will go and find Tianlan on your own. And, have you found her?”

“After she got separated with Tianlan, it seemed she wanted to run backward and got hurt.”

Military Counselor, who was driving, answered.

“We’ll go to see her.”

A bit of complication flashed and then disappeared in Qin Weibai’s eyes. Finally, she said in a soft voice.

Military Counselor answered, then the car was silent again.

“Aren’t you gonna ask me something?”

In the silence, Qin Weibai broke the silence by asking suddenly.

“Boss, you will tell us when you want to. It’s okay if you don’t want to.”

Saint seemed to understand what Qin Weibai meant. He then laughed and said, “I know there is an earth-shattering big shot behind this kid. But even if he had a good aptitude, he wouldn’t be good like that. But… anyway it doesn’t matter. He’s dead. We did this with the Wang family of Beihai. Those who come for revenge in the future can’t touch us.”

Qin Weibai looked outside the window in silence. After a while, she sighed and said, “His name was Kudou Huawu. Huawu… Huawu… well, he could have achieved something in the Dark World. He’s dead now, what a shame.”

She sounded cold and calm. She was talking about shame, but there wasn’t any regret in her clear eyes.

The ones with the most infatuation tended to be the most merciless.

In this world, this era, she might hurt a lot of people, but as long as she treated him well, everything would be worth it.

What did other people’s life and death have to do with her?

If she hurt them, she hurt them.

Besides, in the general trend, who hurt who, who wronged who, it could never be explained clearly.

A long long time ago, she had made up her mind. All her life, even if she had to face a horrible death, even if she had to give up on everything.

She would never say sorry for the second time to the second person.

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