The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 216 - Day Four · Rainbow

Chapter 216 Day Four · Rainbow

A powerful SUV raced from Changdao to Ninghu at a crazy speed.

The bright sun in Changdao got left behind the car.

Right now it was raining in Ninghu. In the daytime, the sky was fully covered by dark clouds. The raindrops kept hitting the car windows and making crackling sounds. There was vague water vapor on the car windows, and the windshield wiper kept wiping the rain. The SUV rushed toward the downtown of Ninghu without slowing down in the rain, then rushed toward Ninghu suburb.

The engine sound of the SUV sounded out of control, but the driver didn’t care about that. The car rushed through Wujia Mountain in Ninghu and dashed into a nearby fishing village so fast that it felt like the care was flying above the ground.

The village was very small, with a population of about two or three hundred people. The permanent population was slightly more than a hundred people. Right now, the village was very quiet.

The SUV stopped in the middle of the village; the car doors were opened.

Daybreak and Dawn, who rushed to Ninghu at their fastest speed in a few hours, didn’t stop for anything. They went straight to the north of the village like two white shadows.

In the narrow alley in the north of the village, there were a lot of fishermen in the village, men and women, old and young. Those mature ones clearly looked regretful and sad. There were small discussions in the crowd. Under the gloomy sky, this little fishing village near the sea seemed more depressing.

Daybreak’s and Dawn’s hearts sank to the bottom.

They had heard the news in advance, but they still couldn’t help but shiver seeing everything with their eyes.

The villagers’ discussions were buzzing, clear and yet faint. The two’s heads went blank. They walked past the villagers absentmindedly, like two walking deads.

“Huawu is dead.”

“Yeah, what a shame. I haven’t seen him for days, and it turns out…”

“The murderer had gone too far and was so brutal.”

“He was a nice kid. The last time I saw him, he asked me to take him fishing.”

“Yeah, a very nice boy. He often helped me with something and helped my son with his study.”

“What a shame. This is so cruel. Who killed him?”

“Poor little Kudou.”

Daybreak and Dawn walked forward absentmindedly, feeling down and lost.

“Come in!”

A clear, calm, emotionless voice suddenly rang out near the two of them. That voice was light, but it hit them in the heart.

Daybreak and Dawn instantly froze. They exchanged a glance and saw the desperation in each other’s eyes.

They had known that the Young Master was killed. This was a piece of absolutely horrible news. They still got a little bit of hope in them. And now, His Highness’s two simple words had crushed their hope completely.

If there was any hope, His Highness wouldn’t be here.

This could only mean that everything was irredeemable.

The two pushed their way through the crowd in front of them and walked into the yard with big steps.

There were few people in the yard; some men and women in fisherman clothing but with different aura were kneeling at the corner of the yard. Their faces looked dead, and they stayed very still, as if they had lost their souls.

A middle-aged man looked in his forties or fifties was standing in the middle of the yard in silence. His body was thin, and his face looked average. He just stood there with no expression on his face, with his back on Dawn and Daybreak. There were indescribable repression and danger in the silence.

That was an indescribable feeling. The whole yard, the whole fishing village, even the whole world seemed vague around the man. The villagers kneeling in the yard, the tall, beautiful woman who stood next to the man, even Daybreak and Dawn themselves had become part of the meaningless background. Only the average-looking man really existed. He stood still, but once he moved, the heaven and earth seemed about to be crushed into dust along with his breakout.

In this faint and repressing environment, Daybreak and Dawn both felt a kind of extreme anger and killing intent.

“Your Highness…”

Daybreak and Dawn stood behind the man with their bodies slightly bent, trying to keep calm.

The man didn’t move or say anything, looking still like a statue.

Dawn took a subconscious look at the woman standing next to the man.

That was a woman in her thirties, coldly elegant, exquisite, arrogant, and mature. This was an extremely charming woman, like a thorny rose, pretty but dangerous. But at this moment, standing next to the man, her charm completely dimmed down. At this moment, she was a lifeless statue. Only the man next to her was real.

The most real person.

Her code name was Phoenix.

In their organization, she was a superior that had the same level of status as Dawn and Daybreak.

Phoenix seemed to notice Dawn’s stare but didn’t dare to move. She just signaled them to look at the front with the corner of her eyes.

Daybreak and Dawn moved separately toward left and right and took a look at the front through passing the man’s body. Their face instantly turned pale!

There was a tiny piece of white cloth in front of the man, and there were dots of dry, dark bloodstains on the white cloth. A hand that was making a handprint was placed above the white cloth. Apart from that, there was only a pile of ashes mixing with sand, some crushed flesh, and bones.

Was this their Young Master?!

Daybreak’s and Dawn’s eyes suddenly turned cold. The intense anger and killing intent instantly bloomed from their bodies.

The killer crushed his bones and scattered his ashes?!

The two of them thought about this instantly. They laid their eyes on the hand that was making a handprint. What message did the killer want to deliver by leaving a hand?

Was it a provocation?

Daybreak’s body started to shake uncontrollably. He reached his hand rapidly. A middle-aged man kneeling at the corner flew over to him, and Daybreak grabbed him.

“What happened?!”

Daybreak’s cold voice echoed like the ill wind in hell.

“I… I don’t know. In the morning the day before yesterday, Young Master was killed on his way to school. He never returned that day. We had searched for him for a long time, then found his remains below the cliff on Wujia Mountain…”

Daybreak grabbed this superior that was infinitely close to the Thunder-shocking Realm. The latter was also the secret chess that they planted in the village to accompany the Young Master. But right now this person’s face was completely pale, and there was only desperation in his eyes.

They all knew what Young Master meant to their organization. He was His Highness’s son with strong potential. He didn’t have those fancy things like Wind and Thunder Veins, Heavenly King Heart or Exquisite Bone, but he had fantastic combat capability. As a superior of the Thunder-shocking Realm in his teens, if given enough time, when he reached his thirties, he would immediately enter the Invincible Realm!

This was the real Heavenly Son, who was bound to take over the Dark World.

Such a young man, who was considered as the biggest hope in the future by His Highness and the organization, was killed. These guardians were fully responsible.

“Who did this?”

The mysterious Highness standing in front of his son’s remains finally said something. They were simple words, and his voice still sounded calm, without any other emotion.

The extreme calmness could be complete madness!

It became silent.

No one could answer this question.

After a long while, Daybreak let out a bitter laugh and said, “We don’t even have suspects.”

“It might be the dark superpowers that got into Changdao recently… and Zhongzhou State.”

The superior who was grabbed by Daybreak said with fierce eyes.

Daybreak took a cold glance at him and didn’t care to say anything. The Young Master was secretly taught by His Highness since he was young. After he was sent to this village, Daybreak, Dawn, Phoenix and other people would come to visit and teach him once in a while. No one knew how scary the Young Master could be better than they did.

A seventeen-year-old superior of the Thunder-shocking Realm represented not only his scary, desperate potential but also his wild, crazy combat capability!

Many people thought that Daybreak was the most powerful in the organization besides His Highness. This could be correct. But Daybreak could be sure that if he and the Young Master had a fight, he could cause serious injury on the Young Master, but he wouldn’t survive.

Even if he and Dawn teamed up together, there would be nothing they could do if the Young Master decided to run away.

In other words, in the whole Dark World, under the Invincible Realm, no one could kill the Young Master.

In this situation, the Young Master was treated like this… Which superior of the Invincible Realm did this?

Even if Shinichi Miyamoto did this himself, he could not have done this without anyone noticing.

The mysterious Highness slowly squatted down and picked up his son’s hand. His eyes looked complicated and sad.

He put the hand close to his mouth and gave it a kiss, then said blandly, “Investigate. Find out all the superiors that got into Ninghu in the past week. Everyone above the Fire-flaming Realm needs to be checked. Phoenix, you are in charge of this, and you don’t have to go to Changdao now.”

Phoenix froze, then nodded and said, “Yes.”

The man stayed quiet for a while, then carefully collected all the ashes, bone pieces, and flesh on the sand.

His face looked calm, but his fingers were shaking uncontrollably.

The killer crushed his son’s bones and scattered his son’s ashes!

With these crushed bones and flesh, he felt heartache, and the murderer’s hatred and resentment toward him and everyone in his organization.

Who the hell was it that had such a deep grudge against him?

And this person was resourceful enough to find his son?

The man moved in slow motion and collected all the remains into a jar bit by bit. He held the jar for a long time, then sighed slightly and mumbled to himself. “I had been bearing for years, and for what?”

Daybreak’s and Dawn’s faces twitched at the same time.

Young Master’s death was more than His Highness losing his son. The organization’s plan of years came to a sad end because of this murder. People outside the situation wouldn’t understand how brutal this saber strike was.

“I’ll send Dawn to accompany you home.”

The man stroked the jar in his hands, finally handed the cinerary jar to Dawn, and said blandly, “Please take Huawu home when the thing in Changdao is finished.”

Kudou Huawu.

Kudou was naturally a fake last name.

But Huawu was his real name.

Dawn took the jar with shaking hands, and tears kept streaming down his face.

He knew what going home meant; the Young Master’s real home wasn’t East Island.

But if it wasn’t East Island, where else could it be?


Dawn answered with his raspy voice. His voice was mournful like that of a ghost.

“We have to change the plan for Changdao.”

The man closed his eyes and opened them after a while. His voice had become cold and bland again. “It was supposed to… ha…”

He stopped for a second, shook his head in a self-mocking way, and continued to say, “Use our full strength to protect Li Tianlan, whatever it takes.”


Daybreak and Dawn answered at the same time.

The man slowly walked outside the yard. There were still a lot of villagers outside the yard. When they saw that he was about to step out but didn’t have any movement, they automatically made way for him.

The man walked peacefully, and his steps were slow but heavy.

The whole village seemed to be shaking under his feet.

“You tell me, who could it be?”

He walked slowly and suddenly asked.

“I don’t know.”

Daybreak shook his head.

Even inside the organization, the Young Master’s identity was top secret. In a normal situation, no matter how resourceful the murderer was, he couldn’t have found this place.

“But their source of intelligence is clearly defective.”

Dawn said slowly with the jar in his arms, “They found the Young Master, but they didn’t find…”

“Shut up!”

Before he could finish his words, Daybreak interrupted him harshly with a ferocious stare.

The man in front didn’t say a word. He walked through the alley very slowly and walked out of the village in the rain.



Behind the man, the harsh, thunderous sound suddenly rang out at the moment the man walked out of the village.

The loud sound suddenly appeared and suddenly disappeared.

Above the village, the air in the area of hundreds of meters suddenly twisted violently. In the twisted air, the clouds above seemed to be forcefully torn apart. The air kept squeezing and vibrating until it was crushed into pieces. The shattered space kept reflecting the light, and the reflected light became colorful.

The man had walked out of the village.

Under his feet, the space that had been crushed and twisted to extreme instantly lit up.

There seemed to be a rainbow shooting from the edge of the village to the sky.

The light was bright and cold.

In the silence, the whole village was torn and crushed. All the houses, all the villagers were wiped out by the great, magical force, and everything disappeared.

The rain was still falling.

The man kept walking forward.

From beginning to end, He, Dawn, Daybreak, or Phoenix, none of them had turned around.

All flesh and blood, houses and buildings disappeared behind them. Everything faded away and turned into mud in the rain.

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