The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 210 - Day Three · Ambush

Chapter 210 Day Three · Ambush

Unprecedented unique technique and extremely raging power.

The lightning made by the All-embracing Collection surged in the night. It contained the killing intent and madness that could destroy everything.

It moved forward in a formidable way.

The wind wall that the Big Dipper condensed in an instant with his full strength was completely torn apart immediately. Not only him, but even the other six Thunder-shocking Realm masters who were slightly behind him were sent flying at the same time under the overwhelming lightning. Under the night sky, except for the lightning, only the almost deafening thunder echoed like crazy.

Lightning destroyed everything, and the world shuddered under the killing intent. A faint scream sounded and was then drowned out by the hysterical thunder. The Big Dipper was the first to charge, but also the fastest to retreat. However, other people were clearly not so lucky, because the six Thunder-shocking Realm experts froze. The one who withdrew a little slower was swept directly in by the flood of lightning. No sooner had he uttered the scream than his body had crumbled in the lightning, along with the trees and the dust.

The other six, including the Big Dipper, were terror-stricken. They withdrew without receiving any order. As they retreated, six wind walls of varying sizes had sprung up in the air. The fierce wind roared, but the airflow was directly crushed by the concentrated lightning before it could spread.

The air seemed to have disappeared. An infinite amount of lightning gathered, like a light curtain, a torrent, and a sea, undulating impressively. Furthermore, the place it went instantly became a pseudo domain. Six wind walls were thoroughly torn apart one after another immediately. The lightning then covered everything in front. The joint attack made by Deep Dream and Sunset Shadow had the power that was infinitely close to the real Invincible Realm!

This attack injured the Big Dipper severely, but the two also paid a heavy price. The overwhelming power surged from the inside out. How much damage they did meant how much force they bore. The desperate blow was indeed earthshaking. In the blink of an eye, Li Tianlan felt that the strength of Sunset Shadow and Deep Dream fell directly from the peak of the Thunder-shocking Realm to the Fire-flaming Realm, and their breath was unprecedentedly weak.

The lightning moved all the way forward. Deep Dream and Sunset Shadow, whose faces were pale, almost without any redness of the skin, dragged Li Tianlan out of the forest through another direction without hesitation.

The roaring lightning galloped hundreds of meters through the forest in the blink of an eye. Both the vegetation and troops in an ambush in the forest were all turned into ashes in an instant.

The Big Dipper, who was badly injured before he attacked, looked ferocious. He was encircled by killing intent and in a rage.

The lightning all over the sky finally stopped moving.

But the final battle had officially begun at this moment!

“I’ll go after them.”

In the mountain forest that suddenly fell silent, a thin man beside the Big Dipper spoke. Like a gust of wind, he immediately rushed toward the direction that Li Tianlan and his companions took to retreat.

Codenamed Wind Ghost, he was one of the advisors of Jifeng Sword-reining School. His strength was far inferior to that of the Big Dipper, but his speed was second to none in Jifeng Sword-reining School. He was one of the fastest men even among all the experts at the peak of the Thunder-shocking Realm.

The Big Dipper was in a mess, and his samurai uniform was almost torn to shreds. The moment he took a step forward, his face went red.


A mouthful of blood directly gushed from his mouth, and his strong aura suddenly began to decline.

It was the worst internal injury he had suffered ever since he wandered in the Dark World. Moreover, it happened in his territory.

Intense bitterness and anger contorted his chubby, rounded face. He gave a violent roar and followed Wind Ghost, regardless of his injury.

The other four followed the Big Dipper without hesitation.

The seven Thunder-shocking Realm experts all came from Jifeng Sword-reining School. Except for the Big Dipper and Wind Ghost, the others didn’t reach the peak of the Thunder-shocking Realm, but they were genuine masters. The seven people now arrived at Changdao, representing most of the high-end combat strength of Jifeng Sword-reining School. Now, one of their men had died before the two sides had been formally engaged, and all the others were wounded, more or less. That situation was nothing short of humiliating. And the feeling they had was not so much as anger but as utter hatred. When the lightning disappeared, everyone was entirely desperate to chase Deep Dream and Sunset Shadow, thirsting for peeling off their skins and pulling out their tendons.

As a result, their speed of pursuit inevitably varied because their strength was different, and the original neat formation was suddenly pulled apart. Although they noticed this situation, no one cared. Deep Dream and Sunset Shadow were severely injured after all. For them, the trickiest part of the five-person team was Li Tianlan, who was known as a young Heavenly Son in Zhongzhou State. And he was the most important goal of their trip here too. They had nothing to fear except for him.

But even so, Wind Ghost and the Big Dipper were still extremely cautious. After going after Li Tianlan for eight hundred meters but finding no trace of him, Wind Ghost deliberately slowed down. After a while, the Big Dipper approached. And a few seconds later, the other four experts of the Thunder-shocking Realm also appeared in a place where they could offer support to the two. The six of them advanced together at a safe distance. Outside the forest, a large number of elites were all gathered together and began to search the forest.

The intense fighting was often followed by an oppressive silence.

The periphery of the forest had lights everywhere and was noisy. However, deathly stillness reigned the route that Li Tianlan and the others took to retreat. Only the rustling footsteps of the Big Dipper and Wind Ghost were echoing in the forest.

“They can’t run far!”

The Big Dipper spoke in a cold tone. “Deep Dream and Sunset Shadow are already seriously injured. No matter how swift Li Tianlan is, he’s unable to run here together with four people without being discovered. We must have found the wrong spot.”

“There are no traces of them changing direction. In this situation, they don’t have time to do many things.”

Wind Ghost was foremost among the seven of them. He glanced around, shook his head, and said in a hoarse voice, “I suggest we continue to chase.”

“Does it make sense?”

The Big Dipper asked and continued insipidly, “The joint attack of Deep Dream and Sunset Shadow has the power that is infinitely close to the Invincible Realm. It hurt me, but they were no better. The time we wasted is no more than ten seconds. During this time, they could rush out at most one or two hundred meters. With your speed, you can track them after chasing them for five hundred meters. Now…”

He hadn’t finished speaking, but what he meant was perfectly clear.

“There’s no way they can escape by changing direction without leaving a flaw. But I followed them all the way and found nothing.”

Wind Ghost shook his head and said, “If they hadn’t changed direction and hadn’t followed this path…”

He stopped speaking abruptly. A conjecture that struck him as absurd suddenly occurred to him.

The Big Dipper and Wind Ghost glanced at each other.


Suddenly, a light noise rang out twenty or thirty meters right in front of them, but to them, it resembled thunder.

“Watch out!”

The two turned at the same time and rushed to the four Thunder-shocking Realm masters behind them.

If they hadn’t changed direction and hadn’t followed this path to escape, the only thing that was possible was that they weren’t going to run at all.


Would Deep Dream and Sunset Shadow bring a significant young Heavenly Son with them to ambush and kill them when their fighting strength was seriously inadequate and the strongest two were seriously wounded?

Both the Big Dipper and Wind Ghost thought it was impossible for the other party to conduct this act of courting death, but now it seemed most probable.

Therefore, they turned around at the same time, trying to gather with their own people immediately.

The forest was silent.

The Big Dipper, who had already turned around, suddenly felt relieved. His biggest concern was to encounter the assassinations from Deep Dream and Sunset Shadow before they were well prepared. Now the four behind him were in good condition, and he had already given a warning. Furthermore, the three sides were at a safe distance. It would only take a few seconds for the six of them to fully assemble.

But the moment the Big Dipper felt relieved, the killing intent, which was cold but had condensed into a thread, silently appeared abruptly.

Deep Dream!

Sunset Shadow!

Two ludicrously tiny flashes of lightning lit up in front of them in tandem. One bolt of lightning was going to pierce the chest of the Big Dipper, while the other was going to penetrate the back side of his head.

The two bolts of tiny, dark lightning moved extremely fast, intertwining and spreading through the gloomy night. The figures of Sunset Shadow and Deep Dream almost approached the Big Dipper in an instant.

A horrendous accident occurred all of a sudden.

The killing intent, which had been brewing and repressing to the extreme, suddenly burst forth in the wildest way.

It was an assassination but also a fight at the risk of their lives.

Because this ambush left them no way out.

The moment two sharp daggers shone like two flashes of light, the glaring edges had approached the Big Dipper’s chest and back respectively together with the dim lightning.

At the crucial moment of life and death, the Big Dipper gave a sudden roar and was encircled by lightning from head to toe. As the dazzling light met with the two tiny and dim flashes of light made by Deep Dream and Sunset Shadow, the dark forest suddenly became as bright as day. The light and killing intent rose to the sky.

The resolution of Sunset Shadow and the elegance of Deep Dream were drowned in the dazzling light and fierce killing intent and then vanished completely.

The Big Dipper had miscalculated one thing after all.

Or rather, the seven Thunder-shocking Realm experts all had miscalculated one thing; they seriously underestimated the combat strength of Dongcheng Rushi and Du Hanyin.

As a genius from Jade Pool, Dongcheng Rushi was a 19-year-old master at the peak of the Fire-flaming Realm. She was someone that on one could ignore on this battlefield. Before the battle in Kyoto, she fled with Li Baitian, Ning Qiancheng, and others and ever took action. Even if she wanted to pull out the sword at the critical moment, the sword was pressed back by a mysterious master.

East Island may know her name, but they knew very little about her data and combat strength. Let alone East Island, even Zhongzhou State was unfamiliar with this mysterious genius who had been wandering between the Dongcheng Clan and Jade Pool since her childhood.

Du Hanyin was also unfamous.

The Wind Vein in her body mutated. After she arrived in East Island, her strength returned to the Fire-flaming Realm. A few days ago, she broke through to the stabilization phase of the Fire-flaming Realm and became a new expert at the peak of the Fire-flaming Realm. She was also a genius with great development potential. But with the fall of the Du family, her talent was destroyed before she had time to grow up. She rose again after years of silence. East Island naturally had no information about her.

However, both the combat strength of her and of Dongcheng Rushi was undoubtedly great.

The Big Dipper and Wind Ghost took it for granted that they were of ordinary strength. In their presupposition, since it was an ambush, Li Tianlan’s five-person team was most likely to kill the four relatively weak Thunder-shocking Realm experts behind them.

After killing the four, they would join forces to fight desperately with them.

That was the soundest guess, but it was also the wrongest one.

In a genuinely high-end decisive battle, one wrong move meant a dead end.

At this moment, the severely injured Deep Dream and Sunset Shadow burst forth their full strength to assassinate the Big Dipper.

Nevertheless, two experts at the peak of the Fire-flaming Realm were ambushing four Thunder-shocking Realm experts. How ridiculous it was!

Li Tianlan alone ambushed Wind Ghost, who was a superior among the experts at the peak of the Thunder-shocking Realm.

That was the Dark World.

No one could or dared to relax when they were involved in the general trend. The previous moment of calmness always seemed to be brewing the next second of danger.

Crisis, blood, life-and-death battle, and dilemma were eternal themes.

Who could relax? Who could be fully at ease?

Dongcheng Rushi and Du Hanyin couldn’t, Deep Dream, Sunset Shadow, and the Big Dipper couldn’t, and the four Thunder-shocking Realm experts couldn’t either. The same was true for Li Tianlan and Wind Ghost.

If they relaxed, they may end up dead.

Wind Ghost turned and abruptly withdrew the step he had taken.

The moment Sunset Shadow and Deep Dream jumped, Li Tianlan appeared before him.

Black clothes, a silver sword, and an immense amount of killing intent!

Three shadows, together with Li Tianlan himself, trapped Wind Ghost in the center.

They had exactly the same postures and killing intent.

The Shadow Formula.

The Fourteen Blade · Slaughter!

Someone from the Li family had killed an Invincible Realm expert using this move. Li Tianlan once used it to kill a prince of East Island. Today, this move could also kill an expert at the peak of the Thunder-shocking Realm.

In front of the sword intent of Jifeng Sword-reining School, which was known as swift and fierce, the sword light and sword intent of the Li family were still glorious.

Three shadows and Li Tianlan himself all appeared in front of Wind Ghost.

Li Tianlan could only advance!

The hideous incident just happened, but every corner of the forest was filled with killing intent.

A desperate fight took place in a hurry.

No stalemate. Only the most extreme outbreak of power.

A moment later.

When the sword light faded away and the lightning no longer shone.

Was it a blind alley or a route of retreat waiting for him?

Li Tianlan did not want to think about that. He could only go forward, not backward.

There was no way back for him.

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