The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 209 - Day Three · All-Embracing Collection

Chapter 209 Day Three · All-Embracing Collection

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven…

Under the gloomy night, one figure after another broke through the darkness and gradually became clear in front of Li Tianlan.

The seven figures were all dressed in black tight samurai uniforms, with swords hanging from their waists. They dressed and acted in perfect unison.

Within a space of hundreds of meters, the killing intent suddenly rose. Before the two sides could fight each other, the air in the nearby forest began to twist and shake. As their eyes met, everything they saw became blurry and yet clear.

Seven superiors of the Thunder-shocking Realm.

Li Tianlan’s heart sank. Deep Dream and Sunset Shadow felt the same way, too.

In today’s situation in the Dark World, no matter on what battlefield, any Thunder-shocking Realm master was arguably an absolute high-end force, while the Half-step Invincible Realm masters were deterrent killers.

As for the masters of the Invincible Realm, there must be many inside stories behind them. It was no exaggeration to say that a considerable portion of the interests of the Dark World was concentrated in the hands of these Invincible Realm experts. They were the real big shots which were related to the destiny of the nation and the fate of their families, and they held each other back. This kind of person would only take action when the chips were down.

In most cases, the number of Thunder-shocking Realm masters of various forces directly determined whether a force was strong or not. It was precisely because of this that Samsara Palace could maintain its breathtaking spirit on many occasions. The 12 Super Masters of Samsara, at worst, were superiors among experts at the peak of the Thunder-shocking Realm. In the whole Dark World, only a few power groups such as the Wang family of Beihai and the Vatican could have so many such experts. It might not be hard for other forces to gather 12 experts of the Thunder-shocking Realm, but it was a pipe dream for them to possess 12 experts at the peak of the Thunder-shocking Realm.

“The Big Dipper. Wind Ghost.”

Deep Dream finally saw the faces of the seven masters. Her expression suddenly changed, and her tone seemed to be somewhat bitter.

Sunset Shadow looked grave and slowly stepped back.

As he stepped back, Li Tianlan, Dongcheng Rushi, and Du Hanyin followed suit.

Only Deep Dream moved forward.

In just a few seconds, the five had changed their formations.

Deep Dream and Sunset Shadow were in the front, Li Tianlan was in the middle, and Dongcheng Rushi, as well as Du Hanyin, were in the rear.

The two top assassins from Sigh City looked at each other. The seriousness and gravity in their eyes had vanished, leaving only the determination.

“It has been a while since we last met.”

The seven Thunder-shocking Realm experts moved unhurriedly toward them, but the murderous intent in the air was almost like something substantial. A trace of astonishment flashed through his eyes as the man walking in front cast a glance at Deep Dream and Sunset Shadow respectively, but it was soon replaced by relentless killing intent.

This was a man in his forties. He was not so fat, but because he was relatively short, he looked a little bloated. He was supposed to be a person who seemed very amiable, but at this moment, there was something of ferocity and fury of a beast about him. He spoke Chinese very fluently with perfect pronunciation. “I thought the so-called surprise would be an important figure from the Wang family of Beihai, but I didn’t expect it to be someone from Sigh City. But it’s ok, no, it’s very good.”


Deep Dream and Sunset Shadow spoke in unison. The so-called surprise naturally could only be given by others. There was so much in this word. But the two couldn’t guess who the hell gave the Big Dipper such a surprise.

The first vice leader of Jifeng Sword-reining School, with the codename “Big Dipper” was a master of the Half-step Invincible Realm and was by no means ordinary.

Tianhai Wuji in Wuji Palace was arguably the best in Martial Arts throughout East Island, but the Big Dipper was regarded as the best except for the several Invincible Realm grandmasters in East Island. He was one of the East Island’s most active people in the outside world in recent years and had been famous for many years. This period was his heyday.

Six years ago, in Dongdu, he fought Firmament from the Wang family of Beihai and ended in a tie.

Four years ago, he severely injured Drifting Cloud, one of the two top assassins in Sigh City, at the border of Zhongzhou State.

Four years ago, he encountered Tribulation in Snow Country and escaped unscathed.

Two years ago, in Wellington, he successfully attacked General, the third Super Master of Samsara Palace.

One year ago, Deep Dream and Sunset Shadow met the Big Dipper in Delin in Europe. The two joined forces and managed to repulse him.

The Big Dipper’s military exploits were enough to prove that he was a super master who could be mentioned in the same breath as Tribulation, Saint, and Firmament. Given his identity, he shouldn’t have shown up in haste if it wasn’t for receiving the so-called surprise. He shouldn’t even be in this village.

Who the hell gave him today’s surprise?

There was a flash of deep thought in the eyes of Deep Dream and Sunset Shadow. The Big Dipper’s surprise was undoubtedly their doom. Was it a mole around them or an unknown foreign enemy who sent this “surprise” to the Big Dipper?

“Surprise, of course.”

The Big Dipper smiled in an unpeaceful way and looked more ferocious. Skipping Deep Dream and Sunset Shadow, he directly laid his eyes on Li Tianlan. “This young man is the biggest surprise.”

The expressions of Deep Dream and Sunset Shadow changed drastically.

The Big Dipper had reached out and pointed directly at Li Tianlan. “Catch this young man.”

His voice was low, but his eyes were full of strange heat. He said word by word, “At all costs!”

His outstretched hand made a sharp downward motion.


In the fierce roar, the air, which had been twisted to the extreme in front of the Big Dipper, suddenly exploded.

The fierce wind was blowing.

The blue glare of the lightning instantly spread with the wind. The Big Dipper had covered a distance of tens of meters at one step, moving toward Li Tianlan, before the shadow of his hand disappeared.

He really could not wait any longer!


The moment the Big Dipper got close, Deep Dream and Sunset Shadow, who had adjusted themselves to the peak, took one step forward and unleashed their full strength without hesitation.

They had no extra time to adjust themselves or to test the enemies. They were almost desperate today since they were trapped here. Jifeng Sword-reining School was stationed in this village and had a steady flow of reinforcements. However, they were isolated and weak. The more they procrastinated, the worse it was for them. They must get out of here as soon as possible!

Even the Big Dipper, who had an advantage, would pay any price to get his target. They had no way out.

And so…

Final hit!

The battle had just begun, but Deep Dream and Sunset Shadow had already used their strongest strength and the most powerful unique techniques at all costs.

An immense amount of power ran from inside their bodies to the outside. Wisps of dim blue lightning formed a light curtain in the blink of an eye in the gale made by the Big Dipper.

The Big Dipper was approaching.

The fierce wind whistled and surged with the lightning.

Deep Dream and Sunset Shadow moved forward together. The light curtain heaved up and down. In the twisted air, the lightning flashed like a tide.

In an instant, the Big Dipper, who approached them first, felt great danger.

Sunset Shadow and Deep Dream had been completely circled by the lightning and shadows. In the lightning and shadows, the Big Dipper didn’t seem to see either of them pull out any weapons.

Their hands moved at the same time, and they seemed to… make a handprint?!

They had different fingers with completely complementary aura.

This was a handprint that had never appeared in the Dark World. It was strange and unfathomable.

The facial expression of the Big Dipper changed greatly.

He had encountered Deep Dream and Sunset Shadow in Europe, and he had fought them. At that time, although the two repulsed him, he thought that if he did his best, they were no match for him. But back then, he didn’t see such a complicated handprint on both of them.

One second? Or two seconds?

The lightning on Deep Dream and Sunset Shadow was getting more and more dazzling. The handprint with myriads of changes became the same in an instant.

There was only killing intent between heaven and earth.

It was like the purest will, cold, silent, violent, and determined.

All things in the world had become killing intent.

This move was named the All-embracing Collection!

This was a unique technique of Situ Cangyue, the Hidden God of Zhongzhou State, but it had never shown up. It was not so much a whole technique, but rather a half, because the person who imparted it to Situ Cangyue just created a half. However, the remaining half was completely complemented by Situ Cangyue according to the will of martial arts of that technique.

Deep Dream and Sunset Shadow vaguely knew the story behind this technique and could even guess who was the one who imparted it to Situ Cangyue, because they could clearly perceive the sorrow, pain, and love in the eyes of Situ Cangyue when she imparted it to them.

She once said that the talented and promising figure had wanted to create a handprint that could be on a par with his family’s swordsmanship, a handprint that could cap the Buddhist Incantation of Nine Words of Great Soaring Temple, a handprint that could make him enter the Invincible Realm and even break through the Invincible Realm.

He attempted to surpass his ancestors and to be genuinely invincible, trying to look disdainfully at everyone in this world out of the corner of his eye.

Unexpectedly, he died at the border after he had only created half of the handprint.

Over the years, Situ Cangyue had devoted herself to this unique technique. Based on the All-embracing Collection, she kept learning more through trial and error.

Even the Buddhist Incantation of Nine Words of Tribulation was greatly affected by this. Perhaps Tribulation was not so talented as that great figure, but he had always regarded the will of that figure as his, trying to make his Buddhist Incantation of Nine Words surpass that of the Great Soaring Temple.

Who could have such an influence on Situ Cangyue and Tribulation?

Li Kuangtu!

Only him.

At least half of the All-embracing Collection belonged to the Li family.

The strongest sword intent was also the strongest handprint.

The intricate handprint finally turned into a whole.

For a moment, the whole forest was full of light. Surging killing intent moved along with heaven and earth, filling up every corner of the forest in an overwhelming way. The inexhaustible lightning shot out as if it were a tidal surge, splitting the heaven and cracking the earth!

Within a radius of hundreds of meters, the earth under the handprint was scorched.

Sunset Shadow and Deep Dream were pale, and blood was gushing from their mouths, but their eyes were still indifferent. They changed their gestures again.

The second half of the All-embracing Collection.

The endless light suddenly began to gather like crazy, and the light curtain contracted. Strangely, they were making a joint attack, but all the light was turned into an unimaginably colossal thunderbolt.

This was far more than a thunderbolt!

The place covered by the light was simply a world.

The thunderbolt surged with mighty power.

The Big Dipper’s face changed dramatically, and he tried his best.

His long sword was unsheathed, but he didn’t attack.

The shiny sword tip swept over the forest. The wind whistled in the forest, and the air was instantly twisted.

A flash of lightning appeared out of nowhere, and a gaseous wall that was condensed to the extreme appeared instantly.

A fierce wind was raging around the wall. The wall extended for hundreds of meters in the blink of an eye, blocking everything.

This was the most potent unique technique which was focused on defense in Jifeng Sword-reining School.

The Wall of Strong Wind!


Vast as a world and like a torrent, the thunderbolt hit the wind wall hard in front.

In just one second.

Yet it seemed that a long time had passed.

The sky-high wall in front was blasted, and the distorted air flows shot widely in all directions. The violent thunderbolt completely covered the Big Dipper and the six Thunder-shocking Realm masters behind him in an instant.

The bodies of Deep Dream and Sunset Shadow lurched forward violently. The two grabbed Tianlan, who was ready to take action, at the same time, and shouted in a low voice, “Young Master, go!”

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