The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 338 Give It To Me!

Slowly flashing, Nangong Yu’s, figure was like a fantasy, arriving to stand beside Hexi. He extended his hand out to take Hexi’s hand, drawing her closer to his chest.

His cold gaze stared towards the nearby Feng Yunjing, saying, “Feng Yunjing, don’t let me remind you a third time. Xi’er is mine, don’t try and lay a hand on her again or don’t blame me for not being polite!”

Feng Yunjing’s face didn’t hold a lot of anger, but it did have coldness and disdain. “Nangong Yu, even though your Hell King Manor’s reputation is considered impressive, but my Feng family’s prestige is impressive too. Good poultry chooses wood. [1] I trust that Genius Doctor Xi knows which option is the best one to choose.”

The burst of electricity, although short, was able to attract everybody’s attention.

At this moment, just as Feng Yunjing said these words, everybody turned pale with fright. Looking southward, Nangong Yu waited and watched as the absent-mindedness in everyone’s eyes turned to restrained fear and respect.

Hell King– –! This is the famously brilliant His Highness Hell King, ah!

At the mere age of fifteen, he was able to become a Gold Core and become Mi Luo Continent’s number one genius!

Using his own strength he was able single-handedly to fight against the Magical Beasts beasts’ troops. He was able to save Jin Ling country from downfall, that His Highness Hell King!

Not only that, he is also cruel and cold blooded. With his Xuan Yuan sword, he slaughtered thousands of lives, completely dyeing the soil on Gui Jin mountain range red– – He is the Lord of the Netherworld!

Feng Yunjing seemed to have not saw everyone’s shocked expressions. Looking at Nangong Yu with a sneer, he slowly said, “Not to mention, you are the famous His Highness Hell King. With your prestige, you could get any beautiful girl you wanted. Why are you so stingy, holding onto a girl who’s merely at Foundation Establishment stage?”

“How about this, you give Xi Yue to me. I promise that later on, one-tenth of the medicinal pills Feng family produces each year, we’ll gift to you. How’s that?

Everyone, having heard this, all let simultaneously let out a sigh of relief.

This was Feng family’s yearly production of medicinal pills. Saying these pills are priceless still wouldn’t be considered too much.

Who didn’t know that Feng family had a Grand Master Level refining pharmacist? In the entirety of Mi Luo Continent, the amount of Grand Master Level refining pharmacists were like feathers of a phoenix. [2] Each year, only 12 medicinal pills were produced and sold. Each of these medicinal pills were priceless and couldn’t be bought with money.

Everyone couldn’t help but look towards Hell King. In their minds, although the Foundation Establishment stage youngster was a natural talent and had some skills… How could she compare to Feng family’s medicinal pills? They thought, as long as Hell King’s brain hadn’t malfunctioned, he wouldn’t refuse.

However, Nangong Yu’s expression was extremely chilly. He seemed extremely angry, comparable to a gunpowder barrel which was ready to burst at any given time.

He looked coldly at Feng Yunjing, slowly raising the black sword he was holding in his hand. The sword’s killing intent sent a shiver up everyone’s spines. “Feng Yunjing, if you wish to court death, then I don’t mind helping you!”

Feng Yunjing narrowed his eyes and swept them over Nangong Yu and Hexi. Faintly smiling, he said, “This was merely a suggestion. Nangong, even if you don’t agree, you don’t have to get so angry.”

“You can go back and think this over. The promises I made today are forever valid. If you change your mind, you can find me at any time.

Finished speaking, he looked towards Hexi and the blazing light in his eyes flashed away. “Xi Yue, Feng family’s doors are always open for you. You can also come find me at any time.”

Finished speaking, he threw out a dark red wooden tablet before turning around to leave without stopping.

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[1] Good poultry chooses wood – Has a similar idea to “a talented person chooses a patron of integrity” or “a fine bird chooses the best tree to nest in”

[2] feathers of a phoenix – Metaphor for precious and rare things

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