The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 337 It’s Better To Go Back With Me

If she wasn’t the Thousand Poison Valley’s Master’s favorite disciple, then he would’ve long tossed aside this woman who lost face for Feng family! As expected, children of concubines really didn’t deserve to be in the public view!

Feng Yunjing lightly swung his arms and lowly spoke to a trusted confidant on the side, “Looks like this grassland doesn’t have the stuff we need. Prepare to leave here immediately.”

“Yes, Young Master!” The trusted confidant answered, bowing. However, looking to the side at the Liu Li sect disciples who had been knocked unconscious by the Intoxicated Blood poison, he couldn’t help but ask, “Young Master, what do we do with these two people?”

Originally the Liu Li sect disciples stayed far away and nobody got infected. But unfortunately, Feng Lian Ying allowed Shangguan Rui to take the Five Elements Blood Coagulation Pill. As a result, Shangguan Rui exploded in front of everyone and two of Liu Li sect’s disciples who were caught off guard were touched by a little bit of the pus. Sure enough, they got infected as well.

Feng Yunjin’s eyes were ice cold, lacking any emotions, “Leave them here to die on their own.” Suddenly his heart moved, he consciously checked, looking towards his treasured Hexi.

The youth was like a painting, the skin was the color of snow, their eyes were full of bright stars. The bright red lips were lifted on either corner. The youth had unparalleled seductiveness.

As Feng Yunjin’s eyes looked on, he suddenly turned to walk towards the youth.

Right at this moment, Hexi was also checking over the treasure Wu Yu and Gu Liufeng were handing over. Every speck was the same, her heart blossomed with joy.

These indeed were Level 5 Magical Beast Inner Pills. Previously, she worked extremely hard but was only able to obtain two of these. This time, she’s able to replenish Dan Dan and the Little Golden Dragon again.

Furthermore, one dozen Level 4 books which could be used to save the lives of groups people. Really couldn’t be better!

Unexpectedly, there was also a flying skill book which was able to increase speed. Clicking her tongue, there definitely wasn’t a price for this on the market.

While Hexi’s faced remained calm and collected on the outside, she had long gotten extremely excited in her heart over the prospect of earning money.

Taking the next box, Hexi was just about to open it when suddenly she felt her eyes darken and she was enveloped in a shadow.

Very quickly, she heard Feng Yunjing’s icy voice, “Hexi, two of my Liu Li sect’s discples were infected with Intoxicated Blood Poison.”

“So?” Hexi raised her head up, looking at him and coldly asked.

Standing very close, Feng Yunjing could take the youth…… Or he ought to say the young girl’s clear and neat face was pleasing to the eyes. He couldn’t help but smile deviously, “It would be better to go back with me. If you’re able to treat my subordinates, your ability could also be used by my Feng family.

Saying this, Feng Yunjing slowly stooped down. His hot breath came out as he controlled the desire to slowly spit in Hexi’s face. “You can rest assured, I won’t treat you unfairly. Whatever Nangong Yu gives you, I can also give. Furthermore, I can give even more. How about it?”

Hexi who had been sluggish for half the day suddenly reacted as if she heard a joke, rubbing her ears.

“Excuse me?! This Feng Yunjing and Feng Lian Ying just a moment ago wanted to join together and kill her. Suddenly, he now wante her to come back with him to Feng family and still asks her how about it?

Is this person experiencing a mental breakdown? Or has their brain short-circuited?

But before Hexi could say anything, a pair of black shadows wielding swords came down from the sky, ruthlessly chopping towards Feng Yunjing with killing intent.

Feng Yunjing already had his guard up and began rapidly retreating. But he also sacrificed his magic weapon before he was able to even consider avoiding two, who seemed to attack with the intent to destroy the earth.

Boom! The earth shook as lightning came down.

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