The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 326 – Believe In Him To The End

Chapter 326 – Believe In Him To The End

For a moment, only Gu Yidao’s ear-piercing screams could be heard throughout the medicinal field, drowning out the cries of the other infected people.

Everyone was silent while they looked at Gu Yidao’s miserable appearance. Their faces were covered in horror and sympathy.

Then, such silence was only momentary, as soon the medicinal field broke out into even more emotional discussions than before.

“It’s awful! Fortunately, it’s not that brat that’ll treat us but Ice Lotus Fairy. Otherwise, we’ll end up like that too!”

“Yeah, he obviously could’ve been saved before, but now…his life…”

“Who told Young Master Gu to not in believe Ice Lotus Fairy, but to believe in that kid who has yet to mature? I wonder if he’s happy now that his Uncle has been killed!”

“A quack! He’s a quack that harms people!”

The anger from those watching was like a tide that rose and fell in continuous succession, and as it mixed with Gu Yidao’s pained howls, it caused Gu Liufeng’s hands to clench into tight fists at his sides.

He couldn’t bear to watch his Uncle suffer through such torment, but reason told him to trust Xi Yue. Since he’d promised to believe in him, he must believe in him to the end.

Gu Liufeng closed his eyes. His complexion deathly pale as his body trembled slightly.

The one person in the medicinal field that wasn’t affected by the screaming was probably only Hexi.

Her expression was calm as she asked Nangong Yu for a length of Heaven Silk, and then used it to tie Gu Yidao up to prevent him from further struggling.

Then, she took out her Silver Needles and crouching down, popped the black blood blisters on Gu Yidao’s body one by one.

The black liquid slowly seeped out of the popped blood blisters, emitting a stench that could make anyone feel nauseous.

And as it flowed out of the wounds, it resulted in Hexi’s fingertips becoming slightly stained.

Yet, it was precisely that pus that could infect people!

However, Hexi’s expression didn’t change at all. Using water spiritual power, she focused it into a fine spray that landed on Gu Yidao’s body, washing clean all of the wounds.

After all the wounds had been cleaned, Gu Yidao slipped into a coma. Yet even unconscious, he still released pained groans.

Hexi looked at Gu Liufeng and indifferently said, “It’s done. I predict that he’ll be fine after half an hour.”

Gu Liufeng was startled at first, before his expression immediately turned into one of excitement. His feet staggered due to having been standing so rigidly this whole time, and he almost fell to the ground.

Hexi retreated to the side, but one of her small hands was instantly captured by Nangong Yu.

Before Hexi could react, Nangong Yu grabbed her hand and gently pressed the back of it against his lips; and that was precisely the area that had been stained with Gu Yidao’s blood.

Hexi raised her eyebrows and whispered, “Didn’t you see that I was just touching pus and blood? It was contagious; aren’t you afraid that you’ll get infected?”

The expression on Nangong Yu’s face remained calm, while his eyes were gentle as he looked at her. “If Xi’er was infected, then this King would happily share the same fate as his Princess.”

“Who’s your Princess!?” Hexi unhappily retrieved her hand, but a corner of her mouth raised as she explained, “The pus in Gu Yidao’s body is no longer contagious, but you’ve already guessed that, right?”

Hearing that, Nangong Yu snorted, “If I had thought that it posed any danger to you, Xi’er, do you think that I would’ve let you save him regardless of your safety?”

Hexi didn’t speak and instead turned her head away. This guy is as overbearing as always; his desire be in control is too strong!

However, while this scene was happening around Hexi, the people on the other side who were still watching Shangguan Rui’s condition had complete faith in Feng Lian Ying.

Gu Yidao remained unconscious, with pain visible on his face. Although the blood and pus on his wounds had been cleaned up, the festering wounds still existed. Occasionally, black and yellow liquid would leak out, looking rather wretched.

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