The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 325 – Domineering Behaviour

Chapter 325 – Domineering Behaviour

Feng Lian Ying thought that her words were reasonable, refined, and full of integrity.

The martial artists nearby who were unaware of her true thoughts expressed their approval–

“Ice Lotus Fairy really is as kind-hearted as the rumours say! She’s such a compassionate person!”

“Ice Lotus Fairy must have been sent from the ninth heaven; she came to deliver us salvation!”

“That brat has no medical ethics! With the way he disregards human life, he shouldn’t be allowed to leave the medicinal field alive.”

Feng Lian Ying felt like her body was emitting a holy light, and looked down at Gu Liufeng with pity.

However, she hadn’t expected that Gu Liufeng would merely glance coldly at her, and without a trace of politeness, say, “Life and death are determined by fate, there’s no need for Ice Lotus Fairy’s concern. Not to mention, I feel nauseous just from looking at such a loathsome woman like you, who acts like a white lotus on the outside but is rotten on the inside. If I had to be saved by you, I would rather die in Little Yue’er’s hands.”

After that, he turned his head away and wholly ignored Feng Lian Ying.

Feng Lian Ying was shaking all over due to her rage. As she looked at Hexi and Gu Liufeng, her gaze filled with her desire to kill them and crush their bones into dust.

At this time, after receiving the herbs, Hexi didn’t refine them into medicine as everyone expected. Rather, after releasing a strange ball of fire spiritual power, she then began to directly roast the herbs.

As the fire spiritual power burned the three herbs, the spiritual energy within the spiritual plants began to slowly be absorbed by the fire spiritual power. With the herbs starting to melt, the originally fresh and tender herbs soon dried up to resemble stalks of grass.

“What is he doing? He’s actually sucked the spiritual energy out of the herbs. What effect will be left in the herbs if he does that?”

“He’s obviously pretending to know what he’s doing. He wanted to imitate Ice Lotus Fairy and save people, but he’s unable to refine even the most basic medicine! Now he’s lost face!”

“Even if there is a problem with the herbs in this medicinal field, doing things like this to the herbs is too wasteful!”

“That kind of person thinks he deserves to be called a doctor? How can Young Master Gu believe him?!”

Hexi turned a deaf ear to everything around her. With the help of Gu Liufeng and Wu Yu, she quickly produced a medicinal liquid.

After decocting the herbs, Hexi came to stand beside Gu Yidao. The Silver Needles in her hand flew like shadows and pierced several of Gu Yidao’s major acupuncture points.

As the Silver Needles entered Gu Yidao’s acupuncture points, spiritual power began to leak from his body. Gu Yidao’s body that had been originally weak, at this moment, due to the loss of spiritual power, weakened until the breaths leaving his mouth were like dying gasps.

Seeing his Uncle’s weak appearance, he eventually couldn’t help asking, “Xi Yue, my Uncle…can he be saved?”

Currently, Hexi was confirming whether Gu Yidao’s spiritual power was drained. Having heard what was asked, she laughed proudly and slowly said, “There is no end to the medical techniques I can use, but I don’t dare to say that I can cure all the world’s ailments. Yet, if I say that I can cure someone, then even if it’s King Yama, he won’t be taking their life.”

“And you guys…” Her gaze landed on Gu Liufeng, Wu Yu, and Qing Long. “It would be enough if all of you just shut up!”

Gu Liufeng, Wu Yu, Qing Long: “…”

Wu Yu and Qing Long: Princess is too domineering! She’s really a perfect match for Master!

Nangong Yu caressed Hexi’s hair, lightly chuckling as he said, “This King likes such domineering behaviour! She really is worthy of being the woman this King fancies!”

Hexi responded to him with two efficient words. “Get lost-!”

The perfectly concocted medicinal liquid was soon poured into Gu Yidao’s mouth, and after he drank the medicine, his expression suddenly twisted into one of extreme pain.

His body, which was already weak, suddenly twitched violently on the ground.

Gu Yidao’s skin, which was initially only slightly festering, not only didn’t heal, it instead started sprouting blackish blood blisters!

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