The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 309 – Unlimited Craziness And Greed

Chapter 309 – Unlimited Craziness And Greed

The side of the medicinal field near where everyone stood, there were rare fourth grade and fifth grade spiritual plants.

In regards to every herb, if just a single stalk was sold, the profit would easily be enough to support the entirety of a small sect. On top of that, many of the spiritual plants found here in Hundred Herb Mist were uncommon.

Hexi gazed into the distance and noticed that about a few hundred meters away, located approximately in the centre of the medicinal field, there was a hill covered with green plants.

The hill was approximately four to five meter in height, and looked neither looked special or majestic. Yet on the mountain, who knew what treasure was planted there, but it actually emitted a splendid multicoloured light.

While Hexi was studying the multicoloured lights, she smelt the scent of a rich medicinal fragrance that was faintly emitted into the air. For a moment, she felt her blood race and itched to grab every treasure in the medicinal field, stuffing them all into her bag.

However, such a burning desire lasted only a moment before she immediately became clear-headed and slightly frowned.

This medicinal field, it seemed a bit odd…

Whether it was because of the extremely expensive spiritual plants inside the medicinal field, or the intoxicating medicinal fragrance permeating the air, but the martial artists in the area seemed seriously out of sorts.

Just then, from the side, there came the sound of everyone inhaling deep breaths before the sounds of exclamation and excitement reached Hexi’s ears.

“Heavens! This is Hundred Herb Mist?! I’m not dreaming?!”

“I thought that I’d be trapped in the white fog forever and would die in there. I didn’t expect…didn’t expect to get in here! I’m so blessed that I must be going to die soon!”

“Hurry up! Quickly take everything! These medicinal herbs belong to our Xian He sect. When we bring these back with us, we’ll make a fortune, hahaha…”

Hexi turned her head and saw a group of people with their eyes blood-red; it looked like they’d lost all reason.

They were all staring at the medicinal field with fixed gazes, while their eyes were slowly becoming more bloodshot and glinted with unlimited craziness and greed.

The next moment, it was unknown who, but someone suddenly shouted, “Quickly take everything!” This group of people had actually lost their minds, and like crazy, they all rushed into the medicinal field.

Amongst these people, the aloof Third Prince; Shangguan Rui, and his bodyguards, were included.

Shangguan Rui’s cultivation base was usually not considered high, and almost all of his spiritual power had been drained away by the white fog.

But at this very moment, he looked like he was being hit by a rush of stimulants as he immediately took the lead in rushing into the medicinal field.

His hands that were pulling at the herbs were continually trembling, and his mouth kept muttering, “Jin Ling Seed, Tian Yuan Fruit! As long as I have these, I’ll be able to advance to Gold Core stage! Jin Ling Kingdom’s throne will be mine, hahaha!”

While this was happening, Shangguan Rui’s two personal bodyguards who were expert Gold Core stage martial artists were also acting crazy as they rushed into the medicinal field, incessantly picking the herbs.

The scene quickly turned into chaos as the martial artists advanced from crazily picking the herbs, to irrationally fighting over them without restraint.

Someone seized a Tian Yuan Fruit and laughed loudly, “This time I’ll be able to make a bunch of money…however, this is a Tian Yuan Fruit! A thousand-year-old Tian Yuan Fruit! If you consume just one, you can extend your life by a hundred years, hahaha…”

However, his laughter quickly cut off with a grunt.

Blood sprayed from his throat, and his body fell powerlessly to the ground, while the Tian Yuan Fruit in his hand was quickly snatched away.

The medicinal field was filled with people, and they were obviously high-level martial artists. Yet at this moment, it was like a fight in the markets as they completely ignored their images.

In order for their newly plucked herbs to stay within their grasps, some people began to stuff the herbs into their mouths.

The high-level spiritual plants were covered with mud and blood, and as they were swallowed, it seemed to make those that ate them become more excitable and crazy.

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