The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 308 – Hundred Herb Mist

Chapter 308 – Hundred Herb Mist

“Correct!” Hexi laughed faintly. “No need to spend time finding the array’s core again, because as long as we directly find all sixty-four parts of the array’s eye inside the Major Cloud array and break them together within a short time, that will suffice.”

Surprise flashed within Feng Yunjing’s eyes, but before he could speak, Nie Jinchen had already exclaimed, “Don’t speak nonsense! With there being sixty-four parts of array’s eye, how could we find and break them all in a short time?!”

Hexi sneered, and like a purple flame, the Purple Abyss Vine in her hand soared, shooting away in all directions.

Her voice was like ice crystals falling onto a jade plate; crisp and pleasant to listen to as she spoke with perfect confidence, “Just because you’re incapable of doing it, it doesn’t mean that I am too!”

“I have already found the locations of all sixty-four parts of the array’s eye. Now, all of you just need to follow the directions of these sixty-four purple vines to break the array’s eye.”

Everyone present, including Gu Liufeng, Qing Long, and the rest, all had their eyes wide open in shock.

As they looked at the beautiful youngster before them, it was like were looking at an unbelievable monster.

The white fog was a place where nobody was able to use spiritual power, and concealed within it were the sixty-four parts of the array’s eye. By just controlling a fifth rank devil plant; the Purple Abyss Vine, all sixty-four parts were easily found! How formidable would a person’s Divine Sense be to be able to do that? How strong would their mental power be?

Before them was a youngster who was merely on the Foundation Establishment stage; in the end, just how did he accomplish it?

Feng Yunjing’s burning gaze focused on the youngster surrounded by purple vines. The light within his eyes was like a burning flame, expressing his strong desire and determination to possess him.

Nangong Yu took note of Feng Yunjing’s gaze, and his long eyelashes slightly lowered, covering the sharp gleam within his eyes.


With the guidance of the Purple Abyss Vine, all sixty-four parts of the array’s eye in the Major Cloud array were very quickly broken, one by one.

The moment when the last part of the array’s eye was shattered, Hexi and the others felt an aggressive wind push against them.

The white fog before them was swept away by something, and in a flash, it disappeared without a trace. Even the dampness in the air was suddenly restored to a more normal temperature.

In the locations where all the parts of the array’s eye had been, a bright light abruptly flashed, and a portal array appeared.

Without a doubt, this was the portal door to the medicinal field; Hundred Herbs Mist.

Hexi had already informed everyone that after all sixty-four parts of the array’s eye had been broken, the time frame for the Major Cloud array to be disabled would be short. They had to take this opportunity to enter the portal array, or else, the subsequent white fog would be more intense and horrible than before.

Therefore, almost at the moment when the portal array had appeared, the people of Hell King Manor and the Liu Li sect had immediately stepped inside.

For the martial artists who were trapped within the white fog, unable to leave, once they saw the Liu Li sect enter the portal array, they quickly followed and entered the portal array too.

After the time it took to take a few breaths, the white fog reformed and covered the road ahead with a hazy dampness, causing the remaining people within the white fog to scream in fright and despair.

However, this was something that Hexi and the others were unaware of as they had already entered the medicinal field.

As soon as she entered the medicinal field, Hexi’s senses were assaulted with intense spiritual energy that was mixed with the pure fragrance of plants.

Looking up slightly, her expression quickly changed into one of astonishment.

The legendary treasure that countless martial artists had fought over, the medicinal field; Hundred Herb Mist, was now before her.

The medicinal field was really too large. Stretching out in all directions, it was almost impossible to see the edges.

Divided into four squares, each square contained one or two types of herbs. Among these medicinal herbs, the lowest grade one was a matured second grade spiritual plant.

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