The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 1603: Forever Love

Chapter 1603: Forever Love


As soon as Hexi finished speaking, the lake before her ejected dozens of water jets, forming a fountain shimmering with iridescent lights.

At the same time, countless pink petals rained down from the sky, fluttering down gracefully. It was a breathtaking sight.

The butterflies that were once fluttering close to the ground suddenly soared upward, weaving together and casting beautiful patterns in the air.

Hexi looked up, appreciating the view of petals falling from the sky. Hearing the distant and the melodious music coming from nowhere, she couldn’t help but let out a soft chuckle.

Little Egg even prepared a music fountain and scattered flowers. Can this be even more outrageous?

Just as she was thinking, she was suddenly pulled into a strong, warm embrace, and was held tightly.

Just as Hexi was about to say something, the passionate kiss stopped her with emotion flooding her.

Stars twinkled in the night, the moon shone brightly, water murmured gently, and petals fell all around them.

They hugged and kissed each other deeply in such a fairyland and made a vow for a lifetime.

Hehehe, Little Golden Dragon, did you see that? Mother was so moved that she cried just now!”

“Little Egg, you are too young. This scene is not suitable for children. Don’t look at it!”

Ah! Bad Bai Hu, don’t cover my eyes. You are underage, not me!”

Chatters came from afar. Hexi blushed and pushed Nangong Yu away. Her cheeks were so hot that it felt like burning.

Her emotions overtook her. She totally forgot about others being nearby and got so lost in Nangong Yu’s kiss.

Nangong Yu, however, seemed totally cool with it, wearing a satisfied grin.

He grabbed Hexi’s hand, slipping a silver ring onto her ring finger. With a slight cough, he said, “Some people say that this is the closest place to your heart. With this ring here, I can capture your heart forever. “

He was so thrilled hearing Xi Xue say “Yes, I do” that he totally spaced on the way Little Egg showed him how to put on the ring.

Hexi stretched out her hand to look at the ring on her hand, smiling to herself. She couldn’t figure out what it was made of. It felt like metal but was so much smoother and finer.

She tilted her head to look at Nangong Yu and said, “It’s not fair that you are the only one who traps my heart. I want to claim your heart too.”

Nangong Yu was about to take out another ring when Hexi took out a simple man’s ring from the void.

Hexi discovered this ring in the Sealed Dragon Domain. Surprisingly, it had no special attributes, nor did it serve any purpose in talisman, array, or martial art. However, oddly enough, such an ordinary ring had existed for thousands of years without any signs of decay or rust. Finding it peculiar, Hexi decided to keep it.

She didn’t slip the ring onto Nangong Yu right away. Instead, she pulled out a silver needle and delicately etched a few words inside the ring.

“Xi & Yu, Never Apart.”

Seeing these words, Nangong Yu’s eyes flashed. Before Hexi reached out, he put the ring on his ring finger.

Hexi smiled and looked at him, “Who said this ring is for you?”

“Who else can you give it to?” Nangong Yu lowered his head and kissed her lips. His smile was like a bright sun, “Xi’er, I’ve got dibs on you forever.”

Before Hexi could speak, Little Egg’s cheers suddenly came from not far away, “Oh, the marriage proposal is successful. Daddy, mother, happy wedding!”

Little Pink Pig scampered over with its short legs.

Then, a bunch of others showed up one after the other, trailing behind Little Egg and heading her way.

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