The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 1602: Yes, I do

Chapter 1602: Yes, I do

Nangong Yu suddenly released her hand and whispered, “Xi’er, close your eyes. I have a second gift for you.”

Hexi tilted her head, looking at him with a playful curiosity, but obediently closed her eyes.

She felt a gentle breeze by her ear and a warm touch brushing past it as if handling the most precious treasure.

Hexi, feeling ticklish, shrank her neck a little. Soon after, she heard Nangong Yu’s soft voice in her ear, “Hexi, it’s done. Open your eyes.”

As soon as she opened his eyes, Hexi was stunned. She closed them due to a conditioned reflex and then slowly opened them again.

What entered her eyes was the view of a beautiful valley like a fairyland.

A lush green meadow stretched out before her, dotted with vibrant blossoms in full bloom.

The once pitch-black night sky suddenly lit up with countless twinkling stars and a radiant moon. It illuminated the valley as if it were day, yet with the unique intimacy and tranquility only night could bring.

Hexi took a sharp intake of breath and looked around.

The gloomy and cold lake just now had become entirely different.

Colorful butterflies fluttered through the air, leaving behind brilliant trails of glowing light.

Ahead of the lake was a cascading waterfall, with water splashing everywhere. The sparkling droplets scattered in the air seemed like stars from the sky, shattered and sprinkled all around.

Some said that those who loved you would be willing to do everything for you, even if it was chasing the stars and moon.

In the past, Hexi would think it was a hypocritical joke. However, at this moment, she felt it was so real.

Everything before her eyes felt like a beautiful dream. Yet, this dream was meticulously crafted by Nangong Yu just for her. Every blade of grass, every ray of light, held a testament to Nangong Yu’s feelings for her.

She looked at Nangong Yu, her eyes slowly filling with warmth and emotion.

Nangong Yu put on a gentle and handsome smile, but the nervousness in his eyes betrayed him, “Xi’er, do you like it?”

For this day, he couldn’t fall asleep for several nights because he feared he would mess up.

Hexi nodded and said softly, “I like it.”

No girl would not like such a romantic and beautiful dream, especially since this dream was woven by the one she loved.

Nangong Yu took a deep breath. Under the starry night and moonlight, in this beautiful valley surrounded by butterflies and waterfalls, he bent one knee and knelt slowly.

The evening wind gently blew the man’s black satin-like hair, revealing his flawless face.

A man who could easily charm countless young women was now nervously kneeling before her, with sweaty palms, yet firmly holding up a crystal-clear ring.

“Xi Yue, will you marry me and become my wife, forever and always, standing by my side?”

Is this a proposal!?

This was a scene that appeared in many romance dramas. Even if Hexi hadn’t been exposed to them, there was no way she wouldn’t know.”

She thought she didn’t care about these gestures; she believed that if a man proposed to her one day, she’d scoff at it, even calling it boring.

However, it turned out that this was not the case.

Tears welled up in her eyes uncontrollably, dampening the corners of her eyes.

For the first time, Hexi understood what it meant to cry tears of joy and feel happiness and emotion that shook her soul.

Seeing her tears, Nangong Yu’s face was flustered for a moment. Before he could speak, Hexi had already stepped forward, held Nangong Yu’s hand holding the ring, and said sobbingly, “Yes, I do!”

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