The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 1203: The New Skills of the Little Ones

Chapter 1203: The New Skills of the Little Ones

The little man echoed, “President, don’t be bothered by this kind of idiot. He deserves to take the blame for the death of Feng Yunqing and Chen Jiancheng. As for Xi Yue, hmph, as long as the Lu Family accomplishes that task, the entire Miracle Healer Academy will be under the control of the Lu Family. Why should president worry about a mere Xi Yue?”

Lu Zhixi breathed a sigh of relief, took out 2 inscribed jade slips from a jade box and handed them to the short man, “This is the most detailed map of Miracle Healer Academy. Only the president and the deputy president are qualified to view it. You memorize the map of Spirit Extinct Valley clearly now so that you can easily get rid of Cai Yu. Another inscribed jade slip can protect the person who enters it from being eroded by evil spirits within 2 hours, you must let your people do it quickly.”

The short man’s eyes lit up. He quickly took the inscribed jade slip, “Don’t worry, president. They will definitely be able to handle this trivial matter.”

After Lu Zhixi instructed the short man, she turned and left; the short man was still memorizing the map.

The image in the Divine Sense flickered and disappeared, apparently the Little Golden Dragon couldn’t hold on anymore.

Hexi came down silently from the beam, summoned Xiao Li and whispered a few words in her ear.

Xiao Li immediately showed a sly smile and nodded again and again, “Miss, don’t worry, that short man’s cultivation is only at the early stage of the Gold Core Stage. He can’t resist my illusion at all.”

Xiao Li said and jumped away. After 10 minutes, Hexi saw the short man stumbled out of Lu Zhixi’s office, murmuring, “I’ve already memorized the map. I’ve memorized it clearly.”

Hexi smiled slightly and stepped into the room.

Xiao Li immediately rushed to Hexi’s side and smiled, “Miss, I changed his inscribed jade slip and made him remember part of the map incorrectly. When he enters Spirit Extinct Valley, he will definitely be trapped to death inside. Hehe~”

“Good job.” Hexi touched her little head and took the inscribed jade slip on which the map was written. The content in the inscribed jade slip was indeed the whole map of Miracle Healer Academy. Every tree and grass could be seen at a glance.

It was fine to just memorize Spirit Extinct Valley, but it was almost impossible to memorize the terrain of the entire Miracle Healer Academy.

Hexi frowned and said, “This inscribed jade slip has been specially-processed and cannot be copied. I can’t remember it in a short time. What should we do?”

“Who said can’t memorize?” Little Egg shook his pink paws and said, “Little Egg can remember, in just a glance.”

“Just a glance?” Hexi’s eyes widened slightly. “You’ve read the entire map in such a short time? How did you finish it?”

In fact, if Hexi could read it all, she could also remember it, but the problem was that the Miracle Healer Academy was too big. She couldn’t read every corner in a few hours.

Little Egg scratched his head and said with a puzzled face, “I just put Divine Sense in it and read it, then I read it all? But if mom you ask me how, I also don’t know?”

Hexi still didn’t believe it. She picked a few places and tested Little Egg. She even took out a blank inscribed jade slip and asked Little Egg to try to copy it. As a result, Little Egg copied it without even thinking.

Hexi was overjoyed. She hugged Little Egg and kissed him a few times, and she said excitedly, “Little Egg, you are really mom’s good helper!”

Hehe, am I more powerful than Little Golden Dragon and Sister Xiao Li?”

Hexi scratched his nose and chuckled, “Yes, little ancestor, you are the best, satisfied?”

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