The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 1202: Remember To Record

Chapter 1202: Remember To Record

When Little Golden Dragon heard the words, he immediately smiled heartily. Look, even if Little Egg acts like a spoiled child, even if Little Dumb Cow’s cultivation is higher, boss still relies on me the most.

They successfully passed through the dormitory area and came to the Academy Student Council.

The building where the Academy Student Council was located was already dimly lit and quiet. There were only some lighting crystal stones on the aisles.

Because Little Golden Dragon scouted in front and many arrays only prevented the fluctuation of spiritual power, Hexi, whose cultivation and spiritual power were hidden by Little Egg, quickly passed through the enchantment of the Academy Student Council.

Just as she was about to enter Lu Zhixi’s room, she heard the voice of Little Golden Dragon, “Boss, wait a minute, there seems to be someone inside.”

Hexi squinted and jump above the beam.

Little Egg, Xiao Li and Little Dumb Cow were all taken into the void by her, only Little Golden Dragon turned into a gecko and crawled in the direction of the sound.

Hexi was thinking about sneaking in to see the situation, but a scene suddenly appeared in her mind.

This was a dark room. There was only a faint light of crystal stone in the room, but she could see that the room was luxurious and elegant. There were two people in the room, a man and a woman. Hexi recognized the woman immediately, it was Lu Zhixi.

The proud voice of Little Golden Dragon soon came from her Divine Sense, “Boss, I have already reached the threshold to rank 6. This is my newly discovered ability. How is it? Amazing right?”

Like the implementation of live video, it is really powerful. Hexi laughed and said to Little Golden Dragon with Divine Sense, “Not bad. But the picture is unstable, it seems that you can’t last long.”

Little Golden Dragon sighed in annoyance, gritted his teeth and said, “When I break through rank 6, I can fetch images from thousands of miles away to you, boss!”

Hexi didn’t speak. She just focused her Divine Sense on the image, watching it in her mind. She said, “Little Golden Dragon, remember to record it.”

Little Golden Dragon sneered twice, “No need to remind me, boss. I have already used recording talisman.”

The recording talisman in Hexi’s hand was sent by Jiang Huai. There was no spiritual power fluctuation at all during recording. When Jiang Huai recorded Feng Lianying’s ugly manners in the Sealed Dragon Domain, even Feng Yunjing didn’t notice it. This showed the concealment of this recording talisman.

At this moment, Hexi heard the short man spoke, “Hehe, that idiot Cai Yu has always regarded himself very highly and looked down on me. Now it’s his turn to fall into the abyss. I want to see can he still be arrogant in the future.”

Lu Zhixi glanced at the short man with a light expression, and the short man shrank his neck and said with a pleasing smile, “President, don’t be angry. Xi Yue was just lucky this time. Next time, we can definitely get rid of him.”

Lu Zhixi shook her head lightly and said: “Zeng Shouyue has already been eyeing us. With Wei Chengyuan’s relationship, we can no longer act rashly. As for Cai Yu, have you made arrangements? I see that Dean Huang is very attentive to Cai Yu, maybe he will plead to let him out.”

The short man immediately smiled confidently, “President, don’t worry, it’s just getting rid of one person. Isn’t it an easy task for us? Cai Yu definitely won’t be able to walk out of the Spirit Extinct Valley alive.”

Lu Zhixi nodded and squinted her eyes coldly, “Cai Yu, this idiot. Since he decided to set Xi Yue up, he should be more ruthless. Due to his overcautiousness and indecisiveness, Xi Yue can now act arrogantly in front of me.”

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