The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 1200: Hopeless

Chapter 1200: Hopeless

Elder Ji still had a good impression of this God’s favored pretty girl. Hearing this, he immediately comforted her warmly, “This matter is caused by Cai Yu’s own jealousy. It has nothing to do with you Zhixi, so you don’t need to blame yourself for this kind of person.”

Only then did Lu Zhixi stand up, showing a pale and weak smile.

Elder Ji coldly looked at the hopeless Cai Yu and Elder Qin and said coldly, “Okay, now that the truth is out, this is the end of the matter. Elder Qin failed to do his duty in supervising the entrance assessment and framed student; all his duties will be removed and his elder privilege will be deprived. The Elder Council will decide his stay or leave.”

When Elder Qin heard the words, his face turned ashen and he collapsed onto the chair.

This meant that the result of his expulsion from Miracle Healer Academy had been confirmed.

“As for Cai Yu!” Elder Ji’s eyes were like lightning and his voice seemed to be ice-cold, “Because of jealousy, he disturbed the normal assessment, framed his classmate for cheating, and he even killed for fear that the incident would be exposed. The evidence is conclusive. According to the rules of the academy, Cai Yu will be exiled to the Spirit Extinct Valley. He will not be able to return without a summon!”

“What? Spirit Extinct Valley?!”

“And there is no set return period?”

“Isn’t… isn’t this the equivalent of putting Cai Yu to death?”

Everyone gasped when they heard the words.

Spirit Extinct Valley was one of the forbidden places of Miracle Healer Academy. Not only there was no spirit in it, but it was filled with evil spirits, which could erode the dantian and meridians of martial artists.

Moreover, the people who were once expelled to the Spirit Extinct Valley had either died long ago or they had become madmen with ruthless and irrational nature. It could be said that no normal person could survive in the Spirit Extinct Valley.

Cai Yu was expelled to the Spirit Extinct Valley. Even if he didn’t die, he would definitely become a waste or he would be even more miserable than death.

When Cai Yu heard the words, he was in despair. He slowly closed his eyes and said nothing.

There was a saying that it was worse than death when one has nothing to live for.

Huang Dean couldn’t bear it, “With Cai Yu’s talent, he should have done a lot. Isn’t such punishment too heavy for him?”

Elder Ji snorted coldly, “Talent can’t be used as an excuse for making mistakes! If he committed murder, then he should pay for it. Does Huang Dean still want to plead for him?”

Soon, someone stepped forward to take both Cai Yu and Elder Qin away.

Huang Dean followed quietly and stopped Cai Yu before he was about to be sent into the Spirit Extinct Valley, “Cai Yu, tell me, did you really kill Feng Yunqing and Chen Jiancheng?”

When Cai Yu heard this, he couldn’t bear it any longer. 2 lines of hot tears rolled down, “Dean Huang, if I said I didn’t do it, would anyone still believe me? No, no one will believe me anymore!”

Dean Huang sighed. “Your forging talent is one of the best even in the entire Miracle Healer Academy, especially your forging direction is so special. I originally hoped to train you to become a talent and finally send it to the upper realm, but I didn’t expect such a thing would happen.”

Cai Yu bowed his head in shame. His tears dropped on the ground drop by drop, and he sobbed, “Dean Huang, I’m sorry to let down your high hopes. I did things that went against my conscience for the unworthy person, but I was thrown away like a garbage. If I have another chance to choose…”

“What? What does it mean for the unworthy?”

Cai Yu shook his head with an ashen face and said nothing. He walked toward the enchantment of the Spirit Extinct Valley.

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