The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 1199: Cai Yu Couldn’t Belief It

Chapter 1199: Cai Yu Couldn’t Belief It

Before Elder Ji finished speaking, Jiang Zhongcheng sighed and shook his head, “Deputy President Cai, it has already come to this point, stop being stubborn anymore. We can call the guard of the dungeon and ask whether you had been to the dungeon that day.”

Cai Yu’s face turned pale, and he said in a trembling voice, “I had been to the dungeon, but I… I went to refine pill… I have been refining pill there all the time. Everyone knows it.”

Jiang Zhongcheng sneered, “Deputy President Cai, I know you haven’t been able to calm down to refine pill for several days. Why did you suddenly feel in the mood to refine pill? And just the day after you went, Chen Jiancheng and Feng Yun Qing were dead, isn’t this too coincidental?”

Elder Ji’s face turned gloomy, and he said to the boy beside him, “Call the guards of the dungeon immediately!”

Soon, the guards of the dungeon were called over. When they heard the question, they immediately said, “Yes, Deputy President Cai has indeed been to the dungeon.”

Another guard hesitated for a moment and said, “Moreover, the prison head said that Deputy President Cai did not go to the place of pill refining immediately, but he went to the dungeon where Feng Yunqing and the others were staying for a while.”

“Cai Yu, what else do you have to say?!” Elder Ji was furious. He looked at Cai Yu with cold gaze, “How dare you kill people in Miracle Healer Academy? You’re so bold!”

“No, I didn’t! It’s really not me!” Cai Yu looked at Lu Zhixi in a panic. His eyes were full of pleading and helplessness, “Zhixi…”

He hoped that Lu Zhixi could clarify for him.

If he just framed Xi Yue, he would at most be kicked out of Miracle Healer Academy or be expelled to the Huang Medical Branch, but if he killed students for no reason, the punishment was not something he could bear.

Lu Zhixi’s long eyelashes trembled. There seemed to be sadness and disappointment in her eyes, “Cai Yu, you really disappointed me so much. I believed in you so many times. For you, I asked for a petition to expel Xi Yue, but I didn’t expect you to even kill the students. Cai Yu, is this how you repay my trust?”

Lu Zhixi’s words made Cai Yu’s body tremble violently. His whole body swayed gently, and he was almost speechless.

He felt that he must have heard it wrong. He thought it was just a dream.

Lu Zhixi, my goddess, the girl I like, how could she say such a thing? She knows that I didn’t kill them. She knows that I did it for her, but she ruthlessly pushes him into the abyss of hell!

No! No! How could this be the Fairy Zhixi in my mind?

How could this be the goddess I had admired for so many years?

But soon, everything was brutally shattered like a dream.

People from the Academy Student Council gathered around to comfort the crying Lu Zhixi, and Jiang Zhongcheng even said, “President, it’s not worth being sad for this kind of person. Because of him, our Academy Student Council’s reputation has been ruined now. President, you’ve done enough for him. You don’t have to care about this kind of scum in the future!”

“Yes, he even killed his classmates. It makes me horrified to think that I was working with him. Fortunately, his evil deeds have been discovered now. I believe the elders will definitely make a public judgment.”

Lu Zhixi wiped away her tears, stepped forward, slightly bowed towards Elder Ji, Li Chengqun and others, and said in a sobbing tone, “Zhixi is incompetent and didn’t manage my subordinate properly. The Academy Student Council actually had such a ruthless person. This even implicated Xi Yue. Zhixi really has no face to face the elders.”

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