The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 7: Xuan Beast Roar

Chapter 7: Xuan Beast Roar

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Lu Li left in a hurry after he got his Body Refinement Pellet. This time, he returned so early that Lu Ling had not yet come out to wait for him.

After dinner, Lu Li told Lu Ling about how he saw the golden chariot and the iron ships. The latter frowned after she heard about this and mumbled in surprise and doubt, “Golden chariot? Iron-armored ships? These are at least Heaven Grade Xuan Artifacts. Even the three Fifth-ranked Royal Families in the Northern Desert could not have owned so many of them! Are they from the outside the Northern Desert? Can it be that something strange is happening at the Ice Abyss?”

“Ancient chariot, Iron-armored ships, Fifth-Rank Royal Family?” Lu Li was somewhat confused and curiously asked, “Sis, how do you know so much stuff?”

Lu Ling pointed her finger at an ancient book on one of the old shelves in the room and explained, “They are all recorded in these ancient books. You haven’t liked reading since you were a kid. Who can you blame for not knowing?”


Lu Li smiled a hollow smile. He has been restless ever since he was a child and would run into the mountains almost everyday. Lu Ling was unwell, so she barely left the house. She would read books all day long, but even she had not expected to find exceedingly mysterious and strange knowledge recorded in them.

Lu Li confusedly asked, “Sis, how did we get all these books?”As he remembered, the books were already on these shelves since he was a child. However, after learning that these books had recorded details about powerful Heaven Grade Xuan Artifacts, he was sure that they definitely would not have been bought from regular places.

Lu Ling explained, “Father left them behind.”


The fire in Lu Li’s eyes instantly died down as he unconsciously touched the animal tooth pendant on his neck. To him, memories of his father and mother were enigmatic; it was said that his parents went missing soon after he was born, and he had heard nothing about them in the past 15 years. Lu Ling never talked about their parents, so Lu Li thought on many occasions that their parents had long gone.

After a long time of silence, Lu Li could not help but to ask, “Sis, are our father and mother still alive?”


Lu Ling paused for a bit and replied. She reached out her hand to pat Lu Li’s shoulder and said, “Brother, when you awaken your bloodline, I will tell you everything. But now… the time is still not right.”


Lu Li nodded heavily and didn’t ask anymore. He got up and returned to his room to consume the Body Refinement Pellet. This time, he felt more at ease; it was like his body had accustomed itself to the Body Refinement Pellet. He didn’t feel any awful sweltering heat, and he only deeply fell into sleep as soon as he consumed the Body Refinement Pellet.

After he had fallen asleep, the animal tooth pendant started glowing again. Lu Ling then pushed the door and came in. She looked at the glowing animal tooth pendant and made sure that there was nothing amiss with Lu Li’s body. Then she frowned and mumbled, “To repeatedly consume the Body Refinement Pellet would largely diminish the efficacy of the pellet. However, my brother can still gain a strength of 440 to 550 pounds every time he consumes it. Is it because of the animal tooth pendant? What kind of Xuan Beast did this tooth belong to?”

“I will leave it alone for now.”

After sitting there for a bit, Lu Ling nodded gently and said, “Father put this animal tooth pendant on Lu Li’s neck the moment he was born. I know father will never do something that will harm his own son; I think this must be some kind of rare treasure.”

Lu Ling turned off the lights and left. The room regained its quietness. Only the animal tooth pendant was still flickering in a white glow. It was so strange.

“I have gained another 440 pounds of strength!”

The next morning, Lu Li went up to the mountain the as soon as he woke up. He became more excited after he had consumed the three Body Refinement Pellets which had given him a strength of more than 4400 pounds. To possess a strength of more than 11,000 pounds was not an unreachable dream.

After practicing and cultivating for two hours, Lu Li hurried back to the tribe to finish his breakfast and then left immediately to pull coffins. Liu Wu and the others no longer regarded Lu Li as someone strange. He was a born weirdo, with an incredibly strange constitution. If Lu Li were given hundreds of Body Refinement Pellets, he might be able to nurture a strength of several thousand pounds!

Liu Wu and the others found it quite a pity. If Lu Li would be able to cultivate the Xuan Energy, he would definitely be recruited by the Liu Family and trained with utmost care.

During the next several days, Lu Li had come to carry coffins everyday and would get a Body Refinement Pellet. What let Liu Wu and the others feel a bit relieved was Lu Li’s speed of gaining strength had finally slowed down. After consuming the fifth Body Refinement Pellet, he could only gain a strength of about 330 pounds.

If Lu Li were to continue at the previous speed, Liu Wu and the others had to think Lu Li was a monster!

On the other hand, Lu Li got particularly angered by this mentality. According to the previous speed, he would only need dozens of pellets to reach a strength of 11,000 pounds, but now, he would at least need more than 20 pellets. There were only so much ancient coffins of the Liu Family’s ancestors. Once all the coffins were carried, there would be no more Body Refinement Pellets.

By the eighth day, Lu Li decisively gave up cultivating and practicing sword moves at the waterfall. He got up before sunrise and made it directly to the Cutting Blade Ridge. After he acquired a strength of about 6600 pounds, he planned to carry two coffins a day and get two Body Refinement Pellets.

It had been sunny for the last couple of days, so the snow on the road got declined, which made coffin-carrying lot easier. Lu Li had long wanted to carry two coffins, however, he feared that he might not be able to make it in time for the second coffin and fail to earn his payment. Today, however, he put up a desperate struggle. He used his full strength to run and carry coffins. Finally, he successfully carried two coffins before dark.


Lu Li had just received his two Body Refinement Pellets when a loud roar came from the north. The roar shook the heaven and earth and pierced through the sky. It made all the coffin-carrying old men and Lu Li tremble with fear.

“Xuan Beast, at least of the fifth or sixth rank.”

Lady Yi cried out in alarm and looked away into the north with surprise and dread. A Xuan Beast of the fifth or sixth rank could compete with the Warriors in the Eternal Realm or Noble Lord Realm. Any one of this kind of powerful Xuan Beast could easily raze the entire Wu Ling County to the ground.

It was lucky that the location of the Xuan Beast was far away, and it should be at the edge of the Ice Abyss; the most dangerous place in the entire Northern Desert. Still, Lady Yi’s, Liu Wu’s and the others’ faces turned solemn.

A couple of days earlier, a vast amount of ancient chariots and iron-armored ships with many powerful warriors went in that direction, then suddenly, there came a loud Xuan Beast roar; even the dumbest would not believe that nothing happened at the Ice Abyss.

“Starting tomorrow, all of you should increase your speed of carrying coffins. We must transfer all the ancient coffins as soon as possible. When everything is done, everyone will be awarded with five more Mysterious Deity Pellets or Body Refinement Pellets.”

Lady Yi shouted in her pretty voice and left in a hurry with several men. She needed to return and report this to her family lest something happened.

Five Mysterious Deity Pellets!

Many elders’ and Lu Li’s eyes glowed. That was like carrying five coffins a day. Everyone hurried back trying to accumulate some energy and spirit to put their full strength to coffin carrying tomorrow.

“The roar of a mighty Xuan Beast?”

When Lu Li returned and told Lu Ling about this, her arched eyebrows frowned. She thought for a while, waved her hands and said, “You don’t have to care about this. Since there are powerful warriors from so many Super Families at the Ice Abyss, nothing serious will happen. Tonight, you will take two Body Refinement Pellets and increase your strength. Remember you need to increase your strength up to 11,000 pounds as soon as possible.”


After Lu Li had consumed the Body Refinement Pellet, he didn’t feel anything strange in his body anymore.Therefore, he thought that it would not be a problem if he consumed two at the same time.

Lu Li stood up and returned to his room to take the two Body Refinement Pellets. As expected, even though the temperature was a lot higher, it was not as intense as the first time. He managed to endure it with his teeth clenched together.

Just like the previous days, the animal tooth pendant glowed after he had fallen asleep, and this time, it glowed half of the night before it returned to its original state.

After Lu Li had woken up the next morning, when he observed his body, he discovered that sure enough, it was better to consume two Body Refinement Pellets at the same time. This time, he had gained a strength of at least 880 pounds.

“Let’s leave for now!”

The closer Lu Li got to 11,000 pounds of strength, the more excited he became. He went out of the stone house with the jute bag on his back.


Lu Li heard a lot of footsteps when he got outside. He glanced over and saw a lot of sturdy men had been put into action and gathered outside the tribe.

“What is happening?”

He curiously observed and quietly followed them outside the tribe. He saw the Tribe Chief Di Ba outside the tribe. There were at least two hundred people already gathered outside the tribe, and more were coming.

“All of you listen!”

When everyone got there, Di Ba shouted in a deep voice. He had a strong and muscular body, like a strong lion; he glanced over the people of the tribe with his huge eyes and he said, “Liu Family and Zhao Family had given orders for us to be stationed at the edge of the Ice Abyss for a month. After we are done with this mission, everyone will get a thousand Golden Leaves!”


People outside the tribe went into a commotion. Since there were about three hundred people gathered outside the tribe, everyone would get a thousand Golden Leaves; that was not a small number.

“Let’s move!”

Wu Ling County was just outside of the Ice Abyss. Since the people of these tribes grew up in forests and mountains, they eventually became the best hunters. Even though a lot of them were not warriors and could not cultivate Xuan Energy, however, to station them outside the Abyss was not a bad option.

Di Ba led the three hundred people organized in a formidable formation. Lu Li came out of a corner. As he looked into the north, he became ever more curious.

What was happening inside the Ice Abyss? First, there were golden chariots and iron-armored flying ships, and then the Xuan Beast roar. Now, a lot of people were ordered to be stationed outside the Abyss?


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