The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 6: Ships That Can Fly!

Chapter 6: Ships That Can Fly!

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“150 times, ha-ha, I have gained another 440 to 550 pounds of strength. Nice, nice!”

Near the pond inside the valley, Lu Li said with wild excitement on his face. After being washed down by the waterfall, he shot out of the pond.

Last night, he had consumed another piece of the Body Refinement Pellet. The next day, after Lu Li woke up, he felt extremely comfortable and filled with immense strength. He went to the valley in the back mountain as soon as he got out of bed.

There was much less filth coming out of him today. Even though he gained less strength, it was still more than 400 pounds.

“Carry on!”

After he had rested for a bit, Lu Li charged towards the waterfall and diligently started his everyday practice. Everyday for the past seven years, he had been refining his body using this waterfall, practicing his sword moves with almost not a single day missed.

The way he swayed his long knife was not exactly Sword Art because he could not cultivate Xuan Energy and was ill-treated in the tribe. Naturally, nobody taught him Sword Arts, not to mention Xuan Skills, which even if it was taught to him, he wouldn’t be able to use it.

This kind of “move” was figured out by Lu Li himself in fights and battles. After Lu Li turned into 10 years of age, he often went into the mountains to hunt for beasts as a way to support his sister and himself.

In those battles, he found out that when fighting with beasts, elegant moves were of absolutely worthless. Only the fastest move could injure or kill a beast to ensure survival before it attacked him.

Of course…

Lu Li never used his knife moves against any human being before, and he did not even dared to bring the long knife into the tribe. Even though there were people often bullying him and his sister, there were also too many warriors of Di Ba’s family, and Di Ba himself was a powerful warrior of the Spirit Sea Realm. Once things got out of control, Lu Li and Lu Ling would definitely be thrown out of the tribe and they would eventually end up in the wild.

After practicing and cultivating for an hour, Lu Li walked towards the tribe carrying a boulder above his head. He put the rock down when he was close to the tribe and returned to his stone house through the front gate of the tribe.

Di Hu and his gang did not try to stir up a fight that day, and all the people from the tribe he met along the way looked at him indifferently, not one of them paying any attention to him.

Lu Ling had finished cooking breakfast and asked Lu Li to eat. After he had finished his breakfast, he walked out of the tribe to carry coffins.


Lu Li had gotten the coffin down the Cutting Blade Ridge. Liu Wu and his team galloped along from a distance on their Silver Wolves. After they got to the front of Lu Li, they once again looked stunned.

After observing Lu Li for a bit, Liu Wu incredulity asked, “Lu Li, have you gained another 440 or 550 pounds of strength?”

Lu Li felt like he was the one who should be baffled, therefore, he answered with a question,“Sir, the Body Refinement Pellet was supposed give a person several hundred pounds of strength, right?”

Something was very wrong!

Liu Wu and the escorts looked at each other and stared at Lu Li like he was a beast. They did not bother to remind Lu Li about the previous evening because they wanted Lu Li to experience the uselessness of the pellet himself and give up choosing the Body Refinement Pellet.

The efficacy of any kind of pellets would be greatly diminished when it was repeatedly consumed, especially for those pellets like the Body Refinement Pellet. When one took too many pellets, his body would generate resistance towards the pellet, thus rendering him unable to absorb its entire efficacy, causing so much of it to be wasted.

Liu Wu and most of the escorts, took more than two Body Refinement Pellets. They clearly remembered that they would be able to gain more than 440 to 550 pounds of strength with the first pellet, but only 110 or 220 pounds of strength when they took the second one.

Lu Li had taken the Body Refinement Pellets for two consecutive days; though he didn’t go through the weakness period, he was still able to gain another 440 to 550 pounds of strength? How could people not be stunned?

“How did you consume the Body Refinement Pellet? Was there anything wrong with your body? How did you feel when you wake up the next day?”

Liu Wu began to ask about the details, and Lu Li frankly explained everything. However, Liu Wu and the others frowned after they heard what Lu Li said: “Nothing was amiss!”

Lu Li basically went through the same thing as they did when they had taken the pellet, and the only difference was that after the others took the second pellet, there was no more filth that transpired out of their body.

“This guy surely possess a strange constitution. Too bad he cannot cultivate Xuan Energy…”

Liu Wu emotionally sighed. What happened to Lu Li could only be explained by saying that he had a strange constitution, which allowed him to absorb all the efficacy of the pellet.

Regardless of how strange his constitution was, it would be worthless without the ability to cultivate the Xuan Energy. Liu Wu and the others sighed and left. Lu Li threw them a glance of bafflement, and carried on with his coffin pulling.

His strength had increased to 4400 pounds, so Lu Li could now easily manage coffin carrying. He could arrive at the Black Hawk Ridge this time at dusk!

“Lady Yi!”

After Lu Li came up to the top of the ridge, Liu Wu, who had arrived for quite some time, said to Lady Yi while pointing at Lu Li, “This young man has a strange constitution. He had taken the Body Refinement Pellet for two consecutive days, and yet he didn’t go through any weakness period. In addition, he can still gain a strength amounting about 440 to 550 pounds. How about… we recruit him to our Family and see if we can train him?”


Lady Yi was riding a Silver Wolf larger in size. She was in a purple fox-fur coat, looking valiant and heroic. There was a trace of surprise on her pretty face. She looked towards Lu Li, and after a moment of silence, she coldly replied, “No. We the Liu Family only recruit Warriors. He cannot cultivate Xuan Energy, so it doesn’t matter even if his constitution is 10 times better than this.”


Liu Wu was a bit disappointed. He had some pleasant feelings towards Lu Li. This kid had a tough character; he was not afraid of hardship or difficulties, instead he was stubborn as a mule. Liu Wu seemed to see a younger version of himself in Lu Li.

After Lu Li had settled the coffin, he stayed out of the way and quietly waited. It seemed that there were fewer Coffin Carriers today. It appeared that some of the elders feared that their life force would be taken and didn’t dare to carry more coffins.

Lu Li, on the other hand, was not afraid of this.

Before he started carrying coffins, Lu Ling once told him that all the stories of ghosts and gods were just ridiculous and he should not take them seriously. The strong were always respected, admired and worshipped by many, to point where they are even glorified as gods. Ghosts, on the other hand, were entirely made from man’s own imagination. Once one died, everything of that person would return to mother earth. How could there be ghosts?

Lu Ling had said, if worshipping ghosts and gods were really beneficial, nobody would need to work hard anymore, and food would rain down from the sky. If ghosts and gods could actually protect humans, Northern Desert’s people would never have suffered from disasters.

Lu Li agreed completely.

The weather had become sunny that day. The sunset caused the west to be illuminated in twilight as it cast a bright red light over the entire land. The Black Hawk Ridge was on a high terrain. Looking down from the ridge, one could see quite a scenery.


After waiting for a couple of hours, Liu Wu shouted which pulled Lu Li’s attention to him. Liu Wu jumped off on his Silver Wolf and prepared to distribute today’s payment. There was eagerness in Lu Li and the other elders’ eyes. They had worked hard pulling the coffin just for this moment.

“Whoosh, whoosh!”

All of a sudden, there came a sharp voice which pierced through the sky. Everyone was startled as they turned their eyes to the south. After a few glances, all of them were filled with shock in their hearts as they showed surprised looks on their faces.

With the squealing sound that was getting louder, a yellow dot on the sky to the south was getting bigger and bigger. That was actually a gigantic golden chariot.

“How can a chariot fly in the sky?”

Lu Li murmured in shock. Liu Wu, who was next to him, hurriedly rebuked him, “Silence! That is a chariot from the ancient times, a Xuan Artifact. Inside the chariot seats the powerful warriors of the Super Families.”

Lu Li instantly closed his mouth and stared at the golden chariot with wildly opened eyes. In a glimpse, he saw seven or eight powerful warriors in golden armor inside the chariot, which left quite an impression on Lu Li.

Even though the warriors had restrained their power and qi, their vital energy and blood were still so powerful that they caused Lu Li and the others to feel it was difficult to breath under such pressure.

“Is this the strength of the true powerhouses of the Super Families?”

After the golden chariot had disappeared into the north, Lu Li breathed heavily with his heart still fluttering with fear. It was such a horrifying feeling, just like seeing several terrifying Xuan Beasts together.

“If only I were this powerful, my sister would not have to suffer being bullied by people in the tribe.”

Lu Li clenched his fists and murmured with passion in his eyes, “After I awaken my bloodline, I will be able to cultivate Xuan Energy, and I will definitely become one of the strongest warriors!”

These powerhouses stood above all, overlooking everything. They could level mountains to the ground with just a lift of an arm and decide life or death of all.

Everyone in the Northern Desert wanted to become strong, to stand towering like a giant above all else. On seeing the powerhouses in the golden chariot, Lu Li’s heart was filled with an extremely unyielding desire to become a powerful Warrior.


Before Lu Li could gather himself up from shock, there came another two sounds piercing through the sky. Soon, there came two massive iron ships of silver white color.

These two iron ships were even larger than the golden chariot, with a length of more than 98 feet and a width of more than 32 feet. The whole ship had a casting of mercury and looked like a ferocious beast that could cover the entire sky.

“I can imagine chariots being able to fly, but ships?”

Not only was Lu Li surprised, so did the other elderlies. Some of them had lived for a full 60-year cycle, but it was still the first time for them to see such a miraculous treasure.

“This is also a powerful Xuan Artifact. All of you, shut up. If we anger anyone up there, we are all going to die.”

The escorts of the Liu Family made it clear to them. All of them instantly held their breaths, and nobody dared to make another sound. It was not long before several other golden chariots and iron ships passed by, and all of them flew to the north without making any stops.

“It’s the Ice Abyss in the North! A large number of powerful warriors of the Super Families are hurrying there. Could it be that something strange happened over there?”

Lady Yi and Liu Wu looked at each other, and their faces became solemn.

The Wu Ling County was just outside the Ice Abyss, the most perilous place in the Northern Desert. Should anything were to happen at the Ice Abyss, disasters would surely rain down upon the Wu Ling County!

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