The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 48: The Might of Little White

Chapter 48: The Might of Little White

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"They are so fast!"

Lu Li felt something was up. He looked back and found 11 black dots jumping and running in the mountains. Lu Li instantly looked awful.

Clearly, these men used all their Xuan Energy since they could jump so high. They were not worried about the consumption of their Xuan Energy. Lu Li, on the other hand, did not use a bit of his Xuan Energy. He depended only on his physical strength to climb up and jump, which made him slower. He would definitely be caught up with like this.


Lu Li was afraid that Zhao Rui was right after him. He dared not to reserve his strength any more. Lu Li mobilized his Xuan Energy and transferred it to his legs. Kicking backwards, he jumped for more than 30 feet and grabbed onto a big boulder like an agile monkey. He swung upward and got onto the big boulder. One more jump, he made another one more than 30 feet…

In just half an hour, Lu Li had made it to the peak of the mountain. He looked back and saw the 11 black dots quickly moving towards him. Lu Li dared not to pause but rushed onward.

There was a cliff in front of him. Pointy hills were everywhere down there. There was absolutely no road. Usually, people who would like to go down had to use a rope. Otherwise, they would plummet to their deaths.


Lu Li was bold on account of the skills he had. He ran towards the cliff and bounded downward onto a boulder he had aimed for. After he rolled over on the boulder to absorb some of the shock, he leaped to another boulder.

In this way, Lu Li made it down the mountain like an agile monkey. In front of him was a boundless dense forest. Lu Li felt pleased in his heart. It would be harder to track him in the forest as nothing could be seen from up there. Besides, there was no residual snow in the forest. No discernable footprints would be left behind.

He ran into the dense forest like a storm of wind. The beasts inside were startled. Many ran towards him, roaring.

"Get lost!"

Lu Li was furious as he shouted. He did not have the time to fight against these beasts of low ranks. It was a pity that these beasts were not intelligent and were not afraid of Lu Li. Lu Li cut at a huge tiger with his Heaven Kylin Sword, smashing the head of the tiger into a puddle of goo.

"Roar, roar!"

More beasts in the distance were alarmed. The other beasts nearby showed no intention of fleeing. Lu Li got more and more irritated. He had to swing his Heaven Kylin Sword again and again to kill and injure these beasts one by one.

"Squeak, squeak~"

At that moment, some weird noise came from the jute bag on his back. Little White, to his surprise, woke up. It screamed and jumped onto Lu Li’s shoulder. Some unexplainable ferocious qi and energy radiated out.

Then, the strangest thing happened—

As soon as the qi and energy spread out from Little White, all the beasts nearby kneeled down in fear. They were so scared that their legs could no longer support them and that they trembled nonstop.


Lu Li was filled with joy. He instantly told Little White, "Little White, ask them to leave and run towards all directions."


Little White seemed to have understood Lu Li’s words and it let out another cry. The beasts immediately ran towards all sides as if they were all suddenly pardoned.

"You are so good, Little White!"

Lu Li gave it a thumbs up. Little White smiled so hard that its eyes bent into the shape of a crescent moon. It wagged its short tail. Lu Li did not have the luxury to waste time. He shouted in a deep voice, "Little White, go back to the jute bag. I need to run now. Someone is trying to kill me."

Little White did not go back to the bag. Maybe it was because it had slept too much these days, or it had enough nutrients from eating all those Xuan Artifacts. Little White flew forward like a white shadow and got to a tree more than 30 feet away in the blink of an eye. It stood on the tree branch, wagging its tail at Lu Li.

"So fast!"

Lu Li was surprised. Seemingly, Little White was a bit faster? It had eaten all those Xuan Artifacts, but its physical shape had not changed. Rather, it became faster.

Lu Li ran towards it quickly. When Lu Li caught up with it, Little White once again leaped forward. It was so surprisingly fast. It waited for Lu Li on a small tree dozens of feet away.

"Make a turn. Don’t go straight forward!"

Lu Li turned around after running for a while. Little White chased up with ease. No matter how fast Lu Li was travelling, it could keep up. Also, it would circle around Lu Li now and then as if playing with him.

Lu Li did not have time to play with Little White. He concentrated on hurrying on with his journey. He ran into beasts quite often along the way and even met two Xuan Beasts of the First Rank. However, it was no problem with the presence of Little White. The two Xuan Beasts of the First Rank were scared and kneeled down when they saw Little White. They fled in fear after Little White cried out…

"Which rank Little White is of?"

Lu Li was surprised yet again. He felt like Little White was like a king of beasts in the mountains. The qi and energy of it were not terrifying to be honest, but many Xuan beasts and regular beasts were so frightened running into it.

"If I can bring Little White along when I slaughter Xuan Beasts, how much easier it will be."

Secretly, Lu Li felt pleased. Then he thought that since he was going to the Red Stone Mountain and all the Xuan Beasts there were of the First Rank, Little White could most likely easily suppress them too. Wouldn’t it mean that he could steal eggs of the Red Phosphorus Hawks like taking them out of his pocket? On the thought of this, Lu Li was so excited that he almost did a flip in the open area.

It was indeed harder for people to chase him now that beasts were running wildly in the forest. Lu Li ran on for four hours without seeing anyone caught up with him.

Little White was tired from all the messing around. It went back into the jute bag. Inside the jute bag were some broken Xuan Artifacts Lu Li had prepared for it. Little White slept soundly after it ate them.

Another two hours had passed and Lu Li made it out of the dense forest. In front of him was the moor stretching to the horizon—a wide view.

Lu Li secretly felt it to be troublesome. There was no place to hide in this kind of moor. There was snow left. So, Lu Li would be easily tracked.


For Lu Li to make it to the Frigid Cloud Mountain, he had to take the road on the north. The moor was endless; he could take any direction and still be tracked by following his trace.


After taking in some dried meat and clean water, Lu Li ran desperately in a straight line. Clearly, there were some powerful warriors among the 11 people; otherwise, they could not have tracked him so easily. Since he could not get out of it, he had to make it to the Frigid Cloud Mountain as fast as he could.

So it seemed that Di Huo and the other warriors took some detours in the forest and were busy getting rid of the Xuan Beasts. They had spent too much time. Lu Li rushed about for an entire afternoon without seeing any pursuing forces even till sunset.

He was still running in the moor. It was getting darker and darker. Lu Li felt a bit anxious as he did not find a single place for him to spend the night along the way. To spend the night in a frozen and snow-covered moor would freeze him into an ice sculpture even if he were not bitten to death by Xuan Beasts.

It was now completely after dark after Lu Li ran for another one hour. Finally, Lu Li found someplace for him to spend the night.

A small hill appeared ahead of him. Countless hills and mountains emerged. There must be caves in the hills, or at least, it would be easy for him to dig a hole anyway.


Before Lu Li could go into the hills, he detected the qi and energy of Xuan Beasts. There were quite a number of them. The night was not clear. Lu Li seemed to find the ground was moving in the hill ahead of him. When he saw clearly what that was, he gasped in terror.

In front of him, a large number of black snakes rushed towards him. Every snake was of the size of a person’s wrist. Cold glares reflected off the tusks. Obviously, there were toxic on them. The most important thing was the number of the poisonous snakes. Only with a coarse glance, Lu Li could see at least hundreds of them.

If Lu Li didn’t go into the mountains, he would have no place to spend the night. If he wanted in, he must kill his way in. He must slaughter all the poisonous snakes, yet he still might be injured by the poisonous snakes…

"Right, how did I forget about Little White?"

Lu Li patted his head. The poisonous snakes were Xuan Beasts of the First Rank. Little White could suppress them easily. Promptly, he shook the bag on his back and shouted, "Little White, wake up. Duty calls."

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