The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 47: Target Spotted

Chapter 47: Target Spotted

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This time, Lu Li still looked somewhat awful after killing, but he no longer had the urge to throw up. Looking at the two cold bodies, he soon collected himself.

He did not feel even a bit guilt about killing the two scouts of the Zhao Family. The Zhao Family had intention to kill him; they sent someone stalking him, which made the Zhao Family his enemy.

Since they were the enemies, he should not be kind or merciful. Man should kill, and kill with no mercy. This was what Lu Ling had taught him. Lu Li had always regarded what Lu Ling said as the truth.

After some consideration, Lu Li put the Heaven Kylin Sword on his back and carried the two bodies in his hands, walking towards the inside of the mountain. He threw the two bodies into a pile of rocks. There were a lot of beasts in the wild. The smell of blood would attract some beasts which would eat the bodies up.


Lu Li wiped the blood off his hand and body in a small pond and immediately left.

He did not go back to the county which would be courting death! Zhao Rui probably had already taken someone with him rushing towards here. Lu Li could be intercepted before he could make it to the county.

He had heard about Zhao Rui. Actually, only few people hadn’t heard about Zhao Rui inside the Wu Ling County. He was the No. 1 genius of the Zhao Family. He made it to the Spirit Sea Realm at the age of 21, and there was no reason that Zhao Family would not send some warriors at the Spirit Sea Realm to protect him when he went out of the county.

Therefore, the enemies Lu Li was about to face would include two or more than two warriors of the Spirit Sea Realm. He had enormous strength and Bloodline Skills, yet Spirit Sea Realm was called the Spirit Sea Realm for a reason. The gap between realms meant a world of difference.

Lu Li was not so thickheaded as to be arrogant and look down upon heroes in the world. He knew clearly that if he were to be caught up, it was very likely that he would be killed.

He had to ran and ran faster and further. Then he could have higher hopes of survival!


After walking some distances, Lu Li suddenly realized something. How could he be faster than horses on the way? The Liu Family had Silver Wolf Escorts. The beast for riding of the No. 1 Young Master of the Zhao Family would probably be a Xuan Beast as well. If he were to continue like this, Lu Li would be caught up eventually.

"To the mountains!"

Lu Li decisively ran towards the north straightly. Even though the mountain trail was hard to travel, but it would be harder for Zhao Rui and his warriors who would be riding on horses and Xuan Beasts. As long as Lu Li could make it to the Frigid Cloud Mountain through the hills and mountains, he would have a big chance to get rid of the chase of him since the terrain there was complicated, and there were warriors of many families.

Lu Li also caught a jackal nearby. He tore a piece of cloth off his robe and cut his finger using his Heaven Kylin Sword. Then, he stained the rag with his blood and tied it to the jackal.

The scouts of big families were so powerful. Lu Li had been tailed since last night, but he did not even realize it. He had to be vigilant. Hopefully, the diversion he created would be effective to some extent.

He made the jackal run towards another direction. Lu Li himself rushed on desperately over hills and mountains and quickly disappeared into them.

Lu Li was right in his guesses.

After only more than two hours, a team of cavalry ran from the west. They raced to the battlefield between Lu Li and the scouts along the marks left by the Zhao Family scouts.

Zhao Rui was riding a purple lion. He was in a cyan armor, holding a black iron long spear in his hand and carrying a silver sword on his back. He looked majestic and extremely arrogant.

Di Huo was right alongside him. There was another middle-aged man with scars on his face and abundant qi and energy. His eyesight was as cold as that of a poisonous snake. Clearly, he was a warrior of the Spirit Sea Realm.


One of the more than a dozen people screamed at a distance. All of them stopped, and two warriors of the Zhao Family dismounted to have a look. Soon, they came back to report, "Young Master Rui, our people might have been killed."

"Where are the bodies? Look for them!"

Zhao Rui was furious. The more than a dozen people immediately spread out to search for the bodies. Soon, they found the bodies of the two scouts.

"Young Master Rui, they were smashed to death. One of them had all his ribs broken," The warriors of the Zhao Family reported after some examination. Di Huo thought of something and said while bowed with his hands cupped, "Young Master Rui, they must have been killed by Lu Li. This man was born with enormous power, and he had more than 10,000 pounds of physical strength. He understands no Xuan Skill. His favorite is to cut and attack using brute force."

"Lu Li!"

Zhao Rui was filled with the desire to kill. These two were sent here to pursue Lu Li. Apart from the Liu Family, no other families dared to kill the warriors of the Zhao Family of the entire Wu Ling County.

He immediately decided that this was Lu Li’s doing. Zhao Rui shouted in a suppressed voice, "Spread out and try to find him. Find any trace you can. Once you see him, send us a signal at once."


Apart from the scarred middle-aged man, the rest teamed up in two and spread out in a fan shape to search. Zhao Rui and the scarred man walked on while waiting for information.

After two hours, all of them came back. One of them carried the jackal chased away by Lu Li. Some of them found out that the footprints disappeared along the road ahead, while others realized the real direction Lu Li fled to. After all, there was still some snow covering the road, so they could see the footprints.

The group analyzed and soon determined the route of escape Lu Li took. The scarred man opened his mouth for the first time, "That guy is clever. He should have fled towards the Frigid Cloud Mountain to look for the Liu Family in order to avoid being killed."

"Uncle Scar is right!"

The fact that Zhao Rui could become the No. 1 genius of the Zhao Family and enjoyed a much higher status compared with the other young masters of the Zhao Family was not only attributable to his abnormal talents, but also his intelligence. He nodded along in agreement. "That being the case let us divide up our forces and chase. Di Huo, bring 10 people with you and hunt down Lu Li while tracking his footprints. Uncle Scar and I will wait for him at the foot of the Frigid Cloud Mountain."

Lu Li escaped via the mountains. There was practically no road there. Zhao Rui was spoiled, so how could he give up riding in exchange for crossing mountains and river? The scarred man was his bodyguard, so he could not leave Zhao Rui.

This matter was brought up by Di Huo. Di Huo, therefore, was naturally duty-bound. He gave his words that he would spare no effort. Leaving his horse behind, Di Huo brought 10 men with him and hunted down Lu Li towards the direction he escaped to.

"Uncle Scar, let’s go. Let us wait ahead of them." Zhao Rui nodded to the scarred man and ran off with him and the rest of the warriors.

"Go, move. Guys, run. When we kill Lu Li, let’s go to the best brothel in the county and enjoy for three days. I’ll pay."

Di Huo kept pressing the warriors to move faster in the mountains. That incident that happened on the Frigid Cloud Mountain was indeed led by Di Ba. Yet, he could not successfully kill Lu Li, but instead had Zhao Family condemned by several big families instead.

Therefore, Di Ba was scolded by the Zhao Family Patriarch. Di Ba was consequently angry and upset about it. He mentioned this specifically to Di Huo after he came back last time.

If Di Huo could manage to kill Lu Li, not only would he revenge for the people who died in the tribe, he could also let the Zhao Family value him and his father. Hence, Di Huo made extra efforts.

The rest of the 10 warriors got excited upon hearing Di Huo’s words. In the average days, how could they go to the good brothels? Di Huo was about to break through the Spirit Sea Realm. On top of that, Di Ba was the External Clan Patriarch. In the future, the two would definitely have promising days coming in the Zhao Family. As such, the rest would like to help with all their efforts.

At once, the team started running like crazy following Lu Li’s footprints. All the warriors brought along by Zhao Rui were all at the peak of the Xuan Wu Realm. They were as fast as the wind, so crossing mountains and hills were a piece of cake for them.

"Someone is over there!"

After running for about two hours, one of the warriors suddenly pointed to a big mountain in the distance. All of them looked towards that direction and saw a little black dot climbing up the big mountain.

"There should not be anybody else in the wild. That must be Lu Li!"

Di Huo got agitated. Even though the mountain was very far away, and the mountain trail was difficult to walk, it would still take at least more than an hour for them to get there. But now that they had spotted Lu Li and that they had so many people on their side, how could they let Lu Li run away from them?

"Go, go after him!"

Di Huo was like he had taken steroids, running while screaming. The rest of the 10 warriors were equally worked up. All of them ran along as if they were a wolf pack that had found their prey. Excitement and killing intent filled their eyes.

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