The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 25: Your Journey Has Just Started

Chapter 25: Your Journey Has Just Started

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“Maybe it is not possible for others, but for you, it is!”

Lu Ling took out a book from the bundle. In Lu Li’s surprised stare, she tore one page off and took out a piece of golden page as thin as a wafer. Handing it to Lu Li, she seriously said, “Remember this mental cultivation method by heart and then destroy it immediately!”

“This… was left by father?”

Lu Li’s eyes brightly shone. These books were all left by their father, so the golden page must be his as well. He took it over and became short of breath.

“First Segment of the War God Album!”

There were merely dozens of characters on the golden page, and it was marked on the page that this was just the first segment of the mental cultivation methods. The name was quite domineering. On it, every little golden character seemed to have a bizarre and unexplainable magic, making Lu Li’s heart pounding and his blood boiling.

“This is a cultivation method It is only known by our Lu Family. Even though father had only left behind the first segment of the cultivation method, but it is more than enough for you to cultivate to the peak of the Soul Pond Realm!” Lu Ling continued with a straight face, “Lu Li, you must remember this. This must remain a secret. You cannot let it out even if your life is at stake.”

“Who is our father on earth?”

Confusion and questions had filled Lu Li’s mind, but he didn’t suppose Lu Ling was going to tell him. He had to take the golden page back to his room. After he had carefully studied the dozens of small characters in the golden page, making sure that he had it all remembered, Lu Li threw it into the stove and burned it down.


Lu Li tried to calm down his excitement. Sitting down with his legs crossed, he settled down into cultivation. The cultivation of the Xuan Wu Realm was as simple as that of the basic Xuan Energy. Everyone in the Northern Desert knew how to do it.


To know was one thing. Whether one could cultivate Xuan Energy or how fast one might be able to do that was another thing that was dependent on the person’s gift.

There was a famous dictum circulating around the Northern Desert—success required 80% of efforts, 10% of gift and 10% of luck, of which the latter two were of greater importance compared with the first one.

Gift, was the individual’s constitution!

If one even could not cultivate Xuan Energy, how could one become a powerful warrior? For a select few, they could cultivate Xuan Energy at the age of three and awaken their Bloodline of the Fifth or Sixth Rank at age of five or six. But for others, they could devote a lifetime of efforts to it, yet still could not compare with what others could do in a single year!

This might be harsh to the ears, yet that was the plain fact!

Of course, diligence was the basics. No matter how gifted one was, if one wasn’t working hard, he would eventually be caught up by the warriors with less gifts and could not become a powerful warrior that inspired awe over the entire world.

The cultivation of the Xuan Wu Realm depended first on the accumulation of Xuan Energy and secondly on opening up the twelve main energy channels through the whole body with Xuan Energy. When all the twelve energy channels were opened up and the Xuan Energy was abundant enough to spread through all the energy channels, the peak of Xuan Wu Realm could be reached. Then the person could move on to condensing Spirit Sea to break through the Spirit Sea Realm.

The Xuan Wu was a grave test on one’s gift—constitution.

Of course, if one was a disciple of a Big Family who was provided with enormous resources, like being bathed in rare herbs since little, and having his constitution changed by elixirs, then naturally, they would be much faster in cultivation.

Two points, good constitution and abnormal gift!

It would firstly make one very fast in cultivating Xuan Energy. It might take others one month to accumulate ten strands of Xuan Energy, but that particular one may just need two hours. This was about abnormal gift. Then another thing was about concerning energy channels. Everyone had filth inside their body, which meant impurity when they were born. There would be obstruction inside the energy channels which affected the flow of Xuan Energy.

Xuan Energy was the essentials of a warrior. To desire to own powerful combat capacity, a warrior must let the Xuan Energy flow through the body and be able to mobilize it to anywhere he wished to

Therefore, to cultivate, one must first refine the energy channels to use Xuan Energy to consume all the obstruction in the channels over the whole body to open them up. In that way, the Xuan Energy could flow around freely in all energy channels.

Everyone’s constitution was different. Some people had less obstruction in their energy channels, while other had more. Some even had their energy channels totally blocked with no way to open them up.

That was where the difference in gifts would come in...

Individuals with good constitution and abnormal gifts had a tiny obstruction. While others might spend months or years to open up one energy channel, that individual would only take days or even just half a day. This kind of individuals was usually called geniuses!

“Good grief. I didn’t realize that my constitution was this good…”

Only an hour had passed before Lu Li opened his eyes. He murmured in astonishment. Precisely at that moment, he came to understand why Lu Ling had said that he could make it to the middle stage of the Xuan Wu Realm in three days.

He used the War God Album in cultivating his Xuan Energy. He could not tell whether he was fast or not because he didn’t know the speed of others.

However, there was one thing for sure. There was a tiny obstruction in his main energy channel, too little for that matter. Moreover, he could now use Xuan Energy and make it flow through that energy channel as the filth obstruction inside it could not block Xuan Energy.

There could only be two reasons for this!

It was either he was that talented, or that he had been fed with highest-grade elixirs to improve his constitution. Either way, Lu Ling must be in the know, or else she would not have asked Lu Li to make it to the middle stage of Xuan Wu Realm in three days.

To open up four out of the 12 main energy channels, one would make it to the middle stage of the Xuan Wu Realm. To open up eight would be the latter stage of the Xuan Wu Realm, and to open them all would be the peak of the Xuan Wu Realm. After which, the Spirit Sea could be condensed to reach the Spirit Sea Realm.

Four energy channels!

If he could do it every time like the first time, then Lu Li didn’t even need four days to open up four. If he wouldn’t take some rest, whether night or day, he could make it in about a day and a half.


Lu Li didn’t bother to think about it too much. After all, when he had awakened his Bloodline, Lu Ling would tell him everything. He started to put his mind and soul into cultivating Xuan Energy, using Xuan Energy to open up the energy channels. He had to reach the mid-stage Xuan Wu Realm before he could consider other things.

The more powerful he was, the faster he could cultivate, and the more highly the Liu Family would think of him. As long as Liu Family got his back, even the Internal Clan Patriarch of the Zhao Family, let alone Di Ba, an External Clan Patriarch, needed to think twice before causing Lu Li trouble.

It was getting darker outside. After an hour, Lu Ling came in with a food container. Seeing the feeble light signaling Xuan Energy glowing on Lu Li’s body, she slightly smiled and went to bed in her own room.

Lu Li didn’t eat nor did he take any rest. His entire mind was on cultivation. He was so excited that he could cultivate through the night. Instead of feeling fatigued, he actually felt refreshed.

At daybreak, Lu Ling came in and forced Lu Li to sleep for a bit. Lu Li woke up at noon and continued to cultivate Xuan Energy and use it to open up energy channels.

Lu Ling and Lu Li did not leave the tavern for the next two days. Apart from eating or napping in marginal times, Lu Li spent the rest of his time cultivating and opening up energy channels.

He quickly progressed in cultivation. He had opened up his Chong Channel the first night, and his Hang Yang Channel on the left hand and the Hand Yin Channel on the right hand during the afternoon and night of the second day. On the third day, he started working on his Foot Yang Channel on his right leg.

By the dusk of the third day, Lu Li opened his eyes and when he saw Lu Ling was on his side, he shouted out in childlike excitement, “Sis, I did it! I have opened up four energy channels, and now I am a warrior of the middle stage of the Xuan Wu Realm.”

In less than three days, Lu Li had managed to breakthrough from the initial stage of Xuan Wu Realm to the middle stage. If words could explain how fast he progressed, the whole Wu Ling County would be seethed with emotions.

Lu Ling put on a gentle smile. She did not feel surprised, just proud and pleased. With a nod, she replied, “Offspring of our Lu Family are this powerful to be sure. Lu Li, you did not disgrace our father. But you cannot be too cocky. Your journey… has just started.”


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