The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 24: The Temple

Chapter 24: The Temple

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“Lu Ren Huang?”

Lu Li was startled because this was his first time to know his father’s name.

Xuan Wu, Spirit Sea Realm, Soul Pond Realm, Fate Wheel Realm, Eternal Realm, Noble Lord Realm, Human Sovereign Realm!

Human Sovereign was the Supreme Sovereign of humans. There once appeared a Human Sovereign in the history of the Northern Desert. That person unified the Northern Desert, built up a strong empire, stood on the vast territory, and had millions of powerful warriors at his beck and call. That was the most powerful and the supreme of the human race, the chosen one, one in several generations.

And to think that someone had the guts to call himself Lu Ren Huang?

Was he not afraid that when the strongest warriors heard that, they would send someone to murder him? After all, this was a taboo. Heaven would not tolerate actions of defying the Ren Huang the Supremacy. Even if someone dare to insult a Ren Huang Powerhouse of any generation, let alone to name himself Ren Huang, he would be hunted down by Big Families if they came to know this information.

“You have an unusual identity.”

Lu Li remembered what Lu Ling said. A bold idea came to his mind. Could it be that he was a son of a Human Sovereign Realm Powerhouse? But on his second thought, he noticed that there was no any trace of Human Sovereign Realm Powerhouse in the recent hundred years in the Northern Desert.

“Don’t overthink this.”

Seeing Lu Li’s expressions, Lu Ling got up and said, “As long as you can awaken your Bloodline, I will tell you everything. Now, we must go out and get to the temple. We have to find out when they are going to open the Bloodline Sacrificial Altar. Provided that you can awaken your Bloodline, the Liu Family will treat you utmost respect.”


Lu Li could feel that there were more and more mysteries about him; only, Lu Ling just would not say it. Lucky for him, Lu Li already had strength of more than 11,000 pounds. He could awaken his Bloodline any time now, so he was not in such a hurry right now.

Di Ba could bring people into the Wu Ling County anytime soon, so Lu Li did not feel safe enough even if he was living inside a tavern that belonged to the Liu Family. He quickly got up and walked outside with Lu Ling.

The temple was actually just on the south side of the plaza, opposite to the Overlord Mansion. Every city had a temple for people to awaken Bloodline.

“Sis, do I need anything to awaken Bloodline? Like Golden Leaves!”

Lu Li asked while making their way towards the temple. He knew nothing about the temple. Before, he could only look at it from a distance. The gates were always closed, kind of ghastly and terrifying with a mysterious sense which scared him from moving closer.

All the warriors in the Northern Desert wanted to awaken their Bloodline to become the most powerful Bloodline Warrior.

Disciples of Big Families and young men from tribes had all aspired to awaken their Bloodline. It was said that Di Huo and the other guys also tried. Lu Li thought if anyone could come with no strings attached, then the people in the temple must be exhausted. After all, there were a large number of people in Wu Ling County.


Lu Ling determinedly said, “If you can push the gates of the temple open, then you are likely to awaken your Bloodline. The people in the temple will arrange for you to awaken your Bloodline.”


Lu Li looked towards the ancient temple to the south. The temple was old but not shabby. It was all over painted black all over. There were six columns at the front gates with ancient mysterious patterns engraved on them. Similar plain and mysterious patterns were also carved on the four walls in the temple. Even though it was not a big temple, but it was exuding with mystery and bizarreness.

Any passerby could see the temple. It was such a common scene to pedestrians and warriors in the plaza that no one actually paid attention to examine it.

Lu Li walked towards the temple step by step. Thirty-three feet to the front of the temple, Lu Ling stopped and encouraged Lu Li with a smile, “Go, go push the gates of the temple. A new world will open up to you.”

Lu Li looked at Lu Ling and somehow, the surge of confidence got more intense. He slowly walked towards the temple, which attracted the attention of nearby pedestrians. But on seeing that he was so grown-up, they were kind of mocking him.

The age for awakening Bloodline was usually around six. Disciples of Big Families and children in tribes would be organized once every month of every year to try to awaken their Bloodline. As rumors had it, six years old was the best time to do this.

Every year, at least a thousand children would go to push the gates of the temple. But only a handful of children could make it inside, and among all the people that got in, none of them succeeded in awakening their Bloodline.

Lu Li was already 14 or 15 years old, how could he imagine awakening his Bloodline?

Paying no heed to the pedestrians, Lu Li unswervingly walked towards the gates of the temple. More and more pedestrians were drawn to this. But they all mockingly looked at Lu Li and wanted to see him fail.

Lu Li inhaled when he got to the gates of the temple. While staring at the two ancient mysterious black gates, he reached out one hand to push on the gate.


There was a feeble light flickering on the gates, like the patterns came to life. Obviously, there was a layer of prohibition on the gates, or everyone could push it open.


A slight sound rang out. To everyone’s surprise, the two black gates opened towards inside. A glow glistened in Lu Li’s eyes. He turned his head back and looked at Lu Ling, then the latter nodded as if everything was as anticipated.


This caused a storm of sensation around the plaza. A young man of 14 or 15 years old could open the gates of the temple now. Did it mean that he did not try to awaken his Bloodline when he was six?

Lu Li surely did not come here. No one from the Di Long Tribe brought him here. Not even Lu Ling ever mentioned it. All she did was to ask him to refine his body.

Rustle, rustle, and rustle!

Footsteps came from inside the temple. A skinny elder appeared in black robe and strolled over. He looked up to Lu Li when he got to the gates and said, “You have earned your chance to open the Bloodline Sacrificial Altar when you opened the gates of the temple. You can come here in half a month. We will have the awakening ritual for you then. But whether you can make it or not, it depends on your luck and fate.”

With that said, the skinny elder patted on the gates of the temple. The gates slowly closed. The patterns on the gates stopped glowing and returned to its original state.

Lu Li strode back. Many people were curiously sizing him up, but he didn’t really care about this. When all was said and done, there were always some children that could push the gates open. However, although numerous people had come with hopes, they would eventually left with disappointments. No one could even manage to awaken their Bloodline of the lowest First or Second Rank, let alone one of higher than the Third Rank.

Half a month!

After they had returned to the tavern, Lu Li and Lu Ling all seemed depressed. Half a month might not be a long time, yet it would be enough for a lot to happen.

According to the original plan of Lu Ling, Lu Li could awaken a very powerful Bloodline. Once he joined the Liu Family and even if he was just a Guest Warrior, he would still be specially valued by the Liu Family and be treated like he was a lord. Now that there was going to be a window of time of half a month, Di Ba would definitely bring people to the Wu Ling County. Unless Lu Li joined the External Clan of the Liu Family, they would not stick their head out for him.

But joining the External Clan of the Liu Family?

That was something that was not condoned by Lu Ling. She spent her way to the tavern in silence and explained to Lu Li as soon as they returned, “Lu Li, you need to cultivate Xuan Energy with all your strength on these three days and strive hard to reach the middle stage of the Xuan Wu Realm. That is how to make the Liu Family value you.”

“Middle stage of the Xuan Wu Realm? How is that even possible?”

Lu Li was speechless. He had just cultivated the Xuan Energy and was in the early stage of the Xuan Wu Realm. To let him break to the middle stage of Xuan Wu Realm in these three days? Wasn’t it just some idiotic nonsense?

Di Huo was the best-endowed warrior among the young generation in the tribe. He seemed to have spent about three years from first cultivating Xuan Energy to make it to the middle stage of Xuan Wu Realm. His younger brother, Di Huo, cultivated Xuan Energy when he was nine, and it took him six whole years to make the breakthrough to the middle stage of the Xuan Wu Realm. Now, Lu Ling wanted Lu Li to do it in three days…


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