The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 16: Fight to Win or Die

Chapter 16: Fight to Win or Die

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“Break his legs!”

From the conduct and expressions of Di Han, it seemed like they wanted to destroy Lu Li today and would not stop unless they reach their goal.

Lu Li did not want to get into fight. He was about to awaken his Bloodline, and he could even join the Liu Family. He would lose more than what he could gain if he were get into a big fight with Di Han and the others right now.

Even though he had dramatically increased his strength to more than 11,000 pounds, but he still was not sure that he could compete with Di Han who was at the peak of the Xuan Wu Realm.

Di Han was 27 years old, and not only he had he cultivated the Xuan Energy very early on, but he also learned two Xuan Skills. For Lu Li, to be defeated was nothing, to be beaten up was just some pain, and to have a broken leg merely meant up to one or two month’s rest and recovery. What Lu Li was afraid of the most was his sister getting disgraced.

Lu Li coldly said, “Di Han, the reason why I hurt Di Hu and the other guys was because they bullied me first and insulted my sister. I did not do any serious harm, nor did I cripple their limbs. Since you all have problems with me and my sister, how about we leave the tribe now?”

“Ha, ha, ha!”

Di Han laughed and mockingly replied, “You just beat up someone and you want to go now? How can you think of something so ridiculously good in the world? My aunts have been crying for days. What would I say to them if I could not break your legs? Don’t waste your breath… On the count of three, if you don’t break off your own legs, we will do that for you. However, in case we carelessly break all the bones inside you and your sister’s other leg, don’t blame us.”

“Just you?”

Right at that moment, the door on the stone house was pushed open. Lu Ling came over on her walking stick. She looked across the dirt wall to the distance with an indifferent look and shouted, “Di Huo, Di Tian, now that you want to get over your resentment, why are you hiding? If you are really worthy of the name of man, just come out!”

“Ha, ha!”

There came a two young man from a stone house in the distance. One of them was in a white warrior robe, quite good-looking. With long swords in his hands and a majestic gait, there was a breathtaking bearing shown.

The other guy was shorter, with triangular eyes, and serpent-like expressions in the eyes. Just one look at him would frighten anyone.

The young man in the white warrior robe was the most powerful among the young generation, Di Huo. Even though he and Di Hu had the same mother, there was a huge difference in their looks and even more in their bearing.

Di Huo threw a cold glance at Lu Ling, saying, “Lu Ling, you can’t blame this on me. Your brother broke Di Hu and the other guys’ bones. Their mothers and aunts wanted us to set things straight. We have no choice… How about let Lu Li break his two legs and we can let this go?”

“Ha, ha”

There was no single trace of anger on Lu Ling’s face. Instead, there was a faint smile. It was such a breathtaking scene. Her face was so much prettier than that of Lady Yi, and many young men outside the yard had lost their eyes in that beauty.

Lu Ling paused for a bit and softly replied, “Anyone who wants to break off my brother’s legs, come on in. But, I give you a fair warning. Anyone that dare to enter this yard, don’t blame us for being merciless.”

From the very beginning to the end, there was always an extreme calmness on Lu Ling’s face. Her tone was so soft that it did not feel like a warning to Di Huo, but a cordial invitation for them to come in and be their guests.


Di Huo and Di Tian looked at each other. For some reason, they felt a chill running down their spine. Only they knew that Lu Ling was not messing around. Once they set foot in that yard… maybe, there would be no turning back.

“Crazy b*tch, what do you want?!”

Di Tian mumbled and looked to Di Huo. The latter was hesitating and did not give any orders.


Di Han was not so concerned. He snorted heavily. To him, Lu Li was just nobody that he could easily suppress. As for Lu Ling? How big of a threat could a crippled woman be?

He drew his saber from his back, held it up high, and angrily roared, “Why are you wasting your time talking to this crazy woman?! Move, let’s destroy the bastard Lu Li and throw them out of our tribe!”


A young man looked towards Di Huo and said, “Brother Huo, our chief had made extraordinary contributions on the outside of the Ice Abyss. He has been recruited as the patriarch of the External Clan [1] of the Zhao Family. We don’t need to waste our time on this nonsense here. What if we really destroy them? Who will dare to say anything in the tribe?”

Lu Li and Lu Ling looked at each other and eventually understood. No wonder they were brazenly making such a big scene. It was because Di Ba had become the External Clan patriarch of the Zhao Family.

Zhao Family was also located in the Wu Ling City, a second rank family. They were second only to the Liu Family. That Di Ba becoming the External Clan patriarch of the Zhao Family would increase his prestige in the tribe, and he could lead the tribe to development and grandness.

“Di Pu, you go and have some fun with Lu Li.”

Di Han looked at a young man in his early 20s. Di Pu was at the mid-stage of the Xuan Wu Realm. Among the young generation in the tribe, he was not bad. Lu Li could not cultivate the Xuan Energy, yet he could badly hurt Di Hu and the other two so badly. To this day, Di Hu found that hard to believe.


Di Pu was as agile as a monkey. With just a small leap, he had made it to the top of the dirt wall of Lu Li’s house. He had a long spear in his hand. While staring at Lu Li, he grimly said, “Little bastard, now let us have some fun.”

Lu Li threw Lu Ling a glance. Lu Ling retreated back to the inside of door and frigidly said, “I said, if anyone dared to come into our yard, then don’t blame us for being merciless. Lu Li, make your move. We are not going to stay in the tribe anyway.”

With that said, to everyone’s surprise, Lu Ling returned to her room and didn’t care anymore about the situation outside. Lu Li slowly raised the saber in his hands. His will to fight had become stronger.

At that moment, there was no longer hesitation in his mind. Judging by the situation here, if he could not injure over a dozen of these men, they would not be able to make it out of the tribe today.

Behind him was his sister who was so weak and vulnerable. There was no way back, so Lu Li had to furiously fight with his life.


Di Pu, who was standing on the dirt wall, looked at Di Han and Di Huo. Seeing the latter two nod in consent, Di Pu jumped up high with a roar. The Xuan Energy in his hand glistened, and the long spear morphed into two spear shadows which stabbed towards Lu Li’s chest.

Lu Li did not move. Seeing that the long spear was moving towards him trying to stab him, Lu Li slowly started to press his legs down, like squatting. He slightly squint his eyes and focused his eyesight on that spear piercing through the air as he calculated the distance in his head.

About 22 feet, 11 feet, and 5.5 feet!


Lu Li suddenly swung his saber. In a glint and flash of cold steel, it was like a lightning strike, so fast that many could not clearly see it.


With a muffled sound, the long spear in Di Pu’s hand was knocked off. Lu Li’s saber was chopped exactly at the spearhead. The terrifying strength made it hard for Di Pu to grab onto the spear. Moreover, he was also smashed that made him to fall back and roll off from the wall.


Lu Li kicked backwards on the ground and charged forward like a ferocious tiger. He rapidly kicked Di Pu who was hanging up in the midair away.


Di Pu hit on the dirt wall outside of the yard of Lu Li’s house. The wall was built with dirt. How could it stand such strength? The dirt wall came tumbling down with dust rising from the ground.

A spectacular defeat in just one move!

There was a chaos outside. Di Huo, Di Han and Di Tian were all bit surprised. In the distance, some of the elderlies and senior women were startled but did not move closer. Instead, there were a couple of old women was raising a hue and cry from afar, shouting to Di Huo and others to let them teach Lu Li and Lu Ling a lesson and banish them outside the tribe.

“You indeed have some abilities. Now I can see how you could hurt Di Hu!”

Di Han’s face became solemn. He twisted his hand and swung the long saber in his hands. He asked somebody to help Di Pu to get up and moved towards the yard in an oppressing manner step by step.

He obviously had a much more imposing momentum compared with Di Pu. A killing intent accompanied his body; obviously, tremendous blood have been spilled in his hands.

Di Huo, Di Han and Di Tian were the best of the hunters among the young generation in the tribe. They had been hunting and preying beasts since they were eight or nine, so surely, they had much more experience in battle in contrast to Di Hu and the rest.


Just as they crossed the collapsed dirt wall prepared to engage, Di Han suddenly looked to the stone house behind Lu Li. There was astonishment written all over his face.

In the distance, Di Huo,Di Tian and others were all stunned alike. Di Huo and Di Tian cursed at the same time in a low voice, “She indeed is crazy…”


Detecting something was wrong, Lu Li suddenly looked back. All he saw was a thick smoke coming out of the house, with some flames visible. There was a fire in the house.


Lu Ling pushed the door open, with her walking stick in one hand and the bundle in another. She did not look back to the house on fire. Rather, she looked at Lu Li quite calmly and said, “Brother, we are going to leave the tribe soon. Since we are no longer going to live in the house, just burn it down.”

“Crazy woman…”

Some people cursed in a low voice. Maybe she was okay to burn her own house down, but how could she be so calm? She had determinedly cut off their way back. How can she be so sure that they could safely leave the tribe today?

Lu Li threw a glance towards the house with the thick smoke coming out of it. He was more determined to fight now that there was absolutely no way back. He had to fight to win, or else, die.

[1] Wai Tang 外堂. Stilil stuck with the name. Bg Families basically all have “Nei Tang (内堂)”, “Wai Tang (外堂)” and “Ke Tang (客堂)”, in which “Nei” means internal, domestic or inner, “Tang” means hall, or, of the same clan, or the main room of a house; “Wai” means the opposite of “Nei”, and “Ke” means guest or visitor. “Wai Tang” includes the powerful warriors recruited from the outside of the family, like the Patriarch Hong and many Liu Family Escorts are of the “Wai Tang”. They depend on the Liu Family, work and fight for them, and get corresponding salaries and resources based on their status and battle achievements.

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