The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 15: Break Both of Your Legs

Chapter 15: Break Both of Your Legs

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The beast roaring died down after midnight and Lu Li was soundly asleep. At the small hours, Lu Ling was too sleepy to stay awake, so she went back to bed.

Lu Li woke up on time at dawn and stretched himself in comfort. After he was fully awake, he immediately went outside. Upon making sure that the tribe was calm and his sister was soundly asleep, he jumped into the back of the mountain out of the yard.

Lu Li felt his strength had increased after he consumed five Body Refinement Pellets last night. With no surprise, he should have strength a of more than 11,000 pounds now.


Finding the gigantic boulder he placed on the back of the mountain, he lifted it up with ease and ran in strides to the pond in the valley.


He forcefully threw the gigantic boulder down, and a smile bloomed on his face. He felt he had gained about 880 pounds of strength, and now, he definitely had a strength of more than 11,000 pounds.

He rushed into the pond and stood on a boulder in the waterfall. Taking out his long knife, he started cutting at the waterfall. This time, he easily managed to cut more than 300 times before he was washed down by the waterfall.

“I’m done with the practice. I should go home now!!”

Lu Li did not know whether the Beast Upheaval had died down yet, so he didn’t dare to stay too long outside. Getting dressed, he carried his long sword and walked out of the valley.

He lingered and looked at the valley when he got outside. He had been cultivating and practicing for seven years here, and now he was about to leave the Di Long tribe, so perhaps he would never come back. Inevitably, he was reluctant to leave.


After a few looks, he made it towards the Di Long tribe in strides. This time, he did not want to take a detour to the front gate of the tribe, but rather he directly jumped into the yard of his house. He was about to leave now, so he should not worry anymore.

The sun had just come out. Lu Ling, on the other hand, had been up for some time and was cooking breakfast. She was not surprised to see Lu Li come back earlier than usual. She smiled and said, “Take a seat. Breakfast will be ready shortly.”

Lu Li washed his face and rinsed his mouth. Then, he helped Lu Ling to get the breakfast out. As usual, Lu Ling did not have much and just ate a bowl of rice porridge. Lu Ling said after she was done, “When you’re done eating, you go outside the tribe and poke around for a bit. If there is no danger on the road to the Wu Ling County, we will leave this afternoon.”

“What’s with the hurry?”

Lu Li frowned. The Beast Upheaval just happened yesterday. Even if it was suppressed down, there might be some stray beasts in the wildness. He was okay with that, but Lu Ling did not have any fighting capacity. Once she was attacked by wild beasts or some Xuan Beast, it would be disastrous.

Lu Ling explained,“Di Huo came back yesterday, together with Di Han and Di Tian. The warriors of the young generation had all come back.”

Lu Li’s face became solemn. Di Huo was the most powerful warrior among the young generation. He was only at the age of 22, but he was well-endowed. Di Han and Di Tian were also at the peak of the Xuan Wu Realm, about 27 years old. In an ordinary tribe, their qualities were quite good.

The three were the most powerful among the young generations. Lu Li originally thought even if they heard about him injuring Di Hu, they would not immediately make it back in time, but it seemed that because of the Beast Upheaval yesterday, Di Ba was afraid that the tribe would be attacked by the Xuan Beast, so he let them back early.


Lu Li nodded and replied after giving it some thoughts. As long as the road to the Wu Ling County was safe, he would desire to leave early as well. He was not confident in fighting against three warriors at the peak of the Xuan Wu Realm. It was okay for himself, but he was worried that Lu Ling would be dragged into the trouble as well.

After his was done with his breakfast, he observed the tribe from inside the stone house. Seeing that the tribe was living peacefully, he immediately went to the back of the mountain, taking some detours on the nearby tribes to gather information.

“Is someone here?”

Just as he went by a roundabout route to leave the tribe, he saw a team of young people in the wild. He secretly threw glances at them and spotted some familiar faces.

“Di Han!”

They were young men in the tribe. It seemed that they were patrolling outside the tribe, lest some stray Xuan Beast would attack the tribe. No wonder the tribe was so quiet. It was because Di Huo, Di Han, and the other guys making an inspection tour outside.


Lu Li was relieved. There should be no one trying to get Lu Ling and himself into trouble in a short period of time, right? He quickly left and took a detour to a nearby tribe.

After walking around for four to six hours, he had circled around that area and asked some people in other tribes and gathered some information.

There was indeed a Beast Upheaval last night. A large tribe in the north was attacked with a lot of casualties, but the Beast Upheaval was temporarily quelled.

A large number of powerful warriors of the Super Families went into action and slaughtered a lot of formidable Xuan Beasts. There were also many warriors stationed outside the Ice Abyss from the Liu, Zhao and the Lu Family [1]. They were blocking the Xuan Beast outside the Ice Abyss and would not let the Beast Upheaval spread out further.

“Go back, and I will leave for the Wu Ling County this afternoon.”

Lu Li had put his mind at ease. As long as they were careful, the road to Wu Ling County was going to be relatively safe. He was worried about Lu Ling, so he hurriedly returned to the tribe without a stop.

Di Huo and the others had also returned, so Lu Li didn’t dare to use the front gate to get in the tribe. He once again climbed over from the back of the mountain into his stone house.


Lu Li’s continence changed as soon as he stepped into his stone house. There stood a young man in the opposite stone house, who was looking at Lu Li with a sinister smile.

“Someone is tailing me!”

When Lu Li saw the young man climb off the stone house and disappear, he became heavy-hearted. One did not have to guess to see that this man was sent by Di Huo and his gang, waiting for Lu Li to show up.

He hurriedly returned into the stone house and he was surprised to see Lu Ling was tidying up the room and had already prepared the bundle. She did not pack many things, just jewelry, other valuables, and clothes, along with some dried, cooked meat and water. The books on the shelf were all carefully placed into the bundle.

“Sis, we need to leave.”

Lu Li told her that someone was stalking him outside. Lu Ling did not show much change in her emotions and just continued on packing.

Only after all things were packed did she calmly sat down and say, “We will not be able to leave now. Since they already sent someone to stalk us, we will get hunted down the time that we leave. As such, we should just wait for them here.”

“Wait for them?”

Lu Li grabbed the saber that Patriarch Hong gave him. He coldly said, “Sis, how about we leave the tribe, just and honorable. Given our sixth granduncle is still here, I don’t think Di Hu and the others would dare to cross the line excessively.”

Their sixth granduncle was the Tribe Patriarch from the family strain of Lu Li’s maternal grandfather, enjoying quite the esteem in the tribe. Previously, because of his awe, Di Ba and his family strain didn’t dare to act recklessly. Otherwise, Lu Li and Lu Ling would have been evicted long ago.

“No use!”

Lu Ling shook her head and said,“You’ve been busy carrying coffins and probably don’t know. Our sixth granduncle is sick and hasn’t been able to get out of bed for several days. Di Huo and the others would not probably let any information to reach our sixth granduncle.”


Coldness flashed through Lu Li’s eyes, then he clenched his teeth and said,“Sis, don’t you worry. I will not let anyone harm you. Anyone who dared to cause you any harm, they will firstly need to cross over my dead body.”

“Silly brother!”

Lu Ling smiled and replied, “I am not as weak as you have in mind. Later, you just follow my arrangement. If Di Huo and the other guys dared to get you into trouble, I will let them regret being born in the first place.”


Seeing Lu Ling’s calmness, Lu Li felt at ease beyond explanation. This moment, Lu Li felt Lu Ling was like a military counselor who could devise strategies within a command tent with everything in her plan.

“Lu Li, get your ass out of here!”

In less than an hour, a shout came from outside the stone house. Lu Li glanced at Lu Ling with a murderous look on her face. Everything was going according to her plan. They came here so quickly that they could not manage to escape.

“Drink this cup of tea and then let’s go out.”

Lu Ling poured him a cup of tea and Lu Li confusedly looked at her. They were in such a critical situation, and tea, now?

But he was accustomed to listening to Lu Ling. He picked up the cup of tea and drank it up. Halfway through, however, he spat out the tea and asked, “Sis, what is this tea? Why does it have a strange taste?”

“It’s good stuff, just drink it.”

Lu Ling mysteriously smiled. Lu Li finished it with great effort then went outside with his saber. Through the short wall, he saw there were more than a dozen people outside. He did not see Di Huo and Di Tian, though, it was just Di Han and more than a dozen young people from the tribe with him.

Lu Li asked in a deep voice across the dirt wall, “What do you want from me?”

“What do you think?”

Di Han, who had a bronzed skin and looked as strong as a dragon, gloomily said, “Are you not clear about what you did? Di Hu, Di Gu, and Di Ping are still lying in bed as we speak. As their cousin, I must avenge for them. Do you want to break your own legs and bring your sister to get out of the tribe? Or, do you want me to break off your legs and throw you two out?”


[1] This is the 鲁家, a different family than the one Lu (陆) Li was from. 陆 and 鲁 are spelled the same in pinyin. 鲁 is a surname and also refers to a vassal state during the Zhou Dynasty (1066-221 BC) in modern day Shandong Province. 家 means family.

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