The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 124: Coward

Chapter 124: Coward

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Patriarch Seven brought men with him and rushed over from another direction. The corner of his mouth twitched when he saw a warrior at the latter stage of the Spirit Sea Realm was killed by Lu Li with one swing of his halberd. Patriarch Seven himself was just at the latter stage of the Spirit Sea Realm as well. Didn’t it mean that if Lu Li wanted him dead, it would be done by one swing of his halberd as well?

"Kill all the warriors in blood-red armors and golden armors!"

Lu Li shouted suddenly. Five green shadows shot over from behind him and rushed into the crowd like five devils. Miserable cries came out. Warriors were scratched to death one after another. Patriarch Seven and the others felt terror struck into their hearts.

"Warriors of the Xuan Wu Realm, retreat. Those of the Spirit Sea Realm, charge with Lu Li."

Patriarch Seven originally planned to launch the assault by leading a group of guys. However, that wouldn’t be necessary now. Besides, if there were too many warriors of the Liu Family rushing over, they might be killed by the Green Dwarfs by mistake. Patriarch Seven asked warriors of the Xuan Wu Realm to retreat and followed Lu Li himself with several warriors of the Spirit Sea Realm.

Following Lu Li would make sure that they wouldn’t be man-slaughtered by the Green Dwarfs. The most crucial thing was that Lu Li was so vigorous. He could kill warriors with one move whether they were of the Xuan Wu Realm or the Spirit Sea Realm. Everywhere he went with his halberd, minced bodies lied around. Not even one body was intact.

"Go, leave the island!"

"Run, these green men’s fighting capacity is almost as good as men of Soul Pond Realm. We cannot stop them…"

"Run, run!"

The mist was thick and the visibility too low. Many men were beheaded just as soon as they saw green shadows flashed by. In such a short time, at least 100 people were dead. The rest were scared stiff and started fleeing in disorder like crazy.

Several Spirit Sea Realm warriors of the Blood Evil Island initially tried to hold back Lu Li and the Green Dwarfs for a moment but it could not be done. Lu Li was every bit as vigorous as the Green Dwarfs. The Mighty Heaven Halberd of his was like the sickle of the God of Death. Lu Li could kill one each time he swung his Halberd.

Lu Li was seized by a strong desire for killing. He dashed around madly with the five Green Dwarfs and would kill anyone in sight. Patriarch Seven felt heartily following Lu Li. They killed their enemies as easy as butchering beasts.

By the time Lu Li rushed out of the forest, only less than 300 or 400 people were left of the 1000 people from the Blood Evil Island. Half of the warriors of the Spirit Sea Realm were killed or wounded.

It was about the same situation at Liu Yi’s side. Only 400 or 500 managed to run away. With Green Dwarfs leading the way, it was so easy for Patriarch Nine and the rest to slaughter. They murdered hundreds of the Blood Evil Island warriors easily.


From the west side of the island, Xue Chou brought someone with him to charge into the island. They approached the forest only to see countless men running away in fright. Terror and panic were clearly shown on their faces.

"What is happening? Where is Patriarch Three?"

Xue Chou shouted in anger. He sensed something was wrong when he saw the two signal detonators. The two Patriarchs would not have released the signal detonator if it were not for fatal situation based on the capacity of the two Patriarchs.

"I don’t know, don’t know!"

"Green ghost shadows. Horrific! So many of us died!"

"Island Owner, leave now! Those green men are terrible. Let us go first, otherwise, all will die here…"

Several warriors screamed. Xue Chou was ready to fight his way into the forest in a fit of rage but he was hesitating now. He waited for a moment and saw more running out in terror. Ultimately, Xue Chou decided to stay outside and observe. Who knew what the situation was like inside the misty forest?

After a while, there were no more running out of the forest. Xue Chou looked around and was shocked. He only saw 300 or 400 people get out. Patriarch Three and many others of the Spirit Sea Realm were missing. Could they all be dead now?

Rustle, rustle, rustle!

A light sound of footsteps came out from the forest. A young man dragging his halberd sneaked out of the forest. He looked at those standing outside of the forest and said, "Xue Chou, you are the Island Owner of the Blood Evil Island, a man of honor. How can you just stand here and watch your men being killed? Are you a wuss?"

Xue Chou didn’t have a deep impression about Lu Li, but he just felt him familiar. Xue Bugui, who was standing next to Xue Chou, shouted in violent rage, "Father, he is Lu Li. Kill him now."

"Kill me?"

Lu Li sneered. He turned back and ran to the forest. When he got inside, he looked back and said, "You father doesn’t have the guts. He is a coward!"

It was like fire was about to come out of Xue Chou’s only eye. He forcefully held it back and didn’t lose his temper. He didn’t go after Lu Li. Instead, Xue Chou waved his hand and said, "Let us go back to the battleships. Retreat!"

"Lu Li, wait and see!"

Xue Bugui shouted while gnashing his teeth in hatred. He was not an idiot. He soon figured it out. The situation here today was too strange. If Xue Chou brought men with him to charge into the forest without a full understanding of the situation, it could mean the total destruction of the entire army.

When Xue Chou and the rest left, Lu Li, Patriarch Seven and the other warriors walked out of the forest. Patriarch Seven asked in confusion, "Lu Li, why don’t you pursue them with the Green Dwarfs? If so, you have a good chance of killing Xue Chou."

"Not possible!"

Lu Li shook his head and said, "It is an open land out there. Xue Chou was still far away from the forest. If he had his men to risk their lives to stop the Green Dwarfs, he could easily slowly torture the Green Dwarfs to death by releasing his Xuan Energy externally. Once all the Green Dwarfs are killed, it will be our turn."


Patriarch Seven nodded in agreement. Just now, Lu Li tried to provoke Xue Chou who didn’t fall for the trap. If Xue Chou entered the forest, it would have been perfect.

"Oh no!"

Something came to Patriarch Seven’s mind. His expressions changed and he shouted in a deep voice, "Send a message now. Tell our Family Patriarch not to act rashly. Tell her not to pursue enemies out of the forest with the Green Dwarfs."

Outside the island, there was another warrior at the Soul Pond Realm at Liu Yi’s direction. If Liu Yi did something impulsively and rushed out with the Green Dwarfs, what would happen if she were killed? The Green Dwarfs were significant to the Liu Family. Nothing could happen to them.

One Patriarch hurried towards the east side. Lu Li and Patriarch Seven dared not to leave. They were keeping tabs on Xue Chou and the others.

In the time it took for three incense sticks to burn, the Patriarch of the Spirit Sea Realm came back. He reported helplessly, "I am too late. Family Patriarch and Patriarch Nine already rushed ahead with Green Dwarfs. Even though they managed to slaughter 300 men of the Blood Evil Island, we… lost two Green Dwarfs."


Patriarch Seven felt upset. Two Green Dwarfs were 100,000 Xuan Crystals. Luckily, it was just two which wouldn’t impact the big picture.


A scout ran over from the distance and reported, "Xue Chou has retreated, and so has Patriarch Four of the Blood Evil Island at the east. Perhaps they are going back to the Blood Evil Island."

Several Patriarchs looked to Patriarch Seven. One of them inquired, "Patriarch Seven, what to do now? Should we kill our way to the Blood Evil Brotherhood?"

Patriarch Seven showed signs of interest. They still had eight Green Dwarfs. If all the Patriarchs were to fight together to kill Xue Chou and the rest two patriarchs on his side, the Blood Evil Island would fall to the Liu Family’s hand.

"If you want to go, go. I won’t!" Lu Li discouraged them. He said coldly, "If you want to deliver yourself to the netherworld, then go."

"Lu Li, what do you mean?"

One of the Patriarchs was enraged at once. But Patriarch Seven calmed himself. He waved his hand to stop the former from continuing. Patriarch Seven nodded and said after some thoughts, "Lu Li is right. Xue Chou has been running the Blood Evil Island for many years now so he must have built many Magic Circles and Inhibition Formations. If we entered the Blood Evil Island rashly, surprises of various sorts may arise. It is true that the Green Dwarfs are powerful fighters but weren’t two killed at the east? Once the Green Dwarfs perish, we will be faced with our doom as well."

That Patriarch was anxious. He asked, "What should we do? We have put all our cards on the table now. Xue Chou will think of something to deal with us. Surely, it doesn’t mean we are going to sit around and wait for death?"

Patriarch Seven considered about it and made up his mind, "We will wait for Third Brother Lu to come back from his investigation. If Xue Chou and his guys all go back to the Blood Evil Island, we will bring our men to the outside of that island. We will not go ashore, just stay outside. In this way, we can either attack or retreat. Then we will find a chance to exterminate the Blood Evil Island."

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