The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 123: All Those in My Way Will Perish!

Chapter 123: All Those in My Way Will Perish!

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To face today’s fight, the Patriarchs of the Liu Family convened several meetings and several coping strategies were generated.

The Blood Evil Brotherhood only sent two warriors of the Soul Pond Realm into the island. That was the best the Liu Family could ask for. As long as they could finish the two warriors of the Soul Pond Realm off, the Blood Evil Brotherhood would find it hard to be liberated from the situation.

The Liu Family had 10 Green Dwarfs almost as good in combat as warriors of the Soul Pond Realm. It would be utterly easy for them to kill those two. All the Liu Family needed to do was to separate them and then send five Green Dwarfs to kill each one.

Patriarch Two, Zhang Hai, of the Blood Evil Island had been pursuing Patriarch Nine of the Liu Family. The former already had his fate sealed. Patriarch Nine had taken a Wind Pellet which enhanced his speed to a level comparable to warriors of the Soul Pond Realm. He led Patriarch Two towards where Liu Yi was hiding.

"Here they come."

Sensing the sharp noise and seeing Patriarch Two who was closely following Patriarch Nine, Liu Yi’s body shuddered out of excitement. She confirmed that it was Zhang Hai through the grass. Then she waved her hand and said, "Start off and kill that old man in the golden armor."


The Green Dwarfs were alien-races from a small world. They had been tamed by the Heaven Prison Chamber of Commerce for a while, so they could understand the language of the Northern Desert. Green light glowed on the five Green Dwarfs and they rushed out like five green arrows.

"Ambush here!"

When Zhang Hai approached where Liu Yi was, he already realized something was wrong. He saw five green lights shooting at him and finally figured out what was that the Liu Family was relying on.


He soon threw a signal detonator to the sky. He was not trying to get Xue Chou and the rest to save him, but to tell people of the Blood Evil Island that, he… was dead.

That was right!

When he saw the five Green Dwarfs, Zhang Hai already knew he was most certainly going to die. He once fought with the Green Dwarfs in the small world, and he knew how good these alien-races were. If there were only two or three, he could have the chance to flee. However, he would die with five here.


Zhang Hai was reluctant to perish like this. His beard and hair were dancing in the air as his golden armor glared brightly. He swung his sword and lights of the sword filled the space.

"Boom, boom, boom, boom~"

Many trees were hit by the externally released Xuan Energy and were cut in two from the middle. Two Green Dwarfs were hit, but the moment they were hit, pieces of green scale shells appeared on their bodies which warded off the external release of Xuan Energy.


Patriarch Nine dashed towards Liu Yi when he saw Zhang Hai flipped out. Patriarch Nine grabbed Liu Yi and retreated quickly. If Liu Yi stayed there, Zhang Hai would take her to the underworld with him.

Five Green Dwarfs encircled Zhang Hai. They were so fast that only green blurs could be seen, much like five fierce ghosts.

The attacking method of the five was simple, relying on fast speed and their green claws. It was not so serious a problem if there were only one or two of them, but Zhang Hai could not withstand the continuous attack from five Green Dwarfs.

When one Green Dwarf attacked, it would retreat immediately after it scratched Zhang Hai, so Zhang Hai tried to fight this dwarf. Then another came. Flickering ghost-like shadows enveloped Zhang Hai. He had only come into contact with the dwarfs for a little while before they already inflicted more than 10 scratch wounds on him…

"Ah, ah, ah~"

Zhang Hai shouted in rage and fury. He didn’t care which Green Dwarf was attacking now. He kept swinging his sword, sweeping toward all directions. He wanted to bring one or two Green Dwarfs down with him before he died.

The effect of doing this was quite good. One of the Green Dwarfs was hit on the arm. The green scale shells on its arm were broken. Then it was hit again and this arm was cut off clean. Green blood spilled all over the ground. The Green Dwarf cried in pain.


One Green Dwarf jumped onto a tree. Then the dwarf jumped off from it like a bolt of lightning and scratched Zhang Hai’s head. His head exploded and he died at last.

The signal detonator just exploded in midair when Patriarch Two of the Blood Evil Brotherhood was killed. The ferocity of Green Dwarfs was evident.

Of course, there were really five warriors of the Soul Pond Realm attacking Zhang Hai, so he had already died before the signal detonator explored.

"Patriarch Two!"

Five Spirit Sea Realm warriors ran over madly from the distance. They happened to witness Zhang Hai’s head blowing and him falling to the ground. The five people looked at the five Green Dwarfs as surprise emerged in the five warriors’ eyes. They wondered what kind of strange monsters were they?

"Green Dwarfs?" One of them finally came to the realization. He waved his hands and said, "Fall back!"

"Too late!"

Patriarch Nine returned with Liu Yi. Liu Yi gave out orders with a murderous look on her face, "Kill them!"

The five Green Dwarfs charged forward like wind. The five warriors of the Spirit Sea Realm that were about to flee were half dead with fright. Patriarch Two of the Soul Pond Realm was killed in an instant, so how could they get away?


A signal detonator exploded in the west sky. Patriarch Nine and Liu Yi looked at each other. Smile emerged on their faces. So it seemed Patriarch Seven and Lu Li at the west side also succeeded. Patriarch Three of the Blood Evil Island wouldn’t have used the signal detonator otherwise.

Liu Yi allocated five Green Dwarfs to them. The Green Dwarfs would obey orders of anyone that had dissolved the jade talismans, so they were easy to manipulate.

"All of you, charge—"

Patriarch Nine bellowed. Several dozen men ran out from his left-rear corner. They were the warriors of the Liu Family that were hiding here.

Soul Pond Realm Patriarchs of the Blood Evil Island were dead already. Patriarch Nine’s side had the five Green Dwarfs leading the way. Even with nearly 1000 people, the Blood Evil Island was like completely useless to the Liu Family now…

"Bang, bang, bang, bang~"

The five Spirit Sea Realm warriors soon turned into minced flesh under the sharp claws of the Green Dwarfs. Liu Yi controlled the Green Dwarfs to charge towards the main troop of the Blood Evil Island.

In the dense forest in the west, Lu Li was taking control of five Green Dwarfs. What Liu Yi guessed was right. Patriarch Seven also took a Wind Pellet and lured Patriarch Three of the Blood Evil Island in who was killed easily by the five Green Dwarfs controlled by Lu Li.

"Lu Li!"

Patriarch Seven shouted to Lu Li while he ran towards the latter with a group of people.

Lu Li dragged the Mighty Heaven Halberd and held five tokens in his other hands. He shouted to the five Green Dwarfs in a deep voice, "Follow me!"

Lu Li ran on in big strides with the five Green Dwarfs at his heels. The mist was thick. Lu Li didn’t worry a bit that he could not see things in a distance.

Patriarch Lu had been probing around with top level scouts. If Xue Chou and others made any moves, Patriarch Lu would inform Lu Li at once. As long as Xue Chou remained still, what was to fear about the 1000 men ahead of him?

Soon, Lu Li approached the main troops of the Blood Evil Island. It was less chaotic here. Nevertheless, Patriarch Three who were leading these warriors was lured away and killed. These men, without a commander in chief, did not know whether to advance or retreat.

"Someone is around!"

Hearing the noise made when Lu Li was running about, several Spirit Sea Realm warriors became vigilant. They soon readied their weapons and prepared to fight.


Lu Li took the initiative and rushed towards them first. When the warriors of the Blood Evil Island saw Lu Li, they were surprised. Was he an idiot? He was trying to court death by charging on his own.


Three warriors of the Spirit Sea Realm dashed towards Lu Li. One of them was at the latter stage of the Spirit Sea Realm. Lu Li was fearless though. He released his Bloodline Skill at once. Silver light glared in his eyes, like a cold glare of beasts, sending chills in people’s hearts.


Without any glamorous techniques, Lu Li swung his Mighty Heaven Halberd and cut at the warrior at the latter stage of the Spirit Sea Ream when he approached. The Heaven Halberd had Inhibition Formations built inside which could quicken the speed of attack. Plus, after Lu Li released his Bloodline Skill, his strength was horrifying which already made him even faster.

The warrior at the latter stage of the Spirit Sea Realm didn’t even have enough time to react before the Mighty Heaven Halberd enlarged in his pupils. The speed of the halberd cutting at him was so fast that he could not dodge in time. The halberd was 6.5 feet in length, so the warrior didn’t even have a way to fight back other than using his saber to defend.

Lu Li himself had no idea how much strength was in him. When he reached the middle stage of the Spirit Sea Realm, his strength grew. The release of Bloodline Skill and Rolling Thunder Xuan Skill could both enhance his strength…

The result was obvious. With a muffled sound of objects bumping together, the saber of the warrior at the latter stage of the Spirit Sea Realm from the Blood Evil Island was knocked away. Then his head was exploded into mists of blood after it was cracked open forcefully by the halberd.

"All those in my way will perish!"

Lu Li bellowed. Then he continued charging forward like a terrifying Xuan Beast.

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