The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 115: Breath of Death

Chapter 115: Breath of Death

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Enormous strength passed along. Xue Bugui could not hold on to the long sword in his hand. He witnessed his long sword being knocked away and was frightened by Lu Li’s saber which was cutting at him. Xue Bugui hurried to retreat and twisted toward the back in an exaggerated way. In the meantime, he kicked at Lu Li’s hand with one leg.


Even so, Lu Li still cut a deep wound stretching from Xue Bugui’s chest to his abdomen. Lu Li was too fast. If it were not for the fact Xue Bugui was quite good at Body Arts Xuan Skill, he would have been cut open.


Xue Bugui gave out a miserable cry and rolled around on the ground. He had soft armor to protect his body, but he took them off. Otherwise, Lu Li’s move wouldn’t be able to harm him in the slightest.

Xue Bugui rolled around and got up. Looking at the deep cut on his belly, he saw blood spilling out. His eyes were filled with rage, pain, and profound terror.

He had felt the breath of death. Lu Li was not messing around. If he was a bit slower, he would have been turned into a corpse.

Xue Bugui had his share of sufferings and desperate fights. When he was little, Xue Chou was hunted down in the outside world for many years. He would be away for several years a time. Xue Bugui, as a kid, would go hunt for animals and Xuan Beasts in the mountains by himself. For so many times, he almost lost his life.

However, after Xue Chou became the Island Owner of the Blood Evil Island and got Xue Bugui back, he had never tasted rough times or suffered from any wound again. He had been the Young Master for too long that he was accustomed to wealth and honor and he had become fearful of death…

Therefore, when he saw Lu Li walking towards him with the saber in his hand, Xue Bugui looked terrified. He said nothing. He left behind his weapon and soft armor, and just ran off with his hand covering his wound.

"You wish to leave?"

Xue Bugui today had really triggered Lu Li’s intention for killing. Seeing the tears in Liu Yi’e eyes, Lu Li was ready to kill even kings and emperors at this moment.

Abusing women was wrong in itself. To drug a girl? To rape her? Lu Li would kill this kind of scumbag all the same even if it was a stranger under abuse, let alone his friend.

Seeing Xue Bugui was about to flee, he didn’t even chase up to him. He threw the saber directly toward Xue Bugui’s thigh. Hearing the whooshing sound, Xue Bugui wanted to dodge out of instinct. Nevertheless, he had been wounded. Lu Li’s speed was fast. The saber cut at Xue Bugui’s thigh instantly!


Xue Bugui shouted another miserable shout and rolled about on the ground. Liu Xian and the other escort were shaking. Lu Li almost killed Xue Bugui. If he had thrown the saber a little bit higher, Xue Bugui could have been pierced.

Lu Li walked over step by step and stopped by Xue Bugui’s side. He stared at Xue Bugui coldly like looking at a dead body. Lu Li lifted his leg, which was glowing with Xuan Energy, about to crash Xue Bugui’s head with the move.

"Don’t kill me, you cannot kill me!"

In the depths of Xue Bugui’s soul, a sense of terror came. He felt Lu Li was like an emotionless Xuan Beast. Covering up his wound with one hand and grabbing onto the saber stuck in his thigh with another, Xue Bugui said with a trembling voice, "If you dare to kill me, my father will trod down the Blood Dragon Warrior with our men. All of you of the Liu Family will die."

It was better before he said it. Lu Li was completely enraged. He lifted up his leg and stomped down. Liu Yi, in the distance, was freaked out. The efficacy of the drug used on her seemed to have been reduced. She crawled up and shouted, "No, you cannot kill him. Lu Li… stop!"

The Green Dwarfs had yet to be purchased by the Liu Family. Once Xue Bugui was killed, things would go beyond repair. Xue Chou would bring their men with him immediately over to wipe out the Blood Dragon Island. At least… Lu Li would be killed for sure!

Hearing Liu Yi’s voice, Lu Li paused and he diverted from the original direction. Lu Li stomped forcefully at Xue Bugui’s other leg.


Bones of Xue Bugui’s other leg were crashed. He shouted again and almost passed out from the pain. Lu Li retracted his leg, turned around and looked at Liu Yi who was shaking her head and was begging with her eyes. She murmured constantly asking Lu Li not to kill anyone.

Looking at the weeping beauty, Lu Li’s murderous intent became weaker and he collected himself. He didn’t look at Xue Bugui again. He strode over to Liu Yi, picked her up and ran towards the outside.

Liu Xia and the other escort were scared to death. They were at a loss of what to do. After a while, Liu Xia came to his sense and shouted, "This is terrible. Go back and report to the patriarchs."

The two dared not to stay here anymore for fear that Xue Bugui might kill them in a fit of rage. They dashed towards the Liu Family Castle.

The two patriarchs of the Liu Family were frightened when they learned the news. They hurried to the Plenilune Pond to pick up Xue Bugui and the escorts. Xue Bugui had passed out because of the loss of blood. It was lucky that he was still alive, so after some healing, he managed to survive.

The two patriarchs dared not to make any decisions, nor did they dare to let the warriors of the Blood Evil Island leave. When Patriarch Seven and Patriarch Nine came back, they were scared as well and also angered at the same time.

It had already happened, so it must be sorted out. Patriarch Seven talked it over with the others and had Patriarch Nine to bring someone with him to carry Xue Bugui and the three warriors back. Also, the formation was quite large. More than 20 people went with them.

Patriarch Nine had someone with him to carry Xue Bugui and the warriors to the Blood Evil Island and left them there without giving any explanation. The only words he left behind were to let Xue Chou discipline Xue Bugui.

The Blood Evil Island was in a commotion. How could their young Island Owner be hurt like this? Several patriarchs rushed over after hearing the news. They inquired what happened from the three escorts but they hesitated and were afraid to state the truth.

The matter soon alarmed Xue Chou. After he questioned them, he felt disgraced. Many Patriarchs were angry, though, and raising a hue and cry to kill their way to the Blood Dragon Island and attack the Liu Family until they surrender.

Right at that moment, Patriarch Seven came by himself. Xue Chou suppressed down his embarrassment and received Patriarch Seven.

Patriarch Seven started with a confession. Then he sighed and groaned and said that he had been persuading Liu Yi to marry Xue Bugui. Liu Yi actually was a bit moved, but now she was emotionally harmed completely.

Patriarch Seven also stated that Xue Bugui should tend to his wounds with care. Later, he would talk some sense into Liu Yi and try to find a way for the two sides to become relatives by marriage. In the future, the Liu Family still had to look to Xue Chou for support. If it were not for the fact that the other patriarchs of the Liu Family disagreed, he would like to join the Blood Evil Brotherhood…

His words were mixed with lies and truths. Xue Chou even felt a bit embarrassed. He had someone to get many gifts and asked Patriarch Seven to bring them back as a gesture of apology for Liu Yi. Then he said that he would teach Xue Bugui a lesson and so on.

Xue Bugui attempted to rape Liu Yi but was cut by Lu Li and had a leg broken. It seemed that the two sides were even. However, if it were Lu Li who tried to rape a lady of the Xue Family, the Liu Family would have been destroyed.

The Blood Evil Island was powerful, whereas the Liu Family weak. Patriarch Seven and the others had to resort to this second rate means to compromise. They had to stall for some time and right this injustice when the Liu Family was strong.

When Patriarch Seven came back, he immediately found Lu Li and Liu Yi who had recovered and asked them to go to the Heaven Prison City tomorrow with the accumulated 6000 Blood Caterpillar Fruits.

Six thousands of them could be worth 150,000 Xuan Crystals, and they could afford two Green Dwarfs. With two Green Dwarfs comparable to the Soul Pond Realm, the Liu Family had the ability to put up a fight should the Blood Evil Island seek war.


Lu Li nodded and agreed at once. After Xue Bugui’s wounds were healed, he would find a way to get revenge. With the suppression from Xue Chou, Xue Bugui might not make trouble for the Liu Family, but definitely for him.

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