The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 114: Prepare to Die!

Chapter 114: Prepare to Die!

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The warrior at the middle stage of the Spirit Sea Realm put this feeling behind him. Lu Li was not a Bloodline Warrior, and he didn’t take any pellet. How could he forcefully increase his fighting capacity? There could only be one explanation, he was bluffing.

The warrior stood still for a second and used his Xuan Energy to increase his speed. He jumped up high and chopped at Lu Li’s head.

The air surging from his saber intensified, making people confused as to where the blade was. It made people feel that the saber could come at any angle and defending was impossible. Clearly, this Xuan Skill was quite good.

Could not defend? Then no!

Lu Li swung his saber and chopped at this guy’s chest. His speed was fast and forceful. Maybe his opponent could cut his head, but Lu Li was confident that he could cut open his opponent’s body.

He gambled that his opponent dared not to risk his life needlessly, since Lu Li was just an insignificant man to him. How could he risk his life for Lu Li?

As Lu Li expected!

Cold glare flickered in the eyes of the warrior of the Blood Evil Island. Eventually, he was still afraid to cut down. He changed his saber to a horizontal position and tried to knock Lu Li’s saber off then slid over to behead Lu Li.

The ending went without saying. The strength of the warrior of the middle stage of the Spirit Sea Realm was only of a couple of tens of thousand pounds. He changed his move in the process which reduced his strength again.

How much strength did Lu Li have? After he used his Bloodline Skill, even without Rolling Thunder Xuan Skill employed, his strength could amount to at least more than hundreds of thousands of pounds…


In the stunned stare of Liu Xia and the other escort, the warrior of the Blood Evil Island flew out horizontally like a kite separated from the string. His saber was knocked away, and the armor was dented on his chest area. His blood kept spilling out when he was in midair. In the end, he landed more than 100 feet in the distance, rolled around, and became still.

"Hiss, hiss…"

Liu Xia and the other escort gasped. They were trembling out of tension. They were shocked by Lu Li’s fighting ability, and at the same time, they were concerned about what the Liu Family would face should Lu Li kill the men from Blood Evil Island.


Lu Li carried the saber and rushed towards the Plenilune Pond, not even looking at the three warriors of the Blood Evil Island. Liu Xia and the other escort quickly followed suit. They glanced over and noticed that the warrior at the middle stage of the Spirit Sea Realm was not dead, but just passed out. They were relieved and followed Lu Li rushing on.

The Plenilune Pond was not big but the scene was picturesque—one of the best on the Blood Dragon Island.

Lu Li glanced over and saw a pavilion by the pond. When he coarsely looked into the pavilion, killing intent came surging out of him.

"Family Patriarch…"

Liu Xia and the other escort ran over. They saw what was happening on the grassland. Their eyes were wild open and they, too, were filled with murderous intent.

On the grassland, a piece of rag was laid down. Liu Yi was lying on that piece of rag. Her dress was ripped and her snow-white skin was revealed in many places. On her face, there was a red slap mark.

Liu Yi had not passed out. In her eyes, there was rage and humiliation. She was desperately twisting and trying to get away, but her body was weak and feeble as if she was suffering from chondropathy. No trace of Xuan Energy glowing could be seen from her.

On the other hand, Xue Bugui had taken off his shirt, riding on Liu Yi. One of his hands was squeezing her neck and the other was busy ripping her clothes.


Seeing that Liu Yi tried to grab him, he slapped her in the face. On the right side of her face, another red slap mark showed.

Seeing this, and relating to what he was told about the Liu Family, Lu Li understood without having to think much. Evidently, Xue Bugui knew that there weren’t too many patriarchs of the Liu Family around today, so he had brought Liu Yi to the Plenilune Pond, drugged her secretly and tried to sleep with her by force.

Xue Bugui had been wooing her for a long time. He was probably out of patience so he planned to get her by force. What's done cannot be undone. Once Liu Yi’s body was tarnished, what was the harm in marrying him?

The Blood Evil Island was so powerful. If this could work out, the Liu Family couldn’t kill Xue Bugui. Later, Xue Chou could come forward and scold or punish Xue Bugui heavily. He could explain and smooth the matter over by letting Xue Bugui and Liu Yi get married. All would be complete…

"Fortunately, I am here in time!"

Lu Li secretly felt lucky. If he was a bit later, Liu Yi’s virginity would have been lost. He said nothing and dashed towards the pavilion like wind. He dragged the saber of Liu Xia behind him as murderous intent filled his body.

Xue Bugui sensed it. He glanced over in fury, and to his surprise, he saw Lu Li and the two escorts of the Liu Family. He was shocked out of instinct. Then he said with an angry expression, "Who let you in here? Get out!"

If it were Patriarch Seven and the others, Xue Bugui would be scared. But who was Lu Li? Who the hell were the two escorts? His mind was affected by his lust. He was about to score but was stopped, so he was naturally furious.

Lu Li ran forward without uttering a single word. Soon, he arrived close to the grassland. Liu Yi showed some delight when she saw Lu Li. Then, tears poured out of her eyes like rivers, like a wronged child who had seen her father.

"Courting death!"

Xue Bugui stood up, outraged. He picked up a long sword at his side and drew it out with a whooshing sound. He pointed to Lu Li and said, "Get out or die!"

"You get the fu*k out!"

Lu Li cursed. He ran swiftly forward like wind and swung his saber to chop at Xue Bugui’s head.


Xue Bugui was enraged. He swung his Xuan Artifact long sword which morphed into sparkles. His legs moved and waggled so fast that people could not tell his steps. In an instant, he got to Lu Li’s left side and dodged Lu Li’s attack.

"Body Arts Xuan Skill?"

Lu Li stopped. Xue Bugui had a miraculous Body Arts Xuan Skill. If he were to proceed any further, he could be sneaked up on by Xue Bugui and get killed. As such, Lu Li decided to cope with all motions by remaining motionless and waiting for Xue Bugui to initiate the attack.


Xue Bugui didn’t go gently on Lu Li. His long sword glided over along an arch trajectory and started twisting like a poisonous snake, aiming at Lu Li’s waist on his side.


Lu Li didn’t mind Xue Bugui’s long sword. He swung his saber and swept at Xue Bugui’s body. The warrior at the middle stage of the Spirit Sea Realm of the Blood Evil Island dared not to trade life for his life. Xue Bugui’s identity was more distinguished. How could he perish together with a minor character?

Sure enough!

Xue Bugui immediately drew back his sword and started retreating. He dodged Lu Li’s cut. He moved to Lu Li’s back like mud fish and then stuck out his poisonous-snake like long sword again.


Lu Li left this attack aside as well. He wielded his saber and swept towards his back with a backhand motion. These two’s weapons were about the same length. Lu Li’s attack speed was very fast. If Xue Bugui were to kill Lu Li, he would be cut to death by Lu Li as well.


Xue Bugui was so upset. It was the first time for him to see such a way of fighting as Lu Li did, to trade life for life, fearless of death. Lu Li tried to perish with him with every move. He was so honorable, so how could he risk his life with Lu Li?

It was the same for the next few attacks. Xue Bugui didn’t know what to do. He felt Lu Li was like a hedgehog. There was no way to crack him.


While he was trying to figure something out with a frown, Lu Li, who had remained still, moved. He was fast as wind, catching Xue Bugui by surprise. Xue Bugui couldn’t have enough time to avoid.

Seeing that Xue Bugui was unable to dodge and that he had to use his long sword to defend himself, Lu Li knew the fight had come to an end. He shouted with a strong killing intent, "Xue Bugui, prepare for your death—"

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