The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 105: The Heaven Prison Island

Chapter 105: The Heaven Prison Island

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When everyone had left the valley, Lu Li once again threw the animal tooth pendant into the blood pond. The blood boiled and tumbled over for almost the time it took for an incense stick to burn before it stopped.

At night time, Liu Yi personally watered the dozens of Blood Caterpillar Grasses. She never went back. Liu Yi just sat in meditation in her cabin and waited and observed.

Lu Li stayed behind as well. He was a bit nervous. If the animal tooth pendant really worked, and the Blood Caterpillar Grasses could earn them Xuan Crystals, he could get a lot of resources.

The two sat in meditation in the cabin through the night. They went out to inspect the farm when the day just broke. What came into their eyesight was surprising—the more than dozens of Blood Caterpillar Grasses had all grown four extra leaves.

In the farm, the regular Blood Caterpillar Grasses only had four leaves all together. Those ones at the Blood Evil Island had six. That was why people didn’t think the Blood Dragon Island was suitable for growing Blood Caterpillar Grasses.

And now… the dozens Blood Caterpillar Grasses had grown four more leaves and the grasses had turned into eight-leaf ones? Also, there was a red glare flickering on those dozens of Blood Caterpillar Grasses. They looked full of vigor and clearly had grown a bit.

"Is this a good or bad thing?"

Lu Li didn’t know much about the Blood Caterpillar Grasses. He touched his nose and asked. Liu Yi didn’t understand either. She asked nervously, "I need to ask Grandpa Seven for this. He went to the Blood Evil Island several times to see their Blood Caterpillar Grasses. He knows the most about the Blood Caterpillar Grasses."

"Go get him. But remember, my secret must be kept."

After Lu Li said that, Liu Yi left the valley instantly. She sent someone to get all the patriarchs here. In the time it took for half an incense stick to burn, Patriarch Seven brought the other Patriarchs over. When they saw the dozens of Blood Caterpillar Grasses, they were startled. Patriarch Seven carefully studied and asked, "Family Patriarch, how did you do it?"

Liu Yi looked over to Lu Li and replied, "This is all Lu Li. He has a special power. Um… he asks to keep it a secret. So, I cannot tell you."


Patriarch Seven and the others looked at Lu Li with new eyes. When Lu Ling saved the Liu Family, they didn’t feel much. Yet at this moment, when everyone looked at Lu Li, it was as if he was a Bodhisattva helping people out of misery.

Liu Yi paused and asked Patriarch Seven, "Grandpa Seven, do you think the Blood Caterpillar Grasses are okay? Are they mutated? Are they going to bear fruits? I don’t dare to water the rest. I am afraid that all will be ruined."

Patriarch Seven looked around but he wasn’t sure either. After all, they had never grown Blood Caterpillar Grasses before. Nobody could tell if the fruits were going to be okay or not.

Patriarch Seven and several other Patriarchs discussed and decided to build another blood pond. They would water half the Blood Caterpillar Grasses with the treated blood by Lu Li and the other half with the regular blood. In this way, in case anything goes wrong, not all Blood Caterpillar Grasses would be ruined.

They spread out and started dealing with it. Patriarch Seven had given a strict command. Apart from the Patriarchs, and the several Xuan Wu Realm warriors that were here before, nobody could tell anyone else a word. Otherwise, death sentence would be in order.

Patriarch Seven also had two other Patriarchs to guard the farms in turn. Nobody could get any closer. In case the other half Blood Caterpillar Grasses could really produce high quality Blood Caterpillar Fruits and it was known by the Blood Dragon Island, the result would be catastrophic.

There were so many people of the Blood Evil Brotherhood that were dependent on the Blood Caterpillar Grasses to live. If they knew the Liu Family could grow Blood Caterpillar Grasses of higher quality, needless to say, they would suddenly turn hostile and try to annex them. After all was said and done, the Blood Caterpillar Grasses were the lifeline for the Blood Evil Brotherhood. Therefore, the news must not be disclosed.

Lu Li had made a huge contribution. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Liu Yi asked Patriarch Seven to have someone to buy some Fire Jade Spars. Even though the requirement was kind of strange, the Liu Family was in great need of Xuan Crystals. But on hearing that those were asked by Lu Li, Patriarch Seven immediately sent someone to buy at the God-down Island.

Lu Li and Liu Yi spent all their time staying at the farms for several days apart from showering, eating and sleeping. Every few days, when the blood was used up and new blood was poured in, Lu Li would take his animal tooth pendant out and threw it in.

However, when Lu Li was doing it, nobody could be in the valley besides Liu Yi. This was Lu Li’s "secret prescription".

Time passed on and the growth of the Blood Caterpillar Grasses watered in the treated blood got better and better. Seven days later, those bore fruits in advance, three days ahead of time. The other half of the Blood Caterpillar Grasses had not borne fruit yet. It seemed it would take another five or six days for the second half to bear fruit.

For a couple of days, looking at all the red caterpillar-shaped fruits, a big smile blossomed on Liu Yi’s face. Liu Yi saw these Blood Caterpillar Fruits as if they were her children. Her stares were full of love…

Two days later, the Blood Caterpillar Fruits became ripe and fell to the ground. Each one of them was of the size of a middle finger, curving like a small snake.

Patriarch Seven and the others became all the more cheered up. Their fruits were better than those at the Blood Evil Island. The fruits were dark red in color, with a faint red glow. They looked pretty nice.

"Patriarch Seven, let us go to the God-down Island tomorrow and find someone to evaluate them so we can sell."

Patriarch Nine said with excitement and his hands clenched in a fist. Lu Li, however, said coldly, "Sell at the God-down Island? Are you courting death?"

Patriarch Nine’s expressions changed. He thought Lu Li was saying this against him specifically. Patriarch Nine was about to say something when Patriarch Seven waved his hands and said, "What Lu Li said makes sense. We cannot sell the fruits at the God-down Island. We cannot even let people nearby know about this. If we want to sell, we go to the Heaven Prison Island."


Liu Yi came to her senses. Patriarch Nine pondered about it calmly and did not refute anymore.

He understood what Lu Li meant now. The Blood Caterpillar Grasses was the very lifeline for the Blood Evil Brotherhood. The Liu Family growing high quality Blood Caterpillar Grasses could not be disclosed to the Blood Evil Brotherhood. Once these fruits showed at the God-down Island, the Blood Evil Brotherhood would definitely know.

Patriarch Nine considered it and proposed a question, "The Heaven Prison Island is so far away. It is not feasible for us to get there by taking the ship ourselves. It is safe within the sphere of influence of the God-down Island. But we might get intercepted or killed when we are out. The only ways for us to get to the Heaven Prison Island are to take the ships of the God-down Island or take the Teleportation Formation. The former way is going to be very time-consuming, and the latter… Xuan Crystal-consuming!"

Lu Li knew about the Heaven Prison Island. That was the largest and most prosperous island of the Thousand-island Lake. That was also where the most powerful man of the Thousand-island Lake, the Old Man of the Heaven Prison, was at.

The Heaven Prison Island was at the center of the Thousand-island Lake. It would take a month to go there and back by ships. There was a small Teleportation Formation at the God-down Island that could get to the Heaven Prison Island, but one time would cost a huge amount of Xuan Crystals…

"Take the Teleportation Formation!"

Patriarch Seven thought about it and said after he made up his mind, "Only two can go. Let Family Patriarch and Lu Li go. If this batch of fruits can really sell well, the Xuan Crystals will be well spent. In the future, we will not be in want of Xuan Crystals anymore."

"We go?"

Liu Yi and Lu Li looked at each other in surprise. Let them go for such an important errand? How could Patriarch Seven trust them so much?

Patriarch Nine and the rest of the patriarchs were confused. Shouldn’t Patriarch Seven go in person for such a significant case? What if Liu Yi and Lu Li screw things up? What if they were tailed, intercepted and murdered?

Patriarch Seven explained, "The bunch of old guys like us who always go to the God-down Island will be recognized easily. If the scouts of the Blood Evil Island know that we are going to the Heaven Prison Island, won’t they get suspicious? Later, when the Heaven Prison Island suddenly has all those high quality Blood Caterpillar Fruits, won’t they think of us?"

Patriarch Seven paused and looked to Liu Yi and Lu Li before continuing, "Our Family Patriarch and Lu Li will not cause anyone’s suspicion. They’ve never been to the God-down Island. They can disguise themselves as young master and lady from a wealthy home. When they squander the Xuan Crystals to take the Teleportation Formation, it will not be so suspicious. We are old guys, and we are not so powerful. How can we be so wasteful all of a sudden to use the Teleportation Portal? People will have questions at once."

"Also, even if their actions are known to the people of the Blood Evil Island, we can just say that they have sneaked out to have some fun at the Heaven Prison Island. It’s totally understandable that young people sometimes don’t behave well. As for the issue of safety, it’s not an issue at all. There can be no force used inside the God-down Island and the Heaven Prison Island. Nothing will happen as long as they remain low-key."

Patriarch Seven’s account was within reason. Soon, the matter was settled. After tomorrow, Lu Li and Liu Yi would set out to the Heaven Prison Island with 500 Blood Caterpillar Grasses.

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