The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 104: The Animal Tooth Pendant Made Contributions

Chapter 104: The Animal Tooth Pendant Made Contributions

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Little White was no pet; it was a powerful Xuan Beast. However, it was so small, and usually, there was no powerful qi or energy coming from it, so people normally would mistake it for a pet.

Little White had fought many battles and done great deeds of merit. However, when Little White participated in the battle of the Guest Clan back at the Liu Family and when it killed the bald old warrior outside of the Thousand-island Lake, the situations were too chaotic. Little White was fast as well. Liu Yi never saw it doing those things, so she never was in the know of the fighting ability of Little White.

How would Lu Li ever let go of Little White?

Even if it were not for the contributions Little White made because it could control low-rank Xuan Beasts or the fact that it had helped Lu Li kill powerful enemies on so many occasions, Lu Li still wouldn’t do it because he had raised it for such a long time. He now had a deep feeling towards Little White. Lu Ling was taken to the Cyan Plains by force. Little White was the only close partner for Lu Li now.

Lu Li raised his eyebrows and glanced over to a Patriarch and several warriors by the cabins and asked, "Family Patriarch, is it really that difficult now? We don’t have enough Xuan Crystals to buy a small bag of Fire Jade Spars?"

"Actually we do."

Liu Yi sighed and said in a low voice, "But we really don’t have many left. I have just become the Family Patriarch. My authority at the Family is yet to be established. The Family is going through such a tough period. If I want to buy it by force, many Patriarchs will be dissatisfied…"

Liu Yi pointed to the farm in front of her and said, "These seeds of the Blood Caterpillar Grasses were given by Xue Chou for free, but buying all the Blood Rhinoceroses cost many Xuan Crystals. You can see that the quality of the Blood Caterpillar Grasses is not good. The family may lose money now. All the Patriarchs are worried sick. If I propose to buy Fire Jade Spars…"

Lu Li nodded with a straight face. In the final analysis, it was still because the Liu Family was poor and Liu Yi hadn’t established her prestige as the Family Patriarch yet.

He diverted his looks to the Blood Caterpillar Grasses and questioned, "Is there really no way to grow and cultivate the Blood Caterpillar Grasses? Can’t you have someone to go to the God-down Island and ask about it? Maybe Xue Chou has hidden the breeding methods from you."

"We did…"

Liu Yi shook her head and replied, "Xue Chou really didn’t hide anything from us. Many know the methods of growing Blood Caterpillar Grasses, but without good lava land, there is no way to grow high quality Blood Caterpillar Grasses."

Lu Li then looked at the blood pond and said, "Is there anything to do with the blood used in irrigation? Can you try blood of some powerful Xuan Beasts?"

"We tried but of not use."

Liu Yi walked over to the blood pond, turned back and said with a bitter smile, "Blood of powerful Xuan Beasts. But this is the Thousand-island Lake, where can we get so many powerful Xuan Beasts?"

Lu Li walked over and stared blankly at the blood pond. When the Liu Family was in distress, it was not easy for him either. Even the food of Little White would be a big problem let alone cultivation resources.

"Squeak, squeak~"

Little White seemed to have understood what the two was talking about. It jumped around Lu Li’s neck anxiously and kept scratching Lu Li’s neck with its little paws.

"Little White, don’t worry. I will think of something."

Lu Li patted Little White to comfort it, but Little White kept on scratching Lu Li’s neck. Then… accidentally, it grabbed and broke the black string on Lu Li’s neck.

Lu Li was standing next to the blood pond. The animal tooth pendant on its neck got out because of Little White’s scratching. Now that the string was cut off, the animal tooth pendant dropped into the blood pond.

"Little White!"

Lu Li was a bit angry. He glowered at Little White. Lu Li rolled up his sleeve and was ready to fish the animal tooth pendant out of the blood pond. The animal tooth pendant was the only thing left for him by his father. How would Lu Li dare to lose it?

"Plop, plop~"

Right at that moment, numerous bubbles emerged in the pond. They tumbled over in the pond. It was as if… the blood was boiled.

Liu Yi cried out in surprise and hurriedly said, "Lu Li what the hell are you doing? The blood was precious. We cannot get more blood out of the Blood Rhinoceroses for a couple of days. Quickly, get your thing out."

Lu Li promptly reached out. Fortunately, the pond was not deep. Lu Li got the animal tooth pendant in his hand with the first try. When he picked it up, he found the animal tooth pendant was flickering. He paused for a bit then put it in his robe.


Liu Yi saw the animal tooth pendant glowing so she asked with surprise, "Lu Li, what is that thing you have. Why is it glowing?"


Lu Li made a shushing gesture. He thought about it and pointed to the blood pond and said, "You use this blood to water the Blood Caterpillar Grasses now and see if they can grow faster and better."

There was no doubt that the animal tooth pendant was precious. Every time when Lu Li was consuming the pellets, the animal tooth pendant would glow and the efficacy would be increased. At this moment, when the animal tooth dropped to the blood pond, it glowed again. Could it mean… the animal tooth pendant was improving or promoting the blood of the Blood Rhinoceroses?

Lu Li could not tell what the exact effect would be like, so he urged Liu Yi to try it to prove his conjecture.

It was not the time for watering yet. Since Lu Li insisted, Liu Yi called two people to water the Blood Caterpillar Grasses. But she only had the warriors water a couple of dozens plants. What if something went wrong?

Afterwards, Lu Li and Liu Yi opened up their eyes and observed the dozens Blood Caterpillar Grasses carefully. As time passed by, their eyes lit up because—the dozens Blood Caterpillar Grasses that were watered clearly shone brighter.

"Lu Li, Lu Li!"

Liu Yi grabbed Lu Li in excitement. The latter looked to Little White with a trace of doubt in his eyes. Little White just cut off the string and let the animal tooth pendant fall to the blood pond. Did it do it unintentionally or deliberately because it understood the miracles of the animal tooth pendant?

"Family Patriarch, come out with me for a bit."

The several Liu Family warriors in the distance also noticed the strange thing that happened to the Blood Caterpillar Grasses. They circled around in amazement. Lu Li quickly dragged Liu Yi and walked to the outside of the valley. When they got to a place with no one else around, he said seriously, "Family Patriarch, my animal tooth pendant may be able to get the blood more condensed which can better the growth of the Blood Caterpillar Grasses."

"Yes, yes." Liu Yi was so excited that her face became red. She was like a child that had survived a desperate situation.

"I can help but—"

Lu Li changed his tone and said earnestly, "Apart from you, nobody can know about my animal tooth pendant. Otherwise, I will leave the Blood Dragon Island immediately."


Liu Yi didn’t expect Lu Li to take it so seriously. But on second thoughts, she understood somehow. Patriarch speculated that Lu Li had a card in his hands that could enable him to kill warriors of higher Realm. Could the animal tooth pendant be the card?

Since it was Lu Li’s card, outsiders could not know this. Liu Yi nodded severely and said, "Okay. I swear that I will not let this out and I will not tell anybody."


Liu Yi thought about it and said, "There are great changes to the Blood Caterpillar Grasses. Patriarch Seven and the rest will realize it sooner or later. How will I explain it to them?"

"It’s easy."

Lu Li thought about it and said, "You can say that I used a special power to better the blood. In a few days’ time, I can come over again and better the blood with my animal tooth pendant. You just make sure that nobody can get in and watch."

"Not a problem."

As long as the Blood Caterpillar Grasses could be improved and could sell at a good price, Liu Yi could say yes to anything. Liu Yi was unable to hold herself back. She said to Lu Li, "Lu Li, throw your animal tooth pendant in the blood pond. Later, I will ask them to water all the Blood Caterpillar Grasses."

"No." Lu Li shook his head and said, "Just those dozens for now. Let us observe for a few days. When we make sure that the effects are good, we can water them all. What if something is off?"

"Right, yes."

Liu Yi showed Lu Li back to the valley. The warriors inside now were all standing around the dozens Blood Caterpillar Grasses. Even a patriarch who was cultivating nearby was alarmed.

"All of you get out."

Liu Yi waved her hand and explained to the Patriarch, "Lu Li has found a way to grow the Blood Caterpillar Grasses. We are now trying. You must keep it confidential and nobody can say anything. Don’t tell anything to Patriarch Seven. I will tell them in person after we observe the effect for a few days."


The patriarch’s eyes instantly lit up. He looked at Lu Li like a man leering at a pretty girl. The rest Xuan Wu Realm warriors was in an uproar and they were inspired.

Blood Caterpillar Grasses now meant all the hope for the Liu Family. If they could succeed in growing them and sell them at a good price, the Liu Family would see a future.

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