The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 1461 - was misunderstood by everyone!  

Chapter 1461: Chapter 1461 was misunderstood by everyone!

Ye Linlang looked at Yin Zihan speechlessly.

“Even though I know that your relationship with Qi ran has never been harmonious, there’s no need to slander him like this, right? !”

Yin zihan looked at Ye Linlang in exasperation, his lips moving as he said a bunch of words like a cannonball!

“Why are you still putting in a good word for that bastard!”

“Do you know that when those people at Lingyun high school slandered your relationship with me, he didn’t clarify a single word for you? !”

“He’s not worth your liking at all!”

Five years ago, at that time, Ye Linlang suddenly broke up with Jiang Qiran. As a result, the whole of Lingyun high school had different guesses.

After all, when Ye Linlang and Jiang Qiran were together, they had showcased too much affection. They were so high-profile that even the principal and the grade director couldn’t stand it anymore!

Moreover, Jiang Qiran didn’t come to class at the beginning of the semester. He only came half a month later.

During the time when Jiang Qiran wasn’t around, Shen Xi’er still revealed some fake news.

For example, Jiang Qiran got into a car accident because of ye Linlang. Who knew that ye Linlang’s character was so bad that she never even went to see Jiang Qiran!

Moreover, what was even more detestable was that it was fine if she didn’t go to visit him, but she had to add salt to her wound. When Jiang Qiran needed to be cared about the most, she resolutely chose to break up with him!

Wasn’t it just receiving an exchange student notification from the Dong Chen Country?

Could such a quota be more important than Jiang Qiran’s boyfriend? !


When everyone heard this news, they immediately exploded!

The girls were filled with righteous indignation. If not for the fact that they could no longer find ye Linlang, they would have flown to ye Linlang’s house to give her two slaps!

However, everyone concluded that this was the correct way.

Ye Linlang was a country bumpkin from a small place. She was short-sighted. How could a high-class family like the Jiang family be interested in her?

It was ye Linlang’s fortune that Jiang Qiran found her to be his girlfriend!

If she wanted to officially enter the Jiang family and become the future wife of the president of the Emperor Chen Group, she wouldn’t even have a window, let alone a door.

Ye Linlang knew it was impossible for her to marry into the Jiang family, so she simply used Jiang Qiran as a springboard. She stepped on Jiang Qiran’s sincere heart and used Jiang Qiran to study hard.

When there was an application for an exchange student from Dongchen country, she would immediately take the opportunity to leave!


Ye Linlang was clearly not very good-looking, so why was her scheming so despicable!

As expected, it was a godforsaken place like the small desolate village that had caused the Prince Charming of Lingyun high school to be in such a state!

She had no morals at all!

Not only did she abandon Jiang Qiran when he needed her the most, but she had also cheated on him with Yin zihan, the former school belle, and had an ambiguous argument with him!


At that time, the entire Lingyun high school was filled with such discussions. When Yin Zihan heard it, it was utter nonsense!

He couldn’t believe that Ye Linlang was the scheming woman that Shen Xi’er and ye Linlang’s “Good sister”ye Siyao had created.

Yin zihan even specially asked the administrator to post on the school forum, saying that the relationship between him and ye Linlang was as clean as water, telling everyone not to slander ye Linlang’s reputation.

As for ye Linlang breaking up with Jiang Qiran, only the person involved knew about it. The other bystanders had not experienced the scene at that time, so how could they make wild guesses? !

However, it was fine if the post was not posted, but after it was posted, there was only a wave of ridicule!

Because Yin Zihan was the son of the biggest director of Lingyun High School, no one dared to challenge him face to face.

However, in private, they had long ridiculed the ambiguous relationship between Yin Zihan and Ye Linlang.


Yin zihan himself could not stand the interference of rumors, and he could not imagine that if ye Linlang clicked on the forum of his alma mater and opened the group chat of his former class.

Seeing the heated discussions of those people, how cold would his heart be?

Yin zihan tried to comfort ye Linlang, but ye Linlang’s phone number and contact information were directly cut off. The little penguin that was hanging on the contact list had never lit up.

All his efforts were fruitless.

Yin zihan could only place his hopes on Jiang Qiran. He hoped that Jiang Qiran could be a man. Even if they broke up, he shouldn’t let ye Linlang be blamed for this, right?

However, after Jiang Qiran returned to school after recovering from his illness, he did not mention anything about ye Linlang breaking up with him.

Occasionally, there would be a bold person who could not suppress his curiosity and tried to ask a few more questions in front of Jiang Qiran. However, he could only come to Jiang Qiran and give a cold smile!

That cold smile was obviously not directed at the person who asked the question.

Everyone knew from that day onwards that ye Linlang was a taboo to Jiang Qiran.

There were many girls in school who adored Jiang Qiran. When they saw Jiang Qiran’s attitude, they knew that ye Linlang was a heartless troublemaker!

She must have done something to let her idol down before she ran away?


At that moment, in the art exhibition hall, Yin Zihan saw that ye Linlang was still defending Jiang Qiran. The things that happened five years ago flooded his mind!

Moreover, when he thought that ye Linlang was actually with that shameless scum Jiang Qiran again, he was even angrier and wanted to throw the table!

“Ye Linlang, think carefully. Don’t treat scum like Jiang Qiran as a good person, okay? When those people scolded you in Lingyun High School, did he ever stand up?”

Yin zihan added firmly.

“He didn’t!”

Ye Linlang looked at Yin Zihan’s indignant look and suddenly felt a sense of emptiness in her heart.

It was not because she felt unfair.

She took a deep breath and finally smiled faintly. There was a hint of bitterness and bitterness in her smile.

“Yin Zihan, thank you for your kindness, but… I really deserved what happened five years ago. Everyone had the right to say that Jiang Qiran was wrong, but I didn’t.”

That year, she had hurt him too deeply.

So much so that now that they had reconciled, she still felt regretful.

Yin Zihan was stunned. His thin lips trembled a few times, wanting to persuade her, but he saw ye Linlang shaking her head at him again.

“Besides, I really like him, and he really likes me. That’s enough.”

Seeing ye Linlang so stubborn, Yin Zihan was angry. He finally opened up about something angrily. He didn’t want to say it at first!

“Then do you think Jiang Qiran is reliable?”

“He’s obviously a playboy too. I saw him and Shen Xier walking backstage intimately as soon as I entered the venue!”


Ye Linlang’s expression froze.

That’s right. Jiang Qiran and Shen Xier went to the tea room backstage at this moment. What were the two of them doing? ! ! !

Jiang Qiran told him that he and Shen Xier had work-related issues to exchange.

But even if it was just an ordinary conversation, it wouldn’t go to the extent of never coming back, right? !

Ye Linlang felt a huge rock buried in her heart. She immediately bit her lip and immediately ran toward the backstage.

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