The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 1460 - Jiang Qiran, that bastard!

Chapter 1460: Chapter 1460 Jiang Qiran, that bastard!


What did he mean by she and Yin Zihan knew each other? !

Ye Linlang was stunned when she heard that and turned her head around.

She saw her master, Zhao wanqin, standing behind her with a smile on her face.

Zhao wanqin was extremely fond of beauty. Even at her age, her white hair was still meticulously coiled at the back of her head. The aquamarine qipao that was embroidered with large peonies around the waist made her look even more elegant and dignified.

Ye Linlang blinked her eyes in a daze.

Could it be that her master also knew Yin Zihan? !

Ye Linlang had deep doubts in her heart. Before she could say anything, the playboy beside her had already rushed over to greet Zhao wanqin.

“Master, you’re here. Are you close to Yin Zihan?”

“Grandma, weren’t you just chatting with someone? Why are you here so quickly? Wait, what’s your relationship with Linlang?”

His words came out almost at the same time as ye Linlang’s.

However, Yin Zihan spoke quickly and anxiously, almost covering ye Linlang’s voice.

As soon as the two of them finished speaking, they each took a step back. Their eyes were wide open, and they looked at each other awkwardly.

“She’s your grandma?”

“You’re my Grandma’s Master and Disciple?”

The two of them spoke at the same time again, disturbing Zhao wanqin so much that her ears were buzzing.

“Can the two of you not be so synchronized? My eardrums are about to burst.”


Ye Linlang listened to Zhao wanqin’s words and recalled the news that Yin Zihan had just revealed. His porcelain-white face was still like a palette, red and white.

Yin Zihan was such a playboy, but his grandmother was her master, Zhao Wanqin? !

Her master was such an amiable and upright old lady. How could she have such a naughty grandson like Yin Zihan? !

Just as ye Linlang was in disbelief, Yin Zihan was equally in disbelief.

He stood beside Zhao wanqin, his long and narrow peach blossom eyes sizing ye Linlang up from head to toe.

“So you’re the little disciple that my grandmother has mentioned over and over again.”

Yin zihan recalled that ye Linlang had just mentioned that he had a boyfriend, and he felt extremely wronged.

He could not help but lightly poke Zhao wanqin on the arm.

“Grandmother, you’re too disloyal. Why didn’t you tell me that your disciple’s name was Ye Linlang? !”


Zhao wanqin did not know whether to laugh or cry when she saw her grandson’s complaining look.

Since when did his little tyrant have a moment of regret?

Moreover, she had been through this before. She thought that the atmosphere between the two of them wasn’t quite right.

Zhao wanqin frowned and immediately exposed Yin Zihan’s shortcomings even more unjustly.

“Zihan, I wanted to introduce my little disciple to you as your girlfriend back then.”

“What? Didn’t you say that you didn’t want him back then? Now you’re scolding grandma, really…”

Yin Zihan’s face turned red for the first time. He was so embarrassed that he didn’t know where to put his hands.

“I didn’t know that you were going to introduce ye Linlang back then… besides, if I knew it was her, I would have been more than willing.”

He muttered in a low voice, but it was loud enough for Zhao wanqin to hear.

Zhao wanqin didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

But she didn’t take it seriously.

She knew her grandson the best, and he was the same as her eldest disciple, Shangguan Luo,

these two people liked to provoke each other the most. One day, they might say that they had deep feelings for this person, and the next day, they might say that they found the other person too appetizing.

That was why Zhao wanqin never mentioned her eldest disciple to Yin zihan, for fear that these two little bastards would become friends that would bring disaster everywhere.


When Ye Linlang saw the intimate actions of Zhao wanqin and Yin zihan, she still had a ridiculous feeling that she was dreaming.

Although she met Zhao wanqin at the airport of city a, she only became master and disciple with Zhao wanqin in the Dongchen Kingdom!

There were nearly two billion people in the Dongchen kingdom and the Kyushu Kingdom. She had coincidentally taken in a master, but her master was also coincidentally the grandmother of her former Deskmate in high school!

Wasn’t this probability a little too small! ?


When Zhao wanqin saw that ye Linlang was still looking at her and Yin Zihan in shock, she couldn’t help but find it funny.

She walked over and patted ye Linlang on the shoulder.

“Linlang, is there a need to be so scared? Zihan and I are family. Are you very strange?”

Zhao wanqin was humorous, but ye linlang only felt that she couldn’t laugh at all.

What black humor!

She could only laugh awkwardly at her inability to accept it.

“I can only say that the world is too small… unbelievable, unbelievable. And Yin Zihan really doesn’t… look like you.”

Zhao wanqin was even more amused when she heard that.

“Zihan is a boy. It would be weird if he looked like a grandmother like me. But he’s like his grandfather, with Peach Blossom Eyes. We can have a gathering tomorrow.”


Ye Linlang was speechless. She felt that such a gathering was very awkward just thinking about it.

The main reason was that Yin Zihan was here.

Ye Linlang did not mind having a meal with her master and master-in-law.

Seeing that Ye Linlang was silent, Zhao wanqin began to tease this little girl even more.

“Back in the Dongchen kingdom, I even said that I would introduce you to my unreliable grandson.”

“Why? Now that you see how handsome my grandson is, don’t you feel a little regretful? You Can’t even speak?”

Ye Linlang was embarrassed and embarrassed. She couldn’t bear Zhao Wanqin’s teasing and immediately began to explain.

“No, master. You already know that I have a boyfriend. It’s too late now.”

“Besides, didn’t we say that after the art exhibition ends today, my boyfriend and I will invite you and senior brother Shangguan Luo to have a meal together?”

Yin zihan listened to ye Linlang’s words. Although he hadn’t seen ye Linlang’s boyfriend’s exact appearance, seeing that she was going to bring him to meet his grandmother for dinner, his heart was filled with jealousy.

If he hadn’t been a little more patient a few years ago and asked more about his grandmother’s little disciple’s name and appearance, he wouldn’t have been in such a sullen situation today!

Yin zihan originally thought that ye Linlang might have randomly made up a boyfriend to fool him, but since Zhao wanqin had said so, Yin Zihan could only admit defeat.

He couldn’t possibly poach someone in front of his grandmother, right?

Yin zihan was filled with envy, jealousy, and hatred, so he could only ask ye Linlang resentfully.

“Ye Linlang, then your boyfriend is from Dongchen, right? Or is he one of our overseas students?”

Since ye Linlang had only returned for a week or so, it was impossible for her to suddenly find a boyfriend.

Most likely, they had met when they were studying in Dongchen.

However, what surprised Yin Zihan was that ye Linlang answered with a smile.

“No, you know my boyfriend. We just got back together.”

Yin Zihan’s heart sank.

“Is it that bastard Jiang Qiran? !”

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