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Chapter 580: Special Sword Dance

Chapter 580: Special Sword Dance

The Lord of Asgard didn't stop them when he saw their actions. He only let out an amused look. "So it seems that you want to resist me. Jiu Shen, I didn't think that a mere fragment of my soul would actually disobey me. How incredibly amusing..."

His voice carried no anger nor warmth, but everyone felt coldness for some strange reason.

The Lord calmly waited for their charade as he sat on his throne with a carefree smile. He wasn't the least bit worried about them at all. As a Boundless God Realm expert, he had long since exceeded what the likes of Celestials could do.

Soon, the energy in the crystal ball reached its highest and Jiu Shen immediately started absorbing the energy within.

"Oh?" The Lord of Asgard had a look of interest as he stared at the glowing crystal ball. The energy inside contained the strength of five peak Celestials!

"So this is where your confidence comes from? Hahaha! Naive!"

Jiu Shen ignored the mocking remarks of the Lord as he continued to absorb the energy inside the crystal. After absorbing everything, he sent his five weakened friends far away. They no longer held the strength of Celestials. They had lost all their cultivations!

Jiu Shen's strength slowly increased as he tried to stabilize the furious energy inside his dantian.

Peak stage Celestial God Realm.

Early stage Boundless God Realm!

He managed to reach the early stage of the Boundless God Realm with the cultivations of his friends!

It wasn't surprising since all his friends were elites among the elites. All of them were talented individuals who lorded over everyone in the Primorial God Realm!

The Lord of Asgard slowly stood up from his throne. He was inwardly surprised that an Array Formation has actually managed to elevate the strength of someone to the Boundless God Realm.

"Very interesting. However, for how long can you control that borrowed power?" A disdainful smile covered the Lord's face as he glanced at Jiu Shen.

Jiu Shen took out his Baleful Dragon Sacred Sword and quickly summoned his true essence. His current cultivation level was merely temporary and the consequences would be dire if he couldn't defeat the Lord before his sudden spike in strength expires.

"Fifth Sword Dance: Burning Heaven Bow!" Jiu Shen summoned the attack that ended the life of Hecate.

A huge golden bow emerged inside the spacious hall. The temperature became scorching hot as a monstrous golden arrow appeared.

Looking at the golden bow, the Lord's smile remained unchanged. "Quite strong, but not enough..."

"Release!" Jiu Shen muttered as he pointed at the Lord.

The arrow flashed like a mirage, leaving behind a trail of flames that burned its surroundings.


The Lord lifted his hand and summoned a barrier in front of him.


The arrow exploded and the barrier that was casually erected by the Lord cracked and broke into pieces.

Seeing this, Jiu Shen didn't stop.

"Sixth Sword Dance: Breath of the Void."

The space around the Lord suddenly trembled as a huge rift abruptly appeared. The rift started sucking everything in its surroundings. Its suction force was so strong that the huge pillars inside the hall started producing cracking sounds.

Soon, the suction force of the rift intensified. It was like a beast that wanted to swallow everything in its way! However, the Lord remained unperturbed after all this. He waved his hand and destroyed the rift with his summoned weapon, an unadorned short sword.

After destroying the broken space, the Lord smiled at Jiu Shen as if mocking his trifling skills.

"Space is my domain. Why use it against me? Now, it's my turn to attack." The Lord tapped his foot as he pounced towards Jiu Shen. The sword in his hand trembled as he brandished it with swift movements.


Jiu Shen was flung away by the strong force when he tried to deflect the short sword. He then quickly chanted the next sword technique.

"Seventh Sword Dance: Decay of Waning Moon."

A dark crescent that was filled with death energy flashed towards the Lord.


This time, the face of the Lord turned serious. He covered his body with true essence. He then violently swung his sword at the dark crescent, sending a gleaming sword wave that punctured the space around them.


The hall became a mess as the two attacks collided.

The pillars collapsed and the whole castle trembled as if in the middle of an earthquake.

When the dust subsided, two people can be seen facing off, but they quickly disappeared when they sensed each other. They then reappeared above the skies and resumed their battle in the clouds.


The sky was filled with loud explosions as the two contested their strengths. They appeared to be equal in terms of combat power.

Up above the skies, the Lord deflected Jiu Shen's strike and distance himself a few hundred meters away from him. He then stared at Jiu Shen with a solemn look on his face. 'To think that the body I created for him has made him so much stronger... Now, I regret using it on this fragment of mine...' He thought to himself as he clicked his tongue inwardly.

The power that Jiu Shen was showing exceeded his expectations. He didn't think that his fragment would exhibit such skillful sword technique that was equal, if not, surpassed his own! He didn't know if it was the items he used to create the body and the system or simply just the experiences of Jiu Shen in his life.

"I don't know if you were spying on me when I was trapped inside the God Sealing Tower. When I was tortured by Lao Gou inside the tower, I created seven sword dances and one special sword dance..." Jiu Shen muttered as he adjusted his battle stance.


The Lord revealed a look of shock when he sensed the horrific power behind Jiu Shen's movements.

"Special Sword Dance: Annihilation!"

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