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Chapter 579: Lord of Asgard

Chapter 579: Lord of Asgard

After two days, Asmodeus managed to create the Essence Transferral Array Formation all by himself. He barely slept and kept his entire focus on the creation of the array.

"It's all done!" A smug look covered Asmodeus' face as he stared at Jiu Shen.

Jian Wang flashed a thumbs up at him, while the others also offered him their praises.

"Will this thing work?" Jiu Shen patted the Array Formation while looking at Asmodeus.

"Of course! Who do you think created this thing?" Asmodeus replied with a matter-of-fact look on his face.

"Good. Jian Wang, prepare the army. We will depart tomorrow morning." Jiu Shen said with a calm expression.


Everyone turned serious when they heard this.


The next day, the Heavenly Sword Tower's soldiers boarded the flying ships. They were aware that their destination this time was the infamous 'Asgard', the place that no one has ever stepped into!

"Let's go!" Jian Wang signaled the departure of the entire fleet.

Thousands upon thousands of flying ships soared through the clouds and moved towards the famous floating city above the skies.

Normally, a strong force would have blocked anyone from ascending the floating city, but for some strange reason, nothing was restricting the entire fleet. There wasn't even an ounce of force preventing them from entering Asgard! It was as if they had been granted access to fly directly to the floating city!

"What's happening?" Jiu Shen frowned when he noticed that they didn't even have to use force to enter the floating city. Their flying ships managed to bypass the restricted zone of Asgard and they were about to descend the floating city.

From where he stood, Jiu Shen could already see the three towers that stood erect like monumental beasts. No enemies blocked their path. The entire floating city was empty!

"Search the entire area!" Jiu Shen commanded as he landed with graceful movements.

Soon, the other Celestials followed behind him.

"Theia, lead the soldiers in checking every nook and cranny of this place." Jiu Shen sent a transmission to Theia.

"Alright. Be careful." She responded right away.

"Yes. You too." He replied.

After that, Theia led the soldiers in inspecting the entire floating city.

When the soldiers left, Jiu Shen glanced at Lilith and asked. "Where's the castle of the Lord?"

Lilith pointed to a huge building with glamorous architecture. "That's where we normally meet the Lord when we are summoned by him. He should be there."

Jiu Shen nodded his head and immediately led them to the castle.

The surroundings were strangely quiet and it made them unnaturally anxious. They could feel an invisible pair of eyes watching their every action. It was a discomforting feeling.

Soon, the group arrived in a spacious hall. Tall and massive pillars supported the hall.

There was a throne made of golden skulls located in front of the hall.

Seated on the throne was a man wearing a wolf mask. He had a silver armor with a snow-white cape behind his back.

"It took you long enough, Jiu Shen." A calm voice devoid of any emotions echoed inside the hall.

His sudden words made the group stop in their tracks.

Without waiting for them to speak, the masked man continued. "I've been waiting for billions of years for you to arrive. Did you know that I spent half of my wealth just for you?"

Hearing all this, Jiu Shen furrowed his eyebrows. "What do you mean?"

To his question, the man suddenly laughed. His body trembled as he erupted into peals of laughter.

After about ten seconds, the man grabbed his wolf mask and put it down.

It was a face that was very familiar to everyone. The face of Jiu Shen!

The only difference was that his pupils were black with a shade of crimson. There was also an eerie cut at the corner of his lips and left cheek, probably a sword wound.

"As you can see, I am you, and you are me." The man smiled at Jiu Shen, completely ignoring the rest. In his eyes, the others were merely bugs, nothing worthy to be mentioned.

With these sudden revelations, Jiu Shen and the others were surprised.

"What the hell?!"

"Wait... What's happening?!"

Jiu Shen's soul trembled as an influx of foreign memories suddenly streamed inside his head.

"I am a part of you... I am you..."

The man nodded his head with an unchanging smile. "That's right. I took a large portion of my soul and used a Boundless-rank item to create a body and system for you. Now that we've met again, it is only right for you to join me once again. Jiu Shen, come here..." His voice was filled with magnetic force, appallingly alluring and hypnotizing.

"Don't let him fool you, Jiu Shen! Snap out of it!" Lilith grabbed him by the shoulders and roared at his face. The others also managed to extricate themselves from the hypnotizing spell when they heard Lilith's cry.

Jiu Shen's eyes widened and he immediately stared at the man seated on the throne with a wary gaze. This man almost made the entire group fall into his traps with just a few words. Luckily, Lilith's soul was particularly stronger.

"Jiu Shen, there's no time to hesitate. Use the array immediately!" Asmodeus took out the Essence Transferral Array Formation and activated it without hesitation.

"Everyone, place your hands here! Quick!" Asmodeus shouted as he took out what looked to be a crystal ball. The crystal emanated a pure energy, filled with monstrous power.

The others didn't dare linger. They already sensed the abnormality of the Lord or Asgard. Despite their shock at the revelation of his identity, they immediately summoned their powers towards the crystal ball. Everyone's faces were covered with sweat as they transferred all of their powers.

Soon, their cultivations started dropping and the energy inside the crystal ball increased.

With a bloodshot look on his face, Asmodeus grabbed Jiu Shen's arm and said. "When our powers are depleted, absorb the energy inside this crystal ball!"

Jiu Shen nodded his head with a somber look.

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