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Chapter 554: Marbas

Chapter 554: Marbas

"That's right. I think the one who summoned that comet is Jiu Shen." Jian Wang was certain of this. He had seen the extent of Lao Gou's power and the man wasn't strong enough to release a technique at this level. The only person he could think of was Jiu Shen.

The crowd was taken aback by this revelation.

"I recall a certain individual that goes by the name Jiu Shen millions of years ago. He was a man of remarkable talent with exquisite skill in swordsmanship. At that time, the public believed that he was the fourth strongest in the Primordial God Realm. That means his power was only beneath the three Celestial Emperors." An old man dressed in worn-out battle armor suddenly spoke. His words made everyone collectively turn their gazes at him.

"Now that you mentioned it... There was indeed someone with that name, but I heard that he was killed by Celestial Emperor Lao Gou. Unfortunately, I forgot the reason why the Celestial Emperor killed him back then." Another old expert added.

The younger experts were confused by their words. They weren't born yet when that person was alive, so they had no idea what the old experts were talking about.

Unbeknownst to them, there was a person who revealed a trace of fury when they discussed this.

Jian Wang sensed this immediately and he sent Theia a perplexed look. 'Why is this girl suddenly emitting killing intent? Wait... Could it be... No way!'

A moment of realization flashed in Jian Wang's eyes as he stared at Theia's beautiful face. A goddess-like figure overlapped the image of Theia and this made him click his tongue.

"If everyone is so curious about it. How about we go and visit the Central Region?" Jian Wang voiced a suggestion.

Four of the six great armies revealed looks of hesitation upon hearing this.

They didn't do anything when the Celestial Paragon Tower was killed during the confrontation earlier, so they felt a bit nervous about going back to the Central Region. After all, that was the territory of Celestial Emperor Lao Gou!

Meanwhile, Ai Chen, Ri Kushou, and the members of the Heavenly Sword Tower agreed with Jian Wang's suggestion.

Jian Wang saw the worry in the eyes of the four major powers. He grinned as he assured them. "Don't worry. I won't let Lao Gou do anything to you guys."

Hearing this, the four major powers heaved a sigh of relief and nodded their heads gratefully.

"In that case, we shall follow Sword God Jian Wang's arrangements."

Jian Wang chuckled upon hearing their words.


Everyone turned their gazes and saw a man with long golden hair and three pairs of wings.

Seeing him, they immediately cupped their fists respectfully as they greeted him. "Greetings, Celestial Emperor Asmodeus!"

This man was Asmodeus. The strongest Array Formation Maker in existence!

Asmodeus' face was still pale. It seemed that he has yet to fully recover.

"I'll go with you guys." He said as he stared at Jian Wang.

"Alright, but you shouldn't overdo yourself." Jian Wang patted the man's shoulder. He then turned his gaze at everyone and said. "Let's go!"

Millions of experts departed the Desert Region under the lead of Jian Wang.


Jiu Shen glanced at the prostrating crowd. He ended up harming many innocent lives to achieve his goal. In order to correct his mistakes, he decided to reconstruct the entire region and make it his territory.

Anyway, he could just transfer the building of the Heavenly Sword Tower and the dragon building with the help of Asmodeus' Array Formations.

Just as he was thinking about his next plan, someone caught his attention.

It was an old man whose beard has reached his knees. He looked feeble with his thin arms and twig-like legs. However, the murky eyes of the old man revealed a trace of brilliance and wisdom.

"Celestial Emperor, we await your commands!" The old man raised his head and gazed at the figure hovering in midair like a deity.

The old man's strength wasn't weak either. He was a peak stage Heavenly God Realm, but his clothes seemed shabby compared to what the others wore.

'He should be an itinerant cultivator.' Jiu Shen thought as he slowly descended to the ground.

He stood before the old man and muttered. "What's your name?"

The old man didn't dare raise his head upon coming into close contact with Jiu Shen. He could sense the holy aura emitted by the young man that almost made him believe that he was speaking to a god.

"T-This one's name is Marbas. An itinerant cultivator of the Central Region." Marbas didn't notice that his voice was quivering.

"Marbas, is it?"

Marbas nodded his head meekly.

"Marbas, lead everyone here and search for more survivors. Also, I need you to find a trustable construction firm by the end of this day and bring them to me." Jiu Shen planned to repair the destruction he caused in the region. Since this place would be his territory, this was a necessary expenditure. Money is not a problem for him since he already has Lao Gou's wealth.

Marbas' eyes flashed with a shrewd light upon hearing Jiu Shen's words. He bowed his head and replied. "As you command!"

He decided to step up for this kind of opportunity and he didn't want to miss it. This was a chance to serve a Celestial! A Celestial that was so strong that he ended up destroying a large portion of the Central Region (now called Heavenly Sword Region).

Jiu Shen dismissed Marbas and decided to go back to the Southern Region to meet Elena. He wanted to know why she chose to hide from the spotlight despite being a Celestial.

However, he suddenly noticed a huge fleet of floating ships moving in his direction. He furrowed his eyebrows and used his spiritual perception to observe the group.

"Ho... Have they finished off the army of the Celestial Paragon Tower?" Jiu Shen grinned when he saw the members of the Heavenly Sword Tower among the people riding the flying ships.

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