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Chapter 553: The Comet That Stunned Everyone

Chapter 553: The Comet That Stunned Everyone

Soon, the army of the Celestial Paragon Tower collapsed under the combined might of the Heavenly Sword Tower, Heavenly Melody Pavilion, and the Armored Wyvern Army.

The whole Desert Region became quiet as they witnessed the thrilling battle. However, they were also worried that Celestial Emperor Lao Gou might direct his hatred on them for merely spectating the battle, but if they also joined the conflict, Celestial Emperor Jian Wang might kill them on the spot.

They were in a conundrum as to how they should respond to this.

In the end, they did nothing and just watched the fight between the two sides. This was the safest option for them, so the two Celestial Emperors should understand them, right?

Meanwhile, the last soldier of the Celestial Paragon Tower finally fell. The cheers of the Heavenly Sword Tower and the other two forces were heard throughout the Desert Region.


"We won!"

The corpses of the Celestial Paragon Tower's soldiers were all over the place. The sight made everyone tremble and they were unsure what this event would cause in the coming days.

Everyone could already smell the scent of war...

They just fought with the Infernals, but another war was underway. It made their insides contort aggressively.

"Vice Sect Master Theia, we won!" For some strange reason, Ice, who was in her human form spoke with honorifics. It was rare for her to speak in a formal manner since she usually chat with everyone in an informal tone.

Theia's cold gaze softened as she patted her head. It was a gesture that she had learned from Jiu Shen and she now enjoyed doing it. Of course, only the little girl, Ice received this kind of treatment.

Ice didn't reject her touch. She smiled widely as she stared at Theia's gentle face.

Not long later, Ai Chen and Ri Kushou who were both covered in blood appeared in front of Theia.

They smiled at her as they greeted her warmly with a nod.

Theia's face turned cold once again when she directed her gaze at them, but despite the lack of emotion on her face, the two weren't the least bit bothered.

"Thank you for helping our Heavenly Sword Tower. From this moment on, we will consider you guys as our friends." Theia said in a calm voice.

Ai Chen immediately shook her head upon hearing this. "I am merely repaying the favor shown by your people and Wine Master Jiu Shen." She replied with a smile.

Ri Kushou nodded his head in agreement. "Indeed. If not for the help of the Heavenly Sword Tower, many of my brothers would have died under the hands of those Infernals."

Theia nodded her head at their words. She wouldn't forget their help.

She will report this to Jiu Shen.

"Oh, by the way. I haven't seen Wine Master Jiu Shen after he killed the High Chieftain of the Infernals. Do you perhaps know where he is, Miss Theia?" Ri Kushou asked the valiant woman in front of him. Her strength came as a shock to him especially after having witnessed it with his own eyes.

Miss Theia killed the Sect Master and the Vice Sect Master of the Celestial Paragon Tower all by herself! Just this feat alone was enough to make her famous in the entire Primordial God Realm! Not to mention that even the upper echelons of the Heavenly Sword Tower also displayed remarkable combat prowess.

The rise of this new major power was bound to happen. Ri Kushou was certain of this.

The Sect Master of this sect was even more monstrous.

He killed a Celestial God Realm Infernal in a one-on-one matchup! That means that he had already become a Celestial!

This was also the reason why he decided to help the Heavenly Sword Tower despite the enemy being the Celestial Paragon Tower. He was betting on the man named Jiu Shen!

Suddenly, everyone sensed an overwhelming energy in the direction of the Central Region. They unconsciously turned their heads and saw a shocking sight that almost made them jump in dread.

A huge comet.

It was so large that it must be enough to engulf ten cities with just its size alone. They wondered who could summon such a formidable spell.

"I-Is that thing summoned by Celestial Emperor Lao Gou?"

"Perhaps... Only someone at his level could release such a fearsome power! But I'm more curious about the person who made him launch that kind of monstrous comet..."

Suddenly, a figure appeared in front of them.

He was a middle-aged man with a sword strapped behind his back.

The abrupt appearance of the middle-aged man stunned everyone.

"Greetings, Sword God Jian Wang!" They all greeted respectfully.

However, Jian Wang merely waved his hand and continued looking at the distant comet. His eyebrows knitted into a frown as he muttered. "Lao Gou doesn't have the ability to summon such destructive power. Maybe it's him..."

Jian Wang recalled the image of Jiu Shen's broad back.

"Who are you talking about, Brother Jian?" Only one person could speak like this to the Sword God. One of the last Phoenixes, Furion.

Everyone was also curious. Other than Celestial Emperor Lao Gou, who else could have that kind of power in the Central Region? The only person they could think of was Asmodeus, but the man was severely injured and was still nursing his wounds according to the rumors they heard. So other than Asmodeus and Lao Gou, who could it be?

Jian Wang was silent for a moment, but no one dared to complain. Luckily, he spoke after a little while.

"A new Celestial. A Celestial whose power surpasses even mine. I couldn't even fathom the depths of his power." There was a tinge of surprise in his voice as he muttered these words.

"What?! A new Celestial?!"

"Wait... It seems like we've forgotten something..."

"Wine Master Jiu Shen killed a Celestial, right? He's also not here. Could it be that..."

Everyone became silent...

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