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Chapter 47 - What Did You Say?!

Chapter 47 - What Did You Say?!

Lu Sulan’s face turned red and she could still feel a warm sensation on her chest, making her bashfully look away from Jiu Shen. She felt her heart jumping as she recalled how stupid her actions were. ’Did he just touch me there? No way...’

Jiu Shen coughed dryly and said. "I think we should begin with the acupuncture first, Sect Mistress Lu..."

Lu Sulan remained silent and just nodded her head shyly. If it was any other man, she would have already killed him for that, but she held inexplicable feelings towards Jiu Shen. Furthermore, she was not even as strong as him.

"Sect Mistress Lu, if you choose the first option which is to fully suppress the cold true essence within your body, you would be able to free yourself from the pain that you’re experiencing every time you cultivate. Aside from that, your Verdant Flames Saintly Vermillion Body would also be awakened. This would make your cultivation increase by many times.

The only downside is that your present cultivation would regress by three realms. Meaning to say, your cultivation will once again go back to the 5th-rank Spirit realm and you’ll have to cultivate a pure fire-attributed technique starting then.

Whereas if you choose the second option, which is to maintain the balance of ice and fire true essence inside your body, your cultivation will still stay the same. But since the ice true essence is still there, you’ll have to train a fire and ice technique simultaneously. And because you are cultivating two techniques with opposing elements, your cultivation road ahead would be much harder and arduous.

The good thing about this is that your strength will be many times greater than someone at the same level as you..." Jiu Shen patiently said as he conjured several small needles made using his true essence.

Lu Sulan was like an apprentice listening to her master. She had a look of incredulity and fascination as she listened attentively to everything that Jiu Shen told her. Each of the choices he provided had their own pros and cons, but there was one problem... Their Ice Cloud Sword Sect doesn’t have a fire-attributed technique that was on the same level as the ice technique that she cultivates.

There were a few ones that were only one grade lower but she might not be able to maintain a balance in her body if she uses them.

"You don’t have any matching fire techniques to go with your ice technique?" Jiu Shen calmly asked as if he knew what she was thinking.

Lu Sulan shook her head after releasing a soft sigh.

"No need to worry about that. I can make one for you." Jiu Shen said indifferently as if making a technique was as easy as eating rice.

Lu Sulan was dumbstruck when she heard his words, but strangely, she did not think that he was lying at all. In fact, she believed that he was capable of doing it.

"Why? I only gave you a block of Frozen Cloud Glacier..." Lu Sulan felt her heart stir. Did he really have to go all the way to help her when she only gave him a block of Frozen Cloud Glacier?

"Why not? The block of Frozen Cloud Glacier means a lot to me, and I just want to help you in return." Jiu Shen replied with a detached look on his face.

He might have sounded aloof and cold, but Lu Sulan felt that her heart was melting.

She suppressed her emotions from bursting forth and just remained silent as Jiu Shen started his acupuncture.

His hands moved like a blur as he gently placed the needles on her back. She did not even feel a hint of pain as he pricked her with his needles. In fact, she only felt a pleasant sensation enveloping her back.

Jiu Shen’s hands did not stop moving and he continued to place all of his needles on her back. He then simultaneously pulled them out of her back which made her release a muffled moaning sound of ecstasy.


Lines of black liquid that emitted an awful stench oozed out from her back. When Lu Sulan smelled the stench coming from her back, she uttered a yelp of disgust and shame. To think that such a foul stench came from her body... "Cover your nose, Lord Jiu Shen... This..."

Jiu Shen shook his head with a deadpan expression. "No need to worry about it. This stench is merely caused by the impurities inside your body. And also...can you get me a piece of paper and brush? I will write a suitable technique for you."

"Can I go clean myself first before I do that, Lord Jiu Shen?" Lu Sulan asked gently as she slowly covered her body.

"Not a problem. You may go." Jiu Shen nodded his head at her.

Lu Sulan gratefully bowed towards Jiu Shen after tying her upper clothes. She then gave him a tender glance before she left.

Jiu Shen watched her leave the room with an unchanging expression. "Maybe I should just take her in as my disciple. It won’t be shameful since she has the Verdant Flames Saintly Vermillion Body. And with my help, she has the hope of upgrading her physique into a Glacial Immortal Burning Heaven Body. That is if she chooses the second option..."

After who knows how long, Jiu Shen was still deliberating whether he would accept Lu Sulan as his disciple or not.

Lu Sulan came back with a brand new white dress that matched her icy blue hair. She looked like an ice goddess that was just thawed from a huge glacier!

Lu Sulan was a bit disappointed to see that Jiu Shen was not even moved by her appearance. She had even dressed prettily, hoping that he would compliment her with a few words.

After seeing Lu Sulan in her new white dress, Jiu Shen looked at her deeply, causing the former to blush bashfully. "Lord Jiu Shen..." She bit her lips and silently waited for him to talk.

"Lu Sulan, are you willing to take me as your master?" Jiu Shen changed his way of calling her as he asked.

After thinking things through, Jiu Shen decided to start his plans on making his own sect. And to start doing that, he had to take in his own disciple, right?

In his past life, he was just a wandering cultivator with no background. He chose to lead a life as a recluse and maintained a low profile. Who knew that he would one day incur the wrath of Celestial Emperor Lao Gou when he had only taught a few people with his own sword comprehensions?

To prevent that from happening once again, a different road must be taken.

"What?! What did you say?!" Lu Sulan’s face was difficult to comprehend after she heard his question.

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