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Chapter 46 - Brand New World

Chapter 46 - Brand New World

Lu Sulan did not know what Jiu Shen was thinking and she could not comprehend anything about him at all. His unchanging expression was still present in his handsome face, making Lu Sulan bewildered as to what he had in mind.

Jiu Shen removed the distant thoughts in his mind before he turned to gaze at Lu Sulan’s face. He then spoke in a calm voice. "When do you want us to start, Sect Mistress Lu?"

Lu Sulan thought for a moment before she replied. "I have taken much of your time, Lord Jiu Shen. Let’s do it today so that you can go back to your place tomorrow."

Although she felt reluctant to say those words, she didn’t want to hold him down for so long as it might incur his displeasure. She did not want to carelessly provoke an expert like Jiu Shen just because of her complicated emotions towards him.

Jiu Shen nodded his head calmly after hearing her reply. "In that case, please lead me to your room, Sect Mistress Lu."

"Of course, Lord Jiu Shen. Please follow me." Lu Sulan smiled gently as a feeling of expectation bloomed in her heart.

Lu Sulan led Jiu Shen to her room while her body was feeling hotter and hotter as she walked.

"Sect Mistress Lu, remove the unhealthy thoughts in your mind. It’s not good in your present condition." Jiu Shen said after he had felt the changes in her body.

"Ah-yes, Lord Jiu Shen..." His words was like a bucket of cold water that came pouring down on her face. She was also surprised by his sharp senses. He was actually able to sense the changes in her body! She felt like nothing could escape Jiu Shen’s eyes.

Lu Sulan concealed her surprise and went to open the door of her room.

A burst of womanly fragrance assaulted Jiu Shen’s nose gently. When saw the clean and neat room, he internally nodded his head.

Lu Sulan felt shy because it was the first time she allowed someone to go inside her room. Furthermore, she could not believe that it was a man.

She then sat down at one corner of the bed and patted the place beside her. "Sit here, Lord Jiu Shen."

Jiu Shen nodded his head at her before he sat down beside her.

An awkward silence followed after the two people sat down.

"Shall we begin, Lord Jiu Shen?" Lu Sulan broke the silence, but the way she spoke sounded like a wife inviting her husband to bed, gentle and tender.

"Please remove your upper clothes so that we can start, Sect Mistress Lu." Jiu Shen said casually, causing Lu Sulan to purse her lips in a cute way. ’Why is he still so cold and distant to me?’

She felt her heart pumping wildly as all sorts of thoughts surfaced within her mind like a scene in a movie.

Lu Sulan’s figure trembled faintly. She bit her rosy lips and slowly untied the ribbons that held her clothes together.

Jiu Shen could only see her back, but if it was any other man, then they would have had a nosebleed at the beautiful sight in front of him.

Her back was flawlessly white and smooth. It was like an immortal jade untainted with the mundane world’s impurities.

Jiu Shen’s gaze was devoid of any emotion. He only had one thought in mind: Finish everything quickly, so that he can search for the last ingredient necessary for brewing the Frozen Origin.

Jiu Shen gently placed his left hand on her back, causing Lu Sulan’s little heart to jump in surprise. ’His hand is so warm and gentle...’

Jiu Shen frowned after touching her back. It was much colder than he had expected! A person with Verdant Flames Saintly Vermilion Body should have a warm body, but Lu Sulan’s body was so cold that it felt like Jiu Shen was touching a corpse.

"Sect Mistress Lu, listen carefully. I will tell you why you are experiencing pain every time you cultivate..." Jiu Shen calmly said while gently pouring pure Yang true essence inside her body through his left hand.

Lu Sulan felt her back itch when Jiu Shen sent his pure Yang true essence in her body. "Ah- what is it, Lord Jiu Shen?" She was also curious about the root cause of her problem.

"In the Primordial God Realm, there are certain people who were blessed by the heavens. They received a heavenly baptism from birth which made them gain Sacred Bodies. These Sacred Bodies had three known levels: the Heavenly Physique, the Saintly Physique, and the Immortal Physique...

People with Sacred Bodies were treated respectfully by everyone since such people were destined to soar to greater heights and achieved more than what normal cultivators couldn’t achieve. Sect Mistress Lu, what you have is the Verdant Flames Saintly Vermillion Body.

It is a physique that is of pure fire in nature, but you had cultivated a technique with an icy nature which caused so much discomfort in your body.

The Crimson Astral Blaze Pill that I will concoct for you will help you suppress the cold true essence that had accumulated in your body. So you have two paths to choose from. Do you want to fully suppress the cold true essence within your body or do you want to create a balance of ice and fire true essence in your body?" Jiu Shen did not want to hide everything from her so he told her the truth about her condition.

As for Lu Sulan, she was at first stunned, then dumbfounded, and then horrified. She felt like she had done everything wrong in all of her life after listening to Jiu Shen’s words.

And what was this Primordial God Realm? Sacred Bodies? Lu Sulan felt like she was an ant trapped in a sandbox unable to explore the garden outside.

But she was not a dull woman. She knew that Jiu Shen’s background was not as simple as it seems after listening to his words. She felt like a brand new world was opened for her and the bridge towards this new world was Jiu Shen.

With an expectant light in her eyes, Lu Sulan turned around and faced Jiu Shen. "Lord Jiu Shen, what do you think would be the best for me?"

Jiu Shen’s left hand was still outstretched, so when Lu Sulan turned around, his hand was now on her chest area.

Jiu Shen hurriedly retracted his left hand and looked at her with a calm innocence.

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