The Immortal's Wine Store

Chapter 12 - Like Two Barbarians

Chapter 12 - Like Two Barbarians

Jiu Shen stepped inside the wine storage with a faint smirk on his face. "Oh, right! The Deep Sea Spring Dew is still not ready today. Dammit!"

- Ding!

- The Deep Sea Spring Dew is still being prepared by the system. It will be ready by tomorrow, dear host. Please remain patient.

Jiu Shen rolled his eyes after hearing the solemn voice of the system.

He then stretched his right arm. An invisible energy wrapped itself around four bottles of wines, dragging them towards Jiu Shen. In someone else’s point of view, the wines were suspended in midair while circling around Jiu Shen magically.

Even the emperor did not have such fine control of true essence. He may be able to do it, but not as proficient as Jiu Shen.

Jiu Shen stepped out of the wine storage area with four wines circling around him. The fourth prince and the old man were astounded by the scene, but they stayed silent.

The mercenaries were no longer surprised about it, but they still kept on glancing at Jiu Shen with admiration and veneration.

"Here are two orders of each of the wines. Just give me a few minutes to prepare your dishes. As for the Deep Sea Spring Dew, it is currently unavailable, but will be ready for serving tomorrow." Jiu Shen waved his right hand gently. The four wines circling around him hovered towards the fourth prince and the old man’s table. Jiu Shen also provided them with two small cups. "Enjoy your wines while waiting for the dishes. Once you take the first sip, you will realize why the price is so."

Jiu Shen turned around after he spoke. He then went towards the kitchen with steady steps.

The fourth prince and the old man glanced at his back figure and then towards the wines on the table. "Your highness, I will open it for you."

"Thanks, Defender Duanmu." The fourth prince cupped his fist gratefully. If not for the old man, he would have been punished by Jiu Shen. He was also touched by the old man’s loyalty and care towards him.

"Anything for you, your highness. Just make sure to no longer provoke the owner of this store. I have a feeling that he is even stronger than his majesty." Defender Duanmu said solemnly while glancing at the direction of the kitchen.

The fourth prince furrowed his eyebrows and nodded his head. He also felt the man’s strength himself. If not for him being lenient, he would have already died for disrespecting him.

Defender Duanmu opened one Mystic Jade and he was instantly assaulted by a fruity fragrance that made him close his eyes in pleasure. "Fine wine!" He poured a cup for the fourth prince and himself.

The fourth prince also inhaled the refreshing smell, making his eyes light up. He placed the small cup in his lips and took a light sip. "Delicious! So that’s why...this Purple Blood Ginseng alone is already a precious herb. I even feel embarrassed if I only pay 1 True Crystal for such a wine..."

Defender Duanmu nodded his head and drank his wine with a satisfied expression on his face.

The market price for one Purple Blood Ginseng was one hundred Gold Coins, but a few were also sold at several hundred Gold Coins depending on their age.

After tasting the wine, the slight displeasure in their hearts was no longer there. Only embarrassment and regret remained.

A few minutes later, Jiu Shen came out of the kitchen with two piping hot dishes hovering in front of him. A fragrant aroma wafted towards everyone, making them drool. Even the fourth prince and the old defender were not spared. They glanced at the dishes with great expectations.

"Two orders of Deep-fried Overlord Shrimp Tempura Dipped in Viper Magma Chilli. Enjoy." Jiu Shen calmly said. He then gently placed the two dishes on the table.

The fourth prince and the old man stared at the exquisite dishes in front of them with glittering eyes.

The fourth prince elegantly grabbed the fork and pierced one crescent-shaped tempura. The fork pierced through the succulent shrimp meat with no hindrance. A small amount of shrimp oil dripped down, producing an even stronger shrimp aroma.

The fourth prince no longer hesitated. He placed the crescent-shaped shrimp tempura in his mouth and bit down gently.

"Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!"

"This..." The fourth prince’s eyes moistened and he felt as if he was swimming naked in the vast Heavenly Wind Sea.

"An Overlord Shrimp! This... This is an Overlord Shrimp, a 5th-rank Spirit level creature! So that’s why it’s worth 100 True Crystals... No wonder!" The fourth prince exclaimed after taking the first bite. It wasn’t the first time he had tasted the meat of an Overlord Shrimp, but all the Overlord Shrimp dishes he tasted before can be considered as trash compared to the dish in front of him. ’This is a true gourmet dish! What imperial chefs?! Their dishes can’t even be compared to Wine Master Jiu’s dish!’

The fourth prince’s elegant bearing was no longer there. He discarded the fork and grabbed the crescent-shaped tempura by hand. He then stuffed it inside his mouth while disregarding the peculiar gazes of everyone around him. "Truly delicious!" The fourth prince’s lips were filled with shrimp oil, but he ignored his current look and focused on his food.

Defender Duanmu was stunned after seeing the change on the fourth prince’s bearing in less than a few seconds. He could not help but glance at the dish in front of him. He then took one crescent-shaped shrimp tempura and gave it a small bite which produced a faint crunching sound.

"This... This..."

A few moments later, two men, one young and one old were eating their food like two barbarians eating meat for the very first time in their lives. Looks of satisfaction can be seen on both their faces.

Jiu Shen cast a sidelong glance at them and smirked. He then continued stroking Ice’s fur with a calm expression on his face.

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