The Immortal's Wine Store

Chapter 11 - The Fourth Prince

Chapter 11 - The Fourth Prince


"Oh shit! I’m still far from my favorite restaurant and I’m already this hungry! No, I have to satiate a bit of my hunger before going there. Where can I find something to eat?" A young man in his late teens wearing luxurious clothing rubbed his belly with a contorted expression on his face.

"This smell..." The young man’s nose twitched and followed the aroma which made him even hungrier.

"The world is tormenting me." The young man had a crying expression, but no tears can be seen on his face.

After following the salivating aroma, he found himself standing in front of a humble store. "The Immortal’s Wine? Hahaha! This name... He is even more arrogant than imperial father! Interesting! Let me see if you have the capital to be this arrogant." The young man smirked and walked inside the small store.

After stepping inside the store, he saw a group of mercenaries who were happily drinking their wines. Their faces were red and their eyes were half-closed. A few of them were also eating an eye-catching dish that was producing a mouth-watering scent.

"This..." The young man had an impulse of snatching the dish, but he cleared his throat and looked away. He then stared at a handsome young man with long silver hair. He was sitting nonchalantly on his chair while stroking a chubby white cat. The silver-haired man’s expression was calm which surprised him a bit.

"If you want to order something, check that first." Jiu Shen pointed at the blackboard without even glancing at the young man. He just continued rubbing the soft fur of Ice.

The young man was a bit annoyed at Jiu Shen’s indifference. It was rare to find someone who was unafraid of him. Even those geniuses from the noble families did not dare act arrogantly in front of him.

He rolled his eyes at Jiu Shen and glanced at the blackboard he pointed earlier. His eyes widened in surprise after he laid his eyes on the prices. "What the hell?! A wine that costs 120 True Crystals?! A dish that costs 100 fucking True Crystals?! Why don’t you just go and rob someone?!" Even his favorite restaurant which was also the best in the empire did not even have a dish with such an absurd price, so his reaction was understandable.

Jiu Shen ignored him and rubbed Ice’s head gently. It closed its eyes in delight while enjoying the warmth of Jiu Shen’s hand.


Jiu Shen’s lips twitched after hearing it release a cat-like sound. ’Little tiger, you can’t fool this heavenly lord. If it were the mortals in this world, then they might really fall for your charms. But how could I not know your real origins?’

"Hey! Are you deaf? Don’t you know who I am? If you can’t explain the absurd prices of your wines and dish, then I will have your store smashed!" The young man said angrily while walking towards Jiu Shen.

The mercenaries who were already drunk glanced at the familiar silhouette but their eyes were too unfocused to realize who he was. Even Boss Scar was entirely absorbed in the pleasure of eating his deep-fried Overlord Shrimp.

Jiu Shen’s calm eyes turned cold as he glanced at the young man who was looking at him angrily. ’You dare shout at this heavenly lord? Why are the mortals in this world act more aggressively than those so-called immortals in the Primordial God Realm?’

The young man felt fear after being stared by Jiu Shen’s cold and emotionless eyes. The former’s legs wobbled as an invisible pressure enveloped his entire body.

"You... You..."

"Milord, stay your hand! His highness is young and impetuous. Let us both take a step back. This old man will compensate you as long as you let his highness go." And old man with long white beard appeared inside the store in a blink of an eye.

The old man was shocked after entering the store because he felt that he was somewhat suppressed. Furthermore, the silver-haired youth was giving him a profound feeling of powerlessness. It was like he was facing a millennium-year-old expert. ’This man... Who is he?’

"Oh, a peak 7th-rank Emperor as a bodyguard. I’m a bit surprised. This young man’s identity should not be ordinary." Jiu Shen said with a calm face. His words and his expression contradicted each other, making the old man curse him inwardly.

The mercenaries finally realized that the newcomers were tough to knead.

When they saw the old man and the trembling young man, they almost spat blood. ’Isn’t that the fourth prince? As for that old man... He should be...’

The old man did not dare act arrogantly in front of Jiu Shen. He had an absurd thought that the silver-haired youth in front of him can kill him in less than five seconds. Just the pressure he was producing alone was already many times stronger than Emperor Elyk’s!

"Milord, his highness is the future of our Silver Wing Empire. I hope you can be lenient with him. This old man is willing to take your punishment on his behalf." The old man bowed his head respectfully, but his heart was clouded by fear. Nonetheless, he was willing to shoulder Jiu Shen’s punishment for the fourth prince. He was, after all, the future of their empire.

Jiu Shen sighed and waved his right hand gently. "I admire your loyalty, old man. I can let the both of you go, but..."

Everyone inside the store paused their breathing while looking at Jiu Shen’s calm expression.

The old man and the fourth prince swallowed a mouthful of dry saliva while waiting for Jiu Shen’s words.

" have to buy one order of each of the things sold at my store." Jiu Shen said nonchalantly while pointing at the small blackboard.

The old man and the fourth prince exhaled a breath of turbid air. They felt like they were given a new lease on life.

"This... Ah..." The old man was somewhat stunned, so he did not know what to say.

Jiu Shen’s expression darkened. "Why? Do you think that there is something wrong with my wines and dish?"

"No! No! No! Not at all, milord. We are willing to buy two orders for each wine and that dish." The old man hurriedly expressed his sincerity. Although the prices were somewhat absurd, he was not short on True Crystals. And as long as they can leave this place alive, then it’s all worth it.

"Good! Sit and wait for your orders." Jiu Shen’s lips curved upwards as he stood up. He then walked towards the wine storage, leaving the stunned onlookers glancing at his mysterious back figure fearfully.

They told themselves to never mess with Wine Master Jiu Shen anymore.

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