The Immortal Emperor Returns

Chapter 704 - Deserved to Be a Devil King!

Chapter 704 Deserved to Be a Devil King!

Dressed in silver armor, holding the Dragon’s Wrath, his hair fluttering, he was as overbearing as the ancient Fiend Supremacy, bloodthirsty and wild.

Half of the Chosen Ones of the Gu Family who came in with Chu Xun had been killed by a wave of Chu Xun.

Several experts in the High Immortal Realm widened their eyes.

“Chu Xun, our Gu Family will fight you to the death.” An expert in the High Immortal Realm of the Gu Family roared. “In the future, when we come to the earth, we will make blood flow like rivers on the earth.”

“Your words are useless other than making you die faster. I have never been threatened. And I prefer to eliminate dangers when they are not big.”


The Dragon’s Wrath burst out a dazzling golden light. A huge golden sword shadow, more than tens of meters long, fell toward the expert in the High Immortal Realm of the Gu Family. It seemed to split the sky, and the earth was constantly cracking. It was extremely horrible.

“Hold on! Quick!”

The eyes of several experts in the High Immortal Realm of the Gu Family were red. They roared frantically. When they joined forces, their terrifying Internal Breath turned into a barrier, protecting them within like a shield.

Chu Xun sneered. After those people lost their fighting intent, even if they were in the High Immortal Realm, their fighting strength was greatly reduced.


The barrier was burst open by the golden sword shadow. A storm swept over. The ground was blown up one meter, and huge cracks hundreds of meters long spread out.

Blood and flesh flew everywhere.


The three experts in the High Immortal Realm were killed by a slash.

There were only two experts in the High Immortal Realm alive in the Gu Family. And they were seriously injured. Gu Yang’s face was pale, and he coughed up blood. Although under the protection of five experts in the High Immortal Realm, his viscera were still hurt.

“Chu Xun, you are so cruel.” An expert in the High Immortal Realm of the Gu Family kept vomiting blood and was seriously injured.

“Cruel?” Chu Xun raised his head and laughed wildly. “I’m not cruel enough. Compared with your Immortals, killing these people was just a piece of cake.”

“Aren’t you afraid that we will take revenge on the Earth people? Don’t forget that our Transfer Formation has been built. Forty people of the Immortals will go there. Your action will bring a disaster to the Earth people.”

“Ha...” Chu Xun laughed wildly and said, “Do you think the earth is so easy to bully? If you dare to go, someone will prepare a sharp blade to cut your heads.”

Chu Xun raised the Dragon’s Wrath in his hand again and said, “You have talked too much nonsense. I’ll send you to hell.”



A world-shaking explosion sounded. Terrifying cracks spread out like giant pythons. The remaining two experts in the High Immortal Realm of the Gu Family, as well as Gu Yang, known as a genius that was rare in tens of thousands of years, were all killed.

If Gu Yang knew the culture of the earth, he would probably sigh. Why was there always someone smarter?

Chu Xun’s expression was cold. In fact, he didn’t take Gu Yang seriously at all. The opponent he wanted to go against was someone that Gu Yang didn’t dare to imagine.

When Chu Xun was about to kill the others, he suddenly stopped and saw Gu Yang’s eyes.

Gu Yang’s eyeballs became like two gems, shining brightly.

His eyes were still alive.

Chu Xun stretched out his hand and sucked the eyeballs out. After the two eyeballs left the eye sockets, they turned as pure as glass. A blood mark was in the middle.

Chu Xun put them away. The people with dual pupils were the favorite of heaven and earth. The two eyeballs might be useful in the future.

“Ma Sen, stay here. You won’t be able to escape.”

Chu Xun saw that Ma Sen was secretly retreating with the disciples of the Ma Family, ready to escape.

“Chu Xun, our Ma Family has done you a favor. Please let us go.” Ma Yanchen was trembling. Chu Xun was so powerful that they could not resist.

Chu Xun said with a playful look, “Should I let you go because your surname is Ma?”

“Chu Xun, don’t forget that our Ma Family has spent a lot of money and manpower to help you find the great medicinal herbs. You and our Uncle Ma are sworn brothers. Our Ma Family has treated you sincerely. Please let us go.” Ma Yanchen cupped his hands and bowed in a humble manner.

“Okay, I’ll let you go.” Chu Xun chuckled.

“Thank you very much... Chu Xun, you will die miserably,” Ma Sen shouted crazily.

The golden sword shadow, tens of meters long, fell with terrible power. Because the ground couldn’t withstand the terrible pressure of the sword shadow, it cracked continuously.


Sword Qi spread everywhere, and a storm swept about. It killed most of the disciples of the Ma Family. Ma Sen and Ma Yanchen were seriously injured. They had no combat strength now.

The Ma Family had lost some of the disciples in the boulder rain. Now, more than half of them were killed by Chu Xun. Only about a dozen of them were alive and injured.

“Chu Xun, you’re such a devil. You will die miserably. You’ll be punished sooner or later,” Ma Sen roared angrily.

“If I had to suffer retribution, your Immortals would suffer it before me. Your crimes are too many. Do I need to tell you one by one? If there were retribution, you had died a long time ago.”

Before his voice died away, his Dragon’s Wrath waved, and Ma Sen was beheaded. His head flew more than ten meters away, and blood gushed out.

“Chu Xun, I beg you to let me go. I beg you, I am willing to do anything for you, as long as you can spare me...” Ma Yanchen’s arm had been cut off by Chu Xun before. Now, he was covered with scars all over, so he looked miserable.

He didn’t want to die. He was the most outstanding disciple of the Ma Family in this generation. His future was promising. He wanted to live.

“Trash like you is useless to me. You’d better go to hell and see your ancestors. Tell them that in the future, the Ma Family will be destroyed and pay for their mistakes on Earth.”


Blood spurted out several meters, and Ma Yanchen was beheaded.

The Dragon’s Wrath burst out dazzling blade light and slashed horizontally. The terrible blade light flew out, and more than a dozen disciples of the Ma Family were directly cut in half at the waist.

Now, all the disciples of the Ma Family, who had entered this folding space, had been wiped out.


Chu Xun roared, and his voice swept for thousands of miles. The Dragon’s Wrath was shining, and the blade kept killing lives one by one without being stained by blood.

Chu Xun didn’t hate to see the scene. If he hadn’t come in by chance this time, the Earth residents waiting here for tens of thousands of years would have been all slaughtered.

What he had seen in the city just now made his heart palpitate. The faces of the children only a few years old were numb, and their eyes were filled with hatred. If it weren’t for these Chosen Ones of the Immortals, the children wouldn’t have become like that.

The ground continuously cracked apart, blood dyeing the ground red, corpses everywhere, as if the world was a purgatory.

In the city, Little Ning and others were watching. It seemed they had vented their hatred. In the past, the people slaughtered like this were their families.

Chu Xun slashed out with his sword continuously, killing people. Either they were in the High Immortal Realm or Gold Immortal Realm, they were all killed in one strike.

After an hour, no people of the Immortals were alive on the scene. Three or four hundred corpses were lying on the ground.

Chu Xun took out the Violet Underworld Flame and turned all the corpses, boulders, grass, and trees on the ground into ashes. The ground cracked inch by inch. He wanted this place to start over again. Green grass and flowers would grow in the place again after several years.

Chu Xun waved his hand to the people in the city and then left with Ning Lie and the other two.

There were more than 30 corpses in the wilderness on a hill. Chu Xun stood on a huge stone and looked up at the Vanquishing Fiends List in the air.

The actions of the player, Wang Yunzhe, were strange. They had been searching for him for several days but couldn’t find him at all.

Chu Xun turned the corpses on the ground into ashes with Violet Underworld Flame and left.

In the next few days, they crossed almost more than half of the folding space. But it was strange that they couldn’t find anyone from the Wang Family.

Chu Xun had a bad feeling in his heart. The Wang Family was so strange. They ranked first on the Vanquishing Fiends List, but he couldn’t find any trace of them. Where were they hiding?

Time flew fast. Several days later, Chu Xun’s expression became colder and colder. He still could not find the Wang Family. The people on the Vanquishing Fiends List were almost wiped out. Only the Wang Family had no trace as if its people had disappeared.

There was only one month left before the folding space entrance opened again. Chu Xun was a little anxious. He could not let the Wang Family escape.

Since the Wang Family had replaced the Wen Family, its means and power must be extraordinary. Wang Yunzhe’s cultivation level should be higher than that of Gu Yang and Ma Yanchen. His talent was extremely high, so Chu Xun couldn’t let the people of the Wang Family go out alive.


In the outside world, the presbyters of the various forces of the Immortals watched the names of the Chosen Ones on the Vanquishing Fiends List disappear one after another. Their faces looked sad as if their parents had died.

If one name disappeared, the person could be said robbed.

But now, except for Wang Yunzhe, who ranked first, the other names on the list belonged to a few people not famous. Some of them were even unknown. And their Vanquishing Fiends Count was not high, just about a dozen. The Vanquishing Fiends Count of the person ranked was only one.

The others must have been killed by Chu Xun. But it was strange that there was no name of Liu Tianhe or Chu Xun.

They didn’t know Chu Xun had already crushed his stone tablet.

He wanted the list to be clean. He didn’t want to fight in the first place.

The presbyters of the Sect of Holy Fire, Gu Family, and other forces had gloomy faces. They stared at the Ma Family and the Canyang Guild with resentment. They even wished they could rush over and tear them apart.

However, the Canyang Guild was only ranked fourth.

The Ma Family had no names on the list.

The Ma Family had stayed with Chu Xun. If Chu Xun took action, they would be the first to bear the brunt.

The Presbyter Sixth of the Ma Family had been so angry that he had vomited mouthfuls of blood. They had sent the disciples of the Ma Family to Chu Xun in person and made it convenient for him to kill them.

Every time thinking of this, he would spit out a mouthful of blood.

At this time, the fifth-ranked name had disappeared. The person belonged to a force in the Southern Region.

“Ma Family, if my disciples come out, we will fight to the death with your Ma Family.”

“Ma Family, Canyang Guild, you are so stupid. How could you let a man from the earth bring your disciples in? Isn’t this like sending sheep to a tiger?”

Facing numerous questions and blaming, the Ma Family and Canyang Guild were so ashamed that they wanted to find a hole to hide in.

After the practice, how many people would be able to survive this trial?

The Presbyter Sixth’s face was pale. He was afraid that in the future, the Ma Family, Canyang Guild, and even the whole Eastern Region would be suppressed by the other three regions. Maybe they would be replaced by other forces.

Thinking of this, the Presbyter Sixth coughed up blood again and fainted.

The members of the Canyang Guild remained silent. Their faces were very gloomy. They had tried their best to draw the person over to their side and find the great medicinal herbs for him. However, they did not expect that the one they were trying to please was an Earth resident.

Chu Xun had played with the two major forces in the Eastern Region and stirred up the whole Immortals. After thinking of this, they also had an impulse to vomit blood.

Chu Xun was Chu the Devil. Although they were unwilling to admit it, it was undeniable that Chu Xun deserved the title of Devil King.

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