The Immortal Emperor Returns

Chapter 703 - Cut Melons and Vegetable!

Chapter 703 Cut Melons and Vegetable!

Lin Sansheng, Ning Lie, and Xiong Liping were delighted because Chu Xun had passed the test of the magic formation. It proved that Chu Xun was really from Earth.

Wearing silver armor, Chu Xun walked over with the Dragon’s Wrath in his hand.

“Senior, what do you think of it?” Ning Lie couldn’t wait to ask.

Chu Xun said, “That is indeed a Transfer Formation, but...”

Chu Xun told them without concealing anything from them.

“Senior, are you going to take the risk?” Ning Lie asked.

Chu Xun nodded and said, “There is no other way but to enter the formation. I have no other choice.”

“But...” Lin Sansheng wanted to say that if what Chu Xun said was true, it would be too dangerous.

Chu Xun waved his hand, knowing what he was going to say. Chu Xun said, “I’ve made up my mind. It’s a pity that I can’t take you with me.”

Lin Sansheng became serious and said, “I believe you will come back one day and take us back to Earth.”

“How long will it take? Maybe it’s a very long way to go.” Chu Xun sighed.

“Our ancestors have waited here for tens of millions of years. As long as we have hope, so what if we continue to wait for tens of millions of years?” Lin Sansheng said.

Chu Xun said, “It won’t take tens of millions of years this time. I can promise you that in the next thousand years, no one from the Immortals will be able to enter this folding space.”


Lin Sansheng, Ning Lie, and Xiong Liping were overjoyed.

In these thousand years, if no one from the Immortals entered, they could recuperate and build up strength. They could wait for tens of thousands of years, not to mention thousands of years.

The Dragon’s Wrath waved gently, causing waves of purple ripples. Chu Xun said, “There are still less than two months left. We have to hurry up. I don’t want anyone of the Immortals to get out alive.”

“Senior, what are you going to do? We’ll follow your orders,” Lin Sansheng said.

“Kill.” Chu Xun’s voice swept over the place. The word made people’s divine souls tremble.

Lin Sansheng and the other two looked serious.

“Senior, we are willing to slaughter our way out with you. Let’s kill them one after another. Let their blood flow like a river.”

Chu Xun nodded slightly, and his killing intent swept around him. Then he picked up a fist-sized stone, made a magic signet with one hand, and gently brushed it. The gray stone burst out a golden light.

“Don’t they want the Chaos Stone? I’ll prepare one for them.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Chu Xun waved his sword and said, “Let’s go.”

The three followed Chu Xun to the front of the city. Little Ning was there. Chu Xun had sealed them here before leaving, for fear that they would stand above the city again and arouse the vigilance of those people in the Immortals.

Chu Xun waved his hand to remove the constraint and free them.

The group of people looked at Lin Sansheng and the other two following Chu Xun. Then their faces were full of doubts. “What’s going on?”

“Big brother, you’re here to help us, aren’t you?” Little Ning asked timidly.

Chu Xun had noticed the child for a long time. He restrained his killing intent and said with a smile, “Yes, I’m here to help you.”

“Big brother, why are you willing to help us?” Little Ning didn’t understand. In his heart, the people of the Immortals were fiends who killed Earth people without batting an eye. How could they be so kind?

“Because I have the bloodline with you. We are all from Earth.”

All the people present were stunned and looked at Lin Sansheng subconsciously. Seeing Lin Sansheng nod, they completely believed him and couldn’t help cheering.

Lin Sansheng hastily said, “Don’t make any noise and alert the people outside the city.”

“I knew Big Brother isn’t a bad guy,” Little Ning said happily.

“Oh? How did you know?” Chu Xun was curious.

“I feel that you are not a bad person.”

Lin Sansheng said, “Senior, when you appeared outside the city and killed several experts in the High Immortal Realm, Little Ning said that you were not bad. But I never dreamed that you were from Earth.”

Chu Xun looked at Little Ning and waved his hand. Then a pile of resources for cultivation appeared in front of him. “These are for you. You should cultivate hard. Only when you become strong can you protect the people you want to.”

Little Ning seemed to understand. He nodded hard.

Chu Xun nodded. With a flash, he appeared above the city. After Lin Sansheng and the other two instructed the others, they also flew up to the city.

Chu Xun’s appearance attracted the attention of the Immortals outside of the Forbidden Area Installation.

Chu Xun directly flew out of the city, followed by Lin Sansheng and the other two. Chu Xun made a door with the Breaking-Stone Formation and walked out.

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on Chu Xun. They even ignored the three people following him.

Chu Xun raised the corners of his mouth slightly. He raised his hand. With a flash of light, a golden stone appeared, emitting golden light.

“Is this the Chaos Stone?” Someone stared at the stone in Chu Xun’s hand with burning eyes.

“This is the Chaos Stone, which can turn ordinary sacred relics into Divine Artifacts. If an expert in the High Immortal Realm holds one, the person could fight with an expert in the Prime Immortal, not losing.”

Chu Xun turned over his hand, put away the fake Chaos Stone, and said, “Yes, this is the Chaos Stone.”

“Why are they still alive?” Only then did someone notice Ning Lie and the other two.

Chu Xun said, “I have promised them if I got the Chaos Stone, they would be safe.”

“Liu Tianhe, how dare you cooperate with the earth people? It’s a disgrace to our Immortals,” an expert in the High Immortal Realm said.

Chu Xun looked at him with cold eyes and said, “Who do you think you are? It is my thing. How dare you order me, Chu Xun, around?”

“Chu Xun?”

“What did you say?” An expert in the High Immortal Realm thought he had heard it wrong.

“Listen carefully. I’m from Earth. My name is Chu Xun, Chu the Devil,” Chu Xun said loudly, his voice sweeping thousands of miles away.

The people in the Immortals were stunned instantly. How could he be an Earth people, Chu Xun, Chu the Devil?

“Really?” Ma Yanchen screamed in disbelief.

“You idiots, when I entered the folding space, someone outside had already seen through my identity. So I came in late. And you had rushed too fast, so you didn’t know.”

“Are you really from Earth?” Some of them still thought it was unbelievable.

Chu Xun came in from the outside world with them. How could there be an Earth resident in the outside world? It was unbelievable.

“In fact, I have thought too highly of you. I thought that you should have some doubts when I killed so many of your so-called Chosen Ones. But your stupidity is beyond my imagination.”

“Since you’re from Earth, why don’t you hide in the city? How dare you show up here? Do you think your life is too long?” An expert in the High Immortal Realm said angrily.

“Do you think you are qualified to make me hide?” Chu Xun sneered and said, “From now on, our identities are different. You are our prey, and we are hunters.”

“Everyone, do you still doubt what I have said before? If we don’t join forces at this time, will we have any chance to go out?” An expert in the High Immortal Realm of the Gu Family was so angry.

If Chu Xun was from the Immortals, they could barely accept the fact that he had used them before. But Chu Xun was from the earth. It was unbearable for them to accept it.

At this moment, everyone understood. But it was a little late. They had been suspicious and watched Chu Xun disable the Sect of Holy Fire.

“Let’s join forces to kill this bastard,” an expert in the High Immortal Realm shouted.

“How dare you kill me?” Chu Xun’s eyes were full of disdain. The next moment, he rushed to the expert in the High Immortal Realm. He waved his sword in the air, and a purple-golden blade light, dozens of meters long, came down from the sky.

The man roared angrily, and his Internal Breath rolled around him. He knew how terrible Chu Xun was, so he ran his cultivation to the extreme.


Blood splattered everywhere as the man was cut in half.

Chu Xun sneered and said, “A group of ants, it’s useless to struggle. As I said, from now on, you are prey. We are hunters.”

“Don’t waste time here. If we don’t join forces, we will all die here.” An expert in the High Immortal Realm of the Gu Family roared.

Chu Xun sneered and said, “Whether you join forces or not, you will all die here.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Hong Meng Immortal Qi swept around Chu Xun. His hair fluttered wildly, and the Dragon’s Wrath burst out a terrible sword Qi. A tens of meters long blade light chopped down toward the Ma Family.

“Quick! Dodge!” Ma Sen was so shocked that his eyes were bloodshot.


The ground cracked, and the soil flew into the air. A crack, hundreds of meters long, appeared on the ground. Half of the disciples of the Ma Family were killed. Even the genius, Ma Yanchen, lost an arm and screamed miserably.

“You don’t deserve to be called Chosen Ones, ants.” Chu Xun was extremely arrogant, and his eyes were full of contempt when looking at Ma Yanchen.

“Kill him.”

Seven experts in the High Immortal Realm rushed toward Chu Xun at the same time and attacked him in the air. Terrifying energy chains of the Internal Breath twisted the air wildly and made a loud noise.

When Lin Sansheng and the others were about to take action, Chu Xun shouted, “Kill those so-called fucking Chosen Ones. I’ll deal with these good-for-nothings.”

The seven experts in the High Immortal Realm attacked at the same time. Their power was world-shaking. Even an expert at the intermediate stage of the High Immortal Realm had to retreat, not daring to face it head-on.

However, Chu Xun did not care about it at all. He directly rushed over with the Dragon’s Wrath in his hand. The raging Internal Breath hit him. Then the seven experts in the High Immortal Realm showed smiled ferociously.

However, the next moment, they were dumbfounded. The silver armor on Chu Xun’s body burst out a dazzling silver light. It was powerful, and it shattered all the Internal Breath that came.

“This...” The seven experts in the High Immortal Realm were speechless.

Chu Xun had no expression on his face, and his eyes were indifferent. He took a step forward, and the light of the Dragon’s Wrath was dazzling.

He swung his sword.


Blood flew hundreds of meters away, and five heads flew into the air. Blood gushed out of the necks of the left two experts in the High Immortal Realm. Their bodies flew backward as fast as lightning. If it weren’t for the five people in front of them, they would have been beheaded.

“Do you think you can leave?”

Chu Xun took a step forward and covered thousands of meters. He caught up with the two directly and slashed fiercely with his sword.

So what if they were experts in the High Immortal Realm? Chu Xun killed them as if he were cutting vegetables and melons with a sword. One of them was beheaded, and the other was chopped at the waist.

He killed all the seven experts in the High Immortal Realm with only three moves.

All the warriors present were scared out of their wits.

Chu Xun rushed to the Gu Family and slashed down. The blade light was terrifying and overwhelming. Several experts in the High Immortal Realm escaped with Gu Yang.

However, half of the disciples of the Gu Family, who were in the Gold Immortal Realm, were killed in one stroke. Their bodies were scattered all over the place, and blood flowed like a river.

The eyes of the experts of the Gu Family turned red, and he roared crazily. Gu Yang, the genius who had fought with Chu Xun before, was stunned at this moment. He had suffered a great blow.

Ma Yanchen, who was as famous as him, also lost to Chu Xun. Even the Chosen Ones of the last generation, the experts in the High Immortal Realm, were killed by Chu Xun with one strike. The most important was that Chu Xun was an Earth resident. He had always looked down on Earth residents. Now he was disheartened.

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