The Great Ruler

Chapter 23 The True Power of the Limitless Death Seal

Chapter 23 The True Power of the Limitless Death Seal

“You’ve trained in the Limitless Death Seal?”

Mu Chen stared at the serious expression on Teacher Mo’s face. He could not help but let out a hollow laugh. Then, he nodded his head. With the latter’s Spirit Stage strength, it was obvious that he could not hide it from him.

“You shouldn’t have the right to train in it yet?” Teacher Mo said in a deep voice.

Mu Chen blinked, but he did not speak. He had already trained in it already. Could it be that he’ll make him return it back?

Teacher Mo stared at Mu Chen’s face. His serious expression faltered for a moment. It seems that this boy did not care about his authority. He could only shake his head helplessly and say: “Can you not be this reckless?”

“I only wanted to try it out. If there are any problems, I will immediately stop training in it. I care about my life more than anyone else.” Mu Chen smiled and replied.

Teacher Mo could only stare at him sourly. He hesitated for a moment before saying: “Did you succeed?”

“I succeeded in its initial step.” Mu Chen stretched out his hand. In the center of his palm, a black seal appeared vaguely.

Teacher Mo stared at the black seal in Mu Chen’s hand. The corner of his lips twitched slightly. Although he was aware of it earlier, his heart could not help but tremble when he saw that Mu Chen was able to successfully train in this Limitless Death Seal in such a short period of time.

This talent, as expected from the person who obtained the qualifications for the Spiritual Road.

“Are you interested in this Limitless Death Seal?” Teacher Mo glanced at Mu Chen. Ever since he brought Mu Chen to the Spiritual Arts Room Heaven Level, he discovered that Mu Chen took a fancy to this Spiritual Art.

“I could feel that this Spiritual Art isn’t that simple.” Mu Chen thought for a moment before he spoke. Although this Spiritual Art may only seem to be a Common Tier High Rank, he could faintly feel that something was a bit off with it.

“Oh?” Teacher Mo lifted an eyebrow and stared at Mu Chen.

“It feels that this Limitless Death Seal seems to carry a great potential. The training on the surface seems to be the initial step…I feel that there should be some sort of method to make this Limitless Death Seal even stronger.” Mu Chen muttered to himself.

Teacher Mo slightly narrowed his eyes. A trace of surprise surged through his eyes.

Mu Chen stared at Teacher Mo and suddenly let out a smile. He said with a cunning voice: “Teacher Mo should be quite familiar with the Limitless Death Seal, right? From what I can tell, you seem to be quite interested in it.”

Teacher Mo glanced at Mu Chen, who was like a sly fox. He helplessly nodded his head and said: “I, too, have trained in this Limitless Death Seal.”

As he said this, he extended out his palm. In the center of his palm, a black seal also appeared on it. However, the one that came from Teacher Mo was a lot more completely and darker than the black seal at the center of Mu Chen’s hand. The cold chill fluctuation also far surpassed the one that Mu Chen formed.

Mu Chen stared at the black seal in Teacher Mo’s hand in shock. He gently smiled as he said: “It really is just like I expected. This Spiritual Art really isn’t that simple. Otherwise, why would Teacher Mo select it?”

Teacher Mo is a genuine powerhouse at the Spirit Stage level. He is ranked high up in the Northern Spiritual Realm. If the Limitless Death Seal was only just an ordinary Common Tier Spiritual Art, he would not go train in it.

“You rascal…”

Teacher Mo gave off a bitter laugh. This boy is quite slippery. He thought for a moment and slowly said: “Do you want to know how to let the Limitless Death Seal reveal its true power?”

Mu Chen’s eyes lit up. He nodded his head heavily.

“It’s simple.” Teacher Mo chuckled and he extended his left hand over as well. Then, Mu Chen was astonished as he noticed that there was an exactly the same black seal at the center of Teacher Mo’s left palm.

So with the Limitless Death Seal, you could form more than one Death Seals!

Mu Chen’s eyes glowed. A touch of excitement suddenly appeared on his face. He stared heatedly at Teacher Mo and murmured: “The reason why there weren’t any other steps for training the Limitless Death Seal isn’t because there weren’t any. It is because the amazing point of the Death Seal is that you could form multiple Death Seals. By overlapping the Death Seals, you will be able to reveal its true power?”

Teacher Mo nodded and said: “However, the Limitless Death Seal has a harsh requirement for Spiritual Energy. I have tried my best, yet I was only able to form two seals. As for the Death Seals, the more you have, the more terrifying the backlash from the impact would be. I had once attempted to form the third Death Seal, but I was nearly gravely injured by its shock. After that, I did not dare to try it again.”

Mu Chen also had the same feeling. When he formed the first Death Seal, he went through great lengths just to withstand the impact coming from the formation of the seal. He really did not know if he could endure the second seal being formed.

“Right now, you have successfully formed the first Death Seal, do not rush to condense the second seal. Just so an accident wouldn’t occur.” Teacher Mo warned him.

Mu Chen nodded. Although he longed for the true power of the Limitless Death Seal, he also understood there were no benefits for being too ambitious.

Seeing this, Teacher Mo did not say anything more and waved his hand. Mu Chen immediately turned and left. The moment he turned his head around, he saw Tang Qian’Er waiting for him.

“Are you alright? Did Teacher Mo do anything to you?” Tang Qian’Er immediately asked these questions when she say Mu Chen coming out. After all, Mu Chen did break the rules a bit when he learned the Limitless Death Seal. Therefore, she was worried that he would be punished.

Mu Chen smiled as he shook his head. Then, he lowered his head and looked at the black seal in his palm. His heart heated up. This Limitless Death Seal was truly extraordinary. It looks like he would have to put more effort into it in the future.

In the middle of the night, Mu Chen was quietly sitting cross-legged. His hands were changing seals again. A trace of dark black Spiritual Energy circulated at the tips of his fingers.


However, when the dark black Spiritual Energy weaved together and attempted to form a seal, the Spiritual Energy suddenly went out of control and the fluctuation dissipated away.

Mu Chen stared at his empty palm. He shook his head helplessly. Just earlier, he attempted to see if he could form the second seal, but the results were obvious. He failed.

It seems that the difficulty for the second Death Seal was much harder than the first one.

“Looks like I can only slowly do this.”

Mu Chen muttered to himself. Then, he recovered his mind and closed his eyes. He began to circulate the Great Pagoda Art and absorbed the Spiritual Aura from the world. In the end, the Spiritual Aura turned into dark black Spiritual Energy and entered his aurasea.

In addition to this, Mu Chen would also separate a bit of his Spiritual Energy and let it flow down the meridians in his arm in order to nurture the black Death Seal. It made the color of the black seal become deeper.

Because of the fight with Luo Tong yesterday at the training grounds, Mu Chen’s reputation also spread out within the East Branch Heaven Class. The veteran students did not dare underestimate this newbie, who just rose up. Also, Tan Qingshan made others understand that that he wasn’t a seemingly quiet boy, who would be pushed around, with his fierce attitude yesterday. Therefore, nobody came to trouble him in the days after. Mu Chen had truly obtained peace and quiet.

During this peaceful time, Mu Chen began to focus his efforts into cultivation. He would be at the cultivation field to borrow the Third Rank Spirit Convergence Array at daytime. The Spiritual Energy within his aurasea become denser and denser as the days passed.

When it was nighttime, he would nurture the Limitless Death Seal on his palm. He also gradually attempted to form the second Death Seal. But without any exception, he failed.

But despite the repeated failures, Mu Chen did not give up. He could vaguely feel that he was getting more proficient in the Seal Method for forming the Limitless Death Seal through the repeated failures. His control at the Limitless Death Seal became more and more smoothly.

The feeling of him getting closer and closer to success made Mu Chen experience a little bit of joy.

The time quietly went on and in a blink of an eye, approximately half a month passed.

During this half a month, the Spiritual Energy inside Mu Chen’s aurasea became denser and denser. Although he had not advanced to the Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase, it was definitely more powerful than half a month ago.

While his Spiritual Energy progressed, Mu Chen’s training in the Limitless Death Seal also became more proficient. His control over the first Death Seal reached a certain degree of precision. It was not like when he was facing against Luo Tong and would cause unnecessary consumption.

As for the condensation of the second Death Seal, Mu Chen could faintly feel that he had reached it. However, his Spiritual Energy wasn’t enough so he was not able to condense it successfully. This made him feel a bit regretful.

In the cultivation field, when Mu Chen heard that the bell ringing, which represented that the class was over, he opened his eyes and began to feel the Spiritual Energy surging in his aurasea. He smiled gently and stretched.


A sweet voice came from beside him. Mu Chen tilted his head. He only noticed Tang Qian’Er smiling as she stared at him with anticipation.

“What is it?” Mu Chen asked.

“We will be heading for training at the Northern Spiritual Field tomorrow.” Tang Qian’Er smiled as she said.

“We’re heading out tomorrow?”

Mu Chen paused for a moment before he smiled and nodded his head. He was completely immersed in his training during this time, so he nearly forgot about the time. However, it was still fine. Seeing that he could not form the second Death Seal because he did not have enough Spiritual Energy, if he was able to find some Elixirs in the Northern Spiritual Field, it would solve his pressing problem.

“You have to work harder during this time’s Northern Spiritual Field training. It is said that the West Branch’s Liu Mubai will also participate. The one that formed a team with him is the West Branch’s Hong Ling. We can’t lose to them.” Tang Qian’Er said seriously.

“Liu Mubai, huh…”

Mu Chen let out a slight smile. That person is the genuine number one in the Northern Spiritual Academy. And are they going to confront each other for the first time during this Northern Spiritual Field Training?

How interesting.

Mu Chen’s black eyes shined. He was not afraid of anyone in the Spiritual Road and it was exactly the same in the Northern Spiritual Realm.

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