The Great Ruler

Chapter 22 – Might of the Death Seal

Chapter 22 – Might of the Death Seal

When Mu Chen’s voice rang out in the training ground, the lively atmosphere suddenly quieted down. Then, countless astonished eyes remained fixed on him.

Who would have imagined that Mu Chen would actually take the initiative to fight with Luo Tong? Could it be that he did not know that the latter was always finding an opportunity to trouble him? Why would he go on his own and charge at him now?

“Qian’Er, what is Mu Chen doing? That Luo Tong isn’t that easy to deal with.” Mo Ling went up to Tang Qian’Er and asked with a serious expression as he stared at Mu Chen’s back.

Tang Qian’Er shook her head. Although her eyes showed a bit of worry, she did not reveal it. She only let out a shallow laugh and said: “It’s fine, he knows what he is doing.”

Mo Ling could only give a bitter smile as he nodded. This duel followed the rules. Even if he wanted to speak out and help him, he could not step in. He can only hope that Mu Chen had a bit of skill. Otherwise, Luo Tong probably would not let go of this opportunity of tormenting him.

“Ho ho”

While being surrounded in many gazes from nearby, Luo Tong was stunned. His originally overcast face slowly turned cold. From his mouth, a cold laugh slowly escaped his lips.

“Looks like you believe that you’ve gotten used to the place after staying at the heaven class for the past few days. So you can finally begin to act arrogant?” Luo Tong stood up, his eyes were coldly fixed on Mu Chen.

“What are you saying? I simply want to have a little duel with you.” Mu Chen chuckled with a gentle smile as he spoke: “Also, isn’t it something natural for a senior to have a little duel with newcomers? That’s what Jiang Li said earlier.

Over at the side, Jiang Li’s facial color changed unnaturally after he heard Mu Chen mentioning him. However, he deliberately pretended to be fierce as he glared at Mu Chen. In his heart, he wondered why this guy would dare to cause trouble for Luo Tong. Could it be that he didn’t know that Luo Tong had the strength of a Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase?

Luo Tong stared at Mu Chen’s handsome face which wore a gentle smile. In his heart, however, he was extremely furious. That smile seemed like it was mocking him, but he also coldly grinned, and said: “Since you have that desire, then as your senior I should agree to it, might as well, might as well…”

After saying those three words, the coldness in Luo Tong’s eyes, was undisguised. From the surface of his body, a tyrannical fluctuation was emitted as spiritual energy slowly entwined and escaped from his body.

The students nearby spectating, all quickly moved back a bit as if they were afraid that they would be caught in it.

Mu Chen extended his fists: “Please”

Luo Tong did not hold back at all. As the color of his face darkened, he released his spiritual energy without reservation. He took a step forward and shot forward like an arrow. Accompanied with the sound of an explosion, his fist blasted outwards and it relentlessly charged towards Mu Chen.

When the spectators saw how ferocious Luo Tong was, they were shocked. How was this a little duel? Luo Tong obviously had the intention to beat up Mu Chen.

Mu Chen looked at the quickly approaching Luo Tong. However, he did not have any intention of fleeing or hiding, a dark black spiritual energy wrapped around his fist. He then took on a stance to take the blow head on and collided directly against Luo Tong.

He wanted to get a good grasp on the strength of a Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase.

A low sound reverberated out as their fists collided heavily. Both parties’ spiritual energy smashed against each other and formed energy waves. It instantly caused strong whirls of air to appear around them.

The energy waves swept across the area and the two figures were both shaken. Mu Chen trembled and was pushed back a number of steps. On the other hand, Luo Tong was only pushed back one step. It was evident that Luo Tong had the upper hand in a direct confrontation.

“Regardless of how impressive your spiritual energy is, there will still be this difference in level when facing against me; even if I suppress you, I can suppress you to death!” Luo Tong’s eyes were cold. He was in the Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase while Mu Chen was only in the Middle Phase. Although it might seem like a small difference, the difference was enough to oppress the other.

“Didn’t your father tell you to just swallow your pride and behave if you don’t have the capability? Since you’ve taken the initiative to come, you’re bound to lose face!”

After hearing this, Mu Chen gently laughed as he said: ”While I was learning how to endure, you were still in school being a good little boy. And the reason why I need to endure is because I met someone I couldn’t beat at that point of time. But how regretful, in my eyes, you don’t amount to much.”

“Then let me tell you, what kind of price you will need to pay today!”

A hint of dreariness appeared in Luo Tong’s eyes. He extended two fingers, forming it into a blade as a dark green energy violently surged out. At his fingertips, a sword blade seemed to appear and disappear as it emitted out a sharp fluctuation.

“Great Luo’s Sword Technique?” Upon seeing the glowing green sword tip emerging from Luo Tong’s fingers, their expression changed and they shouted in shock.

“The Luo Territory’s Great Luo’s Sword Technique?”

Mu Chen’s gaze swept past the glowing green blade. Spiritual Tier Low Rank, Great Luo’s Sword Technique. This is the technique that made the Luo Territory’s Territory Lord famous. He never imagined that Luo Tong would have trained in it. However, judging from its appearance, it wasn’t up to standard yet. However, it was already a very impressive feat to execute it at the Spiritual Movement Stage.


Luo Tong didn’t give Mu Chen any time to think. He had a cold gaze as his body charged forward. His fingers were like a long sword. As his fingers cut through the air, he violently stabbed towards Mu Chen.

Where ever the blade passed, the air seemed as if it was torn apart.

Mu Chen’s eyes were focused solely at sword tip coming from the violent stab. This sharpness was enough to give someone goose bumps. He slowly clenched his right hand.

A dark black Spiritual Energy circulated through his body. It was infused endlessly into the center of Mu Chen’s right palm. The looming black Seal in his palm gradually emerged at this moment.

A cold fluctuation poured out.

A dark black light fiercely emitted out from Mu Chen’s palm. At this moment, Mu Chen seemed to be holding a black sun. The cold fluctuation coming from it made others alarmed.

Mu Chen stamped with his foot and his figure leaped forward like a leopard. He chose not to dodge and met directly against Luo Tong’s fierce and aggressive move. The spectators were all dumbfounded when they saw this scene.

“Go to hell!”

Luo Tong shouted out gravely. The glowing green sword did not slow down as it streaked forward like a lightning towards Mu Chen’s throat.

The fist which contained a dense black light was also thrusted forward at the same time. A black light, which was like a sun, directly collided against the glowing green sword tip.

Violent Spiritual Energy Fluctuations exploded out. It felt as if the ground quivered as well. However, the eyes of the students remained fixated at the place where the green sword tip collided with the black light.


Mu Chen’s eyes flashed a cold light. Within his aurasea, spiritual energy was being poured out without restrain. The black seal also violently trembled in the centre of the palm. It actually appeared in front of his fist and landed heavily onto the glowing green sword tip.


The black seal blasted out, causing the glowing green sword tip to pause for a moment. Then, everybody heard a slight breaking sound. Soon after that, they widened their eyes as cracks appeared on the glowing green sword tip.

In the end, the glowing green sword tip shattered completely. A hint of horror appeared within Luo Tong’s eyes as his body shot back helplessly.

Mu Chen did not follow up with an attack. The black seal vanished as he flipped his palm. Moreover, the fluctuations also gradually dissipated. However, the spectators didn’t make a single sound. They stared in astonishment at the slender figure. It was obvious the unthinkable had just happened. Mu Chen not only blocked Luo Tong’s greatest skill, he even managed to force him to pull back.

“How could this be…”

Jiang Li and Teng Yong were stunned as watched this scene happen. Luo Tong, who was a Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase, actually lost to Mu Chen, who was only a Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase.

“This…” As Mo Ling witnessed this scene, his heart was flustered.

Tang Qian’Er let out a breath of relief and she relaxed her slender hand. This guy is truly impressive.

“Senior Luo Tong, thank you.”

Mu Chen cupped his hands at Luo Tong as he chuckled. However, his eyes were fixed on his own palm. The black seal has faded quite a bit. If it’s just based on power, this Limitless Death Seal would not be at the level of a Common Tier High Rank. It might only be a Common Tier because the requirement on having a certain degree of domineering Spiritual Energy was too high.

However, the consumption of Spiritual Energy was enormous for the Limitless Death Seal. The earlier attack had consumed half of his aurasea’s spiritual energy. Although it was his first time controlling it so it was not perfect, even a Spiritual Tier Low Rank Spiritual Arts can’t compare to its consumption.

Luo Tong’s face turned pale. He didn’t think that the results would end up like this, so he couldn’t speak for a few moments. Mu Chen’s earlier aggressive attack shocked him greatly. In that instant, he felt a great danger.

“This guy actually had such a powerful Spiritual Art. Did his father prepare this for him?” Luo Tong gritted his teeth as he thought. He had practiced this Great Luo’s Sword Technique for a very long time before it came to fruition. Yet, he still lost to Mu Chen. Just how many tricks did he have?

Mu Chen did not care about Luo Tong, who was reading too much in it. He achieved his goal of frightening Luo Tong. This guy will probably restrain himself in the future. Therefore, he clapped his hands and turned away to leave.

“Mu Chen, come with me for a bit.”

As he turned away, a faint voice suddenly appeared from nearby. He was slightly shocked and he saw Teacher Mo standing not so far away from him as he tilted his head over.

Mu Chen was stunned. He exchanged gazes with Tang Qian’Er for a moment. Under the watch of many students, he hesitated for a moment before following Teacher Mo.

Upon nearing a quiet forest, Teacher Mo stopped walking. Then, he turned his body and narrowed his eyes. His voice gradually became more severe and he said: “ You’ve trained in the Limitless Death Seal?”

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